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Storytelling in Sensitive Situations- American Red Cross


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Colin Downey, Director of Communications, The American Red Cross, Western Washington Region

Twitter Handle: @ColinD15
Finding the balance of what is appropriate information sharing during crisis and disaster is no perfect science. Colin will discuss how compassion, ethics and training can create a framework to allow for quick – and hopefully correct – decision making in sensitive situations.

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Storytelling in Sensitive Situations- American Red Cross

  1. 1. Storytelling in Sensitive Situations Colin Downey
  2. 2. Seven Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Cross Crescent Humanity Independence Voluntary Service Impartiality Unity Neutrality Universality
  3. 3. Being a Good Social Citizen Be Accurate Be Relevant Be Considerate Be Transparent Be Human Be Compassionate
  4. 4. Oso Landslide
  5. 5. Being a Good Social Citizen
  6. 6. What was he getting at? Know your organization’s mission and principles. Prepare: Use staff and volunteer trainings to share your philosophy. Be human.
  7. 7. Questions?