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Creating a Movement Through Social Media


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Lavanya Madhyanam, National Development Associate, Teach for India
More than 470,000 people have joined Teach for India’s movement via social media. Using campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, Teach for India is sparking an important conversation about education in India and engaging a large network of fellows, donors, and supporters. Lavanya will share tips for building a brand on social media.

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Creating a Movement Through Social Media

  1. 1. Teach For India’s use of Social Media
  2. 2. Content • About Teach For India • Teach For India’s Social Media Outreach • How to build your online network • Designing campaign posters • Truth And Hope Campaign • Tracking our Online followers’ response • Engaging our audience • Thank You
  3. 3. Teach For India brings about systemic change in education by creating a movement of leaders Vision One day all children will attain an excellent education Part 1: Fellowship Part 2: Movement Mission To build a movement of leaders who will eliminate educational inequity in India
  4. 4. Teach For India’s Media Outreach • Social Media has played a major role in creating more awareness about our movement & the problem of educational inequity on the whole.
  5. 5. Meet our recruitment targets Raise funds through crowd funding Build Awareness
  6. 6. Building your online network
  8. 8. Reaching out to a bigger network • Asking people in your network to raise funds on Social Media by running in a marathon or by celebrating special occasions like birthdays, Diwali, etc. • Reaching out to your alumnus, ex-staff members who would still like to remain connected and make a contribution.
  9. 9. Conveying the Message – the right content • Your online posts and tweets need to convey your organization's core message and values. • Keep it concise and clear! • Update your friends, family and online followers regularly. Balance of content is the key.
  10. 10. Designing specific campaign related posters • Design specific posters during a fundraising or any other campaign that your staff and online followers can share as ‘Cover Photos’ on their timeline.
  11. 11. Activity If you had to raise INR 5 lakhs during a marathon by asking people to run for your organization and raise this amount, what tagline can you make for the campaign?
  12. 12. Images and Videos help your followers to connect better with the work you are doing.
  13. 13. Truth and Hope Campaign Story of India's truth and hope
  14. 14. Tracking your online audience • Track audience demographics • Track your most popular/viral posts • Incorporate feedback and respond!
  15. 15. Engaging our online followers • We make sure that we respond to any online queries, reply to comments and thank our followers for their suggestions • Involve our followers on Facebook and Twitter. Use hashtag during a campaign for more outreach on Twitter.
  16. 16. Personalize your engagement
  17. 17. Some Tools and Resources
  18. 18. etter emails
  19. 19. • Teach For India fellows were able to raise INR 1.06 Cr in 2012 and INR 94.78 Lakhs in 2013 for their classrooms in the India Giving Challenge on Give India. • This was made possible because of a strong network of fellows, staff and alumni that believes in our vision!
  20. 20. Questions?
  21. 21. THANK YOU Lavanya Madhyanam