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2015 UK SMART Recovery Update


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Brett Saarela presents the UK SMART Recovery updates at the 2015 Annual Conference.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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2015 UK SMART Recovery Update

  1. 1. UK SMART Recovery: Highlights of 2015
  2. 2.  The new UK SMART is fully operational as a charity since November 2014  Not a single partner was lost in the legal transition  UK SMART continues to grow and expand including a roll-out of Family & Friends throughout the UK  Central Office relocated to Birmingham from Inverness
  3. 3.  New Board of Directors led by Prof. Robin Davidson (right)  Board includes two other respected UK academics with a SMART Peer to join Board in next term
  4. 4.  Angie King joined August 1, 2015  She brings 15+ years of nonprofit management experience along with a strong enthusiasm to grow SMART in the UK and deliver for volunteers, partners, and participants
  5. 5. Two new members:  Trish Allan, new Scotland Coordinator  Therese Davall, new Central Office Manager (replacing Carol Hammond upon her retirement) Join two veterans:  Steve Crawley, Senior England Coordinator  Leigh Proctor, Wales Coordinator
  6. 6. Top Row (L to R) Carol Hammond Robin Davidson Steve Crawley Brett Saarela Dan Murphy Front Row (L to R) Diana Mitchell Leigh Proctor Away Day In Manchester