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Your Communications GAME Plan


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Holly Minch, Founder, LightBox Collaborative
This workshop will guide you along the first steps in developing an effective communications plan for your nonprofit, including setting goals, identifying allies, approaches for audience engagement. You’ll leave with a working GAME (Goals, Audience, Message, Engagement) Plan you can put to work immediately, so bring your pen and paper!

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Your Communications GAME Plan

  1. 1. Communications Strategy: The GAME Plan Nonprofit Boot Camp October 10, 2013
  2. 2. @LBCollab
  3. 3. INTENTION Clarity of goals and the means to track progress towards them
  4. 4. ILLUMINATION Information and perspective to inform action
  5. 5. INSPIRATION Passion and purpose working together to create momentum
  6. 6. INSIGHT Alignment of people, purpose, and resources preparing you to meet challenges in a new way
  8. 8. You need a GAME plan
  9. 9. Goals Audience Message Engagement
  10. 10. GAME plan: Goals
  11. 11. Your intended outcomes should be •  Strategic •  Measurable •  Attainable •  Relevant •  Time-bound Focused outcomes: the key to strategy
  12. 12. GAME plan: Audience
  13. 13. Decision Makers Influentials Your Constituents Donors Allies ??? GAME plan: Audience
  14. 14. Target Audiences Who needs to hear your message? •  Who must be moved to action? •  Who has the power to help? Be specific •  “The public” is not an audience.
  15. 15. Congregants Clergy Heads of Regional & State Networks Key Opinion Leaders Advisors & Funders
  16. 16. Know Your Audiences What do they care about? What are their obstacles to engagement? Who do they trust?
  17. 17. GAME plan: Message
  18. 18. Talk about what people care about
  19. 19. Perception Trumps Reality
  20. 20. Brevity Trumps Precision
  21. 21. Values Trump Features
  22. 22. Positive Beats Negative
  23. 23. Emotion Trumps Logic
  24. 24. Vibrant Language Trumps Jargon How foundations garble their message and lose their audience bad words for good Tony Proscio “We build capacity so low-income families can access the vital infrastructure of the social safety net system.”  
  25. 25. ©2008 Messengers Can Trump the Message “Our family tree has just grown stronger.” ~Aida Lugo, whose granddaughter Lisa was married this summer to her partner, Melissa. We have a big family. We just had our annual family reunion–300 people came!
  26. 26. “What?” “So what?”     “Yeah, but…” “Now what?”  
  27. 27. 3 out of 4 U.S. households aren’t traditional nuclear families, but you wouldn’t know it from the greeting card aisle. We can have Mama’s Day Our Way – because all families should have the rights, recognition and resources they need to thrive. Traditional notions of who moms are, what we do and how we do it don’t fit for a lot of us. So send a Mama’s Day Our Way e-card.
  28. 28. “What?” “So what?”     YOUR TURN “Now what?”   “Yeah, but…”
  29. 29. GAME plan: Engagement
  30. 30. Earned Media
  31. 31. Social Media
  32. 32. Everything but Media
  33. 33. Goals Audience Message Engagement
  34. 34. What are your ideas?
  36. 36. @LBCollab