Crowdfunding 101


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Alex Kouts, Senior Director of Product, Razoo

Twitter Handle: @AlexKouts

Crowdfunding is the new buzzword. Get the best practices for successful online fundraising campaigns. Plus learn the nuts and bolts of social media to tell your story effectively, spread the word and thank your donors.

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  • Snoqualmie Falls
  • Lots of people contributing to a common causeCould be moneyCould be influenceCould be timeCould be ideas – crowdsourcing
  • FastEfficientNon-technicalSocialAttracts donorsAll the cool kids
  • Keep it shortPeople think in headlinesBe emotive - tell a narrative and connect
  • Aim for 85% of what you think you can raise
  • 45-60 days is optimal for an individual fundraiserIf its too short you won’t give yourself enough time to hit your stride and gain momentumIf its too long people will get lost in the abyss
  • Tell people what they are purchasingConnect with themMake their contribution tangible, make it matterKeep them as defined as possible, doesn’t work for everyone but when possible…do
  • Fundraisers with images raised 2x those without on average*Image from Take me home Pet Rescue
  • Fundraisers with video raised 2.1x those without on average
  • Fundraisers with comments raised 8.3x those without on average
  • Start with the inner circleEach Facebook share is worth approx 18$
  • Fundraisers that take their first donation in the first day at several times more likely to hit their goal than notSocial ProofingTake your first donation the hour you go liveHave your inner circle ready the second you go live
  • Many campaigns lose velocity mid way through and have a tough time hitting their goalsStructure your reach out in sequential stepsPlan ahead your email campaigns, social outreach and direct responseDon’t overdo it, don’t underdo it, make it juuuuust right (only you know what that is for your audience)Encourage donors to fundraise for youSet up their own pages on Razoo
  • One last mad dashGreat time to announce a mid campaign matching grant to raise the stakes and re-engage donors that have already participated
  • If you use a platform like Razoo, you can customize your thank you messageAfter the campaign, make sure to thank everyone that helped you smash your goalMassive bonus points if you can talk about the impact of the campaignUBER massive bonus points if you use pictures or videoYou can use incremental goals and updates to keep your donors engaged in your ongoing story. Not only will your supporters enjoy seeing your success, but these regular updates serve as reminders for those who haven’t given yet. Also post interesting, eye-catching things that can encourage your friends to share it with their friends on their own social pages.
  • Export your lists and import them into your CRM or whatever list management system you useRazoo has a convenient feature for this – quick CSV dowloads.
  • Crowdfunding 101

    1. 1. Crowdfunding for Causes democratizing philanthropy
    2. 2. What is crowdfunding?
    3. 3. Why is it so great?
    4. 4. How to create a successful campaign
    5. 5. Pre-work
    6. 6. Tell your story
    7. 7. Pick your goal
    8. 8. Pick the deadline
    9. 9. Tiers are crucial
    10. 10. Images are powerful
    11. 11. Video is powerful
    12. 12. Comments are King
    13. 13. Promotion is crucial Staff Board of Directors Key Influencers Donors Your Social Networks Volunteers Friends
    14. 14. During start endpromote Deadline panic. Promote!
    15. 15. Get going early
    16. 16. Beware the pit!
    17. 17. Crossing the Finish line
    18. 18. Follow-up
    19. 19. Thank you’s
    20. 20. Say no to Silos
    21. 21. Alex Kouts @akouts @razoo Questions?