Beth Kanter: Content Curation for Nonprofits


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Beth Kanter, Co-Author, The Networked Nonprofit
Twitter Handle: @kanter

“Content curation” is the organizing, filtering, and presentation of information on the Web, and then sharing cherry picked pieces of content with your network. Content curation with tools like Pinterest,, and Storify can help establish your nonprofit as a thought leader, support your marketing efforts, and build staff expertise. This session will cover the practice, tips, and tools of content curation and will feature a guest Skype appearance from Robin Good, a recognized expert in the space.

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  • Unfortunately, the web has a lot more of this ….
  • The best way to learn is observe, follow, and interview the best of the best. The Best Curator on the Planet is Robin Good –Master NewMedia who is on Rome. He graciously agreed to skype into the rest of this presentation .. “What Can Nonprofits Learn About the Practice of Content Curation from the Best Content Curator on the Planet?” 
  • Beth Kanter: Content Curation for Nonprofits

    1. 1. Robin Good What Can NonprofitsLearn from the Best ContentCurator on the Planet? Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog and Co-Author – Networked Nonprofit Robin Good via SKYPE Photo by Kevharb
    2. 2. Content curation is the organizing, filtering and“making sense of” information on the web and sharing the very best with your network.
    3. 3. The Content Curator is a Sommelier . . .
    4. 4. The exabyte is a unit of information or computer storage equal toone quintillion bytes
    5. 5. 800 million users on FacebookAverage user creates 90 pieces of content each month Flickr photo by dkalo
    6. 6. And there are some benefits foryour nonprofit too!
    7. 7. The Base of your Integrated Content Strategy! Tweets, Facebook Blog, Web Site, Email Newsletter, YouTube, Photos, Webinars, E-books Coordination Creativity Curation
    8. 8. Extended Shelf Life for Social Content
    9. 9. Content Curation: The PracticeSEEK SENSE SHAREFramework: Harold JarcheNetworked Learning Is Working Smarter
    10. 10. Seek • Define objective, audience, and topics • Organize sources • Use discovery tools • Scan more than you capture • Don’t share unless it adds great value • Discipline
    11. 11. Sense • Product: Blog post, report, memo, prese ntation • Annotate, Archive, Apply • Add values to your nonprofit
    12. 12. Share• Feed your network a steady diet of good stuff• Comment on other people’s stuff• Collaborative sense- making
    13. 13. Content Curation in the Nonprofit World
    14. 14. Tweets links related to organization’s missionand work as a bipartisan advocacy organizationdedicated to making children and families apriority in federal policy and budget decisions.
    15. 15. SEEK SENSE SHAREIdentified key blogs and Summarizes article in a Engages with alignedTwitter users in each issue tweet partnersarea Writes for Huffington Post Tweets best of bestScans and reads everymorning and picks out best
    16. 16. What can nonprofits learn from the best curator on the planet? Robin Good
    17. 17. Thank youBeth’s Blog: http://www.bethkanter.orgTwitter: @kanterFacebook: Curation for Nonprofits: