Alex Abelin: Google + for Nonprofits


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Alex Abelin, Community Affairs Manager, Google
Twitter Handle: @alexabelin

For the very first time, Google is officially presenting on how nonprofits can leverage Google+. Learn how this cutting edge, powerful platform can help you achieve your 2012 fundraising and awareness goals. The early bird catches the (digital) worm.
Google+ for Nonprofits
Alex Abelin, Community Affairs Manager, Google
Twitter Handle: @alexabelin

For the very first time, Google is officially presenting on how nonprofits can leverage Google+. Learn how this cutting edge, powerful platform can help you achieve your 2012 fundraising and awareness goals. The early bird catches the (digital) worm.

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  • Circles were our first step in making online relationships more like real life. Sharing on the web can be better, which is why we introduced Circles. People’s offline relationships are nuanced - we share different parts of ourselves with different people. For example, I just got back from San Francisco. My answer to “How was my trip?” is going to change based on who is asking. For my mom, I’ll talk about the great dinner I had with my friend Jon. With my friends, I’ll talk about the night out with one two many cocktails. And, with Larry - it will all be about the great meetings I had. Circles brings this same nuanced sharing to the web, so I can share exactly how I want to.
  • Promise of social was to end the day of broadcasts
  • Last night I had a buddy in town and wanted to go to this Italian restaurant that my friend Ryan had recommended last week. But, for the life of me I couldn’t remember it. How many times has that happened to you? It’s hard to find recommendations when you need them most.
  • So what does this mean for your business?These online relationships are really important to your business. Word of mouth drives product decisions. 90% of people trust recommendations from people they know; making personal recommendations the most trusted source of product info. We all know this is true. We trust our friends. And, today we look online when deciding when to buy. This is why we...84% of people use online sources before making a purchase decision. What if we could bring these together, so you could get recommendations when you were actually searching for them?
  • By linking all of your +1’s with your page, you increase the chance that people will have a friend that recommends you, leading to increased performance of the ads you already have with Google. We are seeing meaningful increases in click-through-rates across the board on search ads with +1’s. And, clicks represent consumer interest, driving customers back to your site and to your stores.
  • One of the big problems we’ve noticed is that online marketing is getting more and more fragmented. Your social marketing doesn’t improve the effectiveness of your other digital channels. In fact, less than a quarter of marketers integrate social into their search or display campaigns. We believe that by tying the disparate parts of your online marketing together, we can make it all work better. Imagine if you could use the effectiveness of your search campaigns to make your social campaigns better, and vice versa.
  • Beforethe introduction of Pages, users were only able to recommend your individual web pages or ads. There was no way to recommend your brand as a whole. But today, we are beginning the process of centralizing all the recommendations -- which we call +1’s -- your business receives with Google.All your +1’s -- on your ads, search results, web pages, and Google+ Page - will be combined into one number. This mean that +1’s live beyond any one campaign. Your Page is an extension of your brand’s identity on the web. This allows you to extend the reach of your brand’s recommendations to all of the people come to Google everyday.Google+ for business is about more than just a single site. It’s about making the web social. In search, on your site, on mobile, in your ads Google+ plugs in seamlessly to bring social everywhere. For example, let’s say your friend Elaine used the +1 button to recommend a page on a travel site she saw on Google Search. When you’re online and signed in to your Google account, you might see Elaine’s +1 on a Google search result when you’re looking for discount flights, on the travel site itself when you’re shopping for fares, or on a display ad for that travel site when you’re researching destinations. Seeing Elaine’s +1 let’s you know that it’s something she trusts and recommends, which can help you make a more informed choice.
  • Direct Connect makes it easy for people to find your Page on Google searchNow that you have a Page, you can begin promoting it in your offline marketing. This week we released a new feature, Direct Connect -- an easy way for your customers to find you on Google search. Type in ‘+’ and your business’s name in Google search (like +YouTube), and Direct Connect will send users directly to your Page and if they want, automatically add it to their circles.Direct Connect, with it’s simplicity - just ‘+’ and your brand - allows your brand to be the center of your marketing.
  • - Think about how you can incorporate social into all of your campaigns to drive performance. Use Google+ to start real conversations with your customers. Inspire your current customers to recommend new customers. OPTIONAL:- We have had many expected and unexpected people join Google+ during the field trial. Now with the open sign-ups and the new exciting features launched today, I think we will see even more momentum behind Google+. So in closing let me share on fun greeting we got from a star that has been around longer than Google. Thank you ;)  
  • Alex Abelin: Google + for Nonprofits

    1. 1. Getting closer to your supportersHow Google+ can helpAlex AbelinJanuary 31st, 2012@alexabelin
    2. 2. It’s hard to truly connect
    3. 3. The party is only getting bigger 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute
    4. 4. The party is only getting shorter 56% of DVR owners fast forward through commercials
    5. 5. Payoff for connectinghas never been greater 70% 90% of brand content trust is created by recommendations consumers from people they know
    6. 6. Life has beenuploaded 81% 57% of American of people children have communicate online presence more online by age two than off
    7. 7. Socialis acore human behavior,not a destination.
    8. 8. How do you cutthroughand truly connect?
    9. 9. Buildrelationshipswith the aworld’s largest audience.
    10. 10. IdentityRelationships Sharing
    11. 11. What we’ve heard…
    12. 12. Messages are impersonal Commentsare not conversationsRecommendations lack staying power Social is yet another channel
    13. 13. Problem: Messages are impersonal
    14. 14. What if you could share theright content with theright people?
    15. 15. How was your trip?My mom The guys Larry
    16. 16. CirclesThe right message to the right people Ready to Looking to volunteer donate 312 268
    17. 17. Which Circle Are You?The right message to the right people Media + Fundraise EDU Experts Donors Press
    18. 18. Problem:Comments are not conversations
    19. 19. What if you could havereal conversationswith your customers?
    20. 20. Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu Hang Out on Google+
    21. 21. HangoutsReal conversations with the right customers
    22. 22. Hangouts with extrasShare your screen for customer service
    23. 23. Problem: Recommendations lack staying powerProblem: Recommendations lack staying power
    24. 24. What if wesurfacedrecommendationswhen they mattered most?
    25. 25. RecommendationsInfluence Purchases90% 71%Trust recommendations Say reviews from from people family members or they know friends influence purchase decisions
    26. 26. +1 ButtonStand out on Google search with recommendations when you need them You can see your social connection’s +1, built directly into Google search
    27. 27. +1’s increase yourperformance
    28. 28. Problem: Social is yet another channel
    29. 29. What if you had a simplecommonsocial layeron all your efforts?
    30. 30. display Connect all your +1’s across the websearch mobile sites
    31. 31. Direct ConnectAn easy way for your customers to find you on Google search Youtube
    32. 32. Search Video Mobile Display Site Offers LocalSocial as a Common Thread,Not Another Channel
    33. 33. RipplesSee where the conversation is going
    34. 34. How To Get StartedCreate a Link your page to Promote yourGoogle+ Page your site and page with badges campaigns and offline marketing
    35. 35. +50%Of the top 100 brands got onthe platform in the first week
    36. 36. There’sa whole lot more coming
    37. 37.