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  • Zac MutruxCEO, Sarai13 years where the rubber meets the road in nonprofit technologyTech problems are primarily caused by poor management.Solid management makes for solid infrastructureSolid infrastructure makes for solid operationsSolid operations = Mission Impact
  • :5 MinutesHow many people have dedicated IT staff?How many people in the audience have operational responsibility for technology in their organization?Any “Accidental Techies” in the audience?What are you hoping to get out of this session? (I make no promises)
  • Network cablingHardwareSoftwareHosted ServicesTech StaffTrainingOutsourced Services
  • Multi-million dollar environmental organization in San FranciscoExchange ServerFile ServerWireless NetworkSocial services organization in San FranciscoComputers strained to the breaking pointCan’t upgrade software due to hardware ageVery limited access to tech support
  • In both nonprofit and for-profit organizations4% - 6% of gross revenue/annual budget3% as absolute floorOrganizations spending less than this are almost always in trouble with their technology
  • :15 MinutesDoes anyone in the audience know how much they budget for technology?What challenges do you have around budgeting for IT?
  • What are technology Assets? Ask audience for their inputHardwareWarranty/service contractSoftware licenseSoftware installation mediaSoftware installation key codeInternet domain nameSSL Certificate
  • Everything has a beginning and an endRisks include:Unscheduled down timeDollars down the drainLoss of dataCash flow impactCompatibility
  • Spiceworks – automated inventory, free softwareWritten policiesInventoryHardware SoftwareRefresh scheduleMicrosoft Software Asset Management website (SAM)
  • :15 MinutesHow are you managing assets in your organization?What do you see as obstacles to managing your technology assets?How many people have a single centralized location for software installation files?
  • Poll audience: does anyone have written documentation of their information systems?Documentation might include:PasswordsLocations/Acknowledgement of ReceiptConfigurationsVendor AccountsService Contracts/WarrantiesProceduresEnd-user documentationTechnical support contacts
  • What happens when you don’t have documentation?Network Cabling MysteryNonprofit housing developer wanted to add a computer to the networkCould not determine where the cabling ledElectrical schematics lostRisks of Online DocumentationWhat happens when the power goes out?Public Health Organization in OaklandKept passwords in a binderEmployee looked up others’ passwords and was reading email
  • :15 MinutesWhere do you keep your documentation? Anyone?
  • Zach muturux technology

    1. 1. Don’t Panic!The Non-Techie’s Guide to Technology Management
    2. 2. Yes, You Can Manage Your Tech!
    3. 3. Budget for Success
    4. 4. Budget Trouble
    5. 5. Best Practice96%4%Annual BudgetEverything Else TechnologyNTEN IT Staffing and Spending Survey
    6. 6. Q&A: Budgeting for Tech
    7. 7. Asset Management Basics
    8. 8. Beginnings and Endings
    9. 9. Asset Management Tools
    10. 10. Q&A: Asset Management
    11. 11. Technology Documentation
    12. 12. Documentation Risks
    13. 13. Q&A: Documentation
    14. 14. Thank You