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Building Lasting Donor relationships: Mumbai Mobile Creches


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Elsa Varghese, officer - Grants and communications, Mumbai Mobile Creches

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Building Lasting Donor relationships: Mumbai Mobile Creches

  1. 1. Mumbai Mobile Creches Building Lasting Donor Relationships
  2. 2. Mumbai Mobile Creches Set up in 1972 in Mumbai, we have reached over one lakh children on construction sites till date. Currently, we operate at 22 centres and reach over 4500 children every year Our model is simple – go directly to a site and set up the centre. MMCs Comprehensive Day Care Model
  3. 3. Stages in the development of a donor relationship George Levinger’s stages of interpersonal relationship  A- Acquaintance Stage  B- Build-up Stage  C- Continuation  D- Deterioration Stage  E- Ending Stage
  4. 4. A- ACQUAINTANCE STAGE  Getting their attention  There’s clearly a competition  What will work to your advantage ?  Networking an important tool
  5. 5. B- BUILD UP STAGE Launch Meeting:  Introduction  In depth discussion – what clicks?  Develop Protocol  Medium of Communication
  6. 6. C- CONTINUATION STAGE  An important element is the follow up after donor meetings  Using social media to keep in touch (non invasive)  Always be responsive to donor requests.  It's not about what you want to sell; it's about what they want to buy.
  7. 7. Reporting  Reporting falls into two broad categories: Qualitative/Quantitative  Reporting medium  Emphasize on quality – SMART  Meet the deadlines  Know your donors well
  8. 8. Thank you – A key to lasting relationships  Draw Up a Plan :When & How  How: Tangible / Intangible  Understand what form the donor appreciates A note of caution : Most donors do not expect expensive gifts from NGO’s. A simple email also works well.
  9. 9. D- DETERIORATION STAGE  Prevent the slip: Maintaining good interpersonal communication skills  Resolving conflicts in an affable manner can prevent or stop the deterioration of the relationship. E – ENDING STAGE When the deterioration stage has not been stopped due to a passive response by one or both parties or an active response that failed to reignite the relationship.
  10. 10. Communication: The most critical tool  Instrumental in developing lasting relationships  Do not surprise donors  Open, two-way communication  Clear the expectations
  11. 11. Thank you! Mumbai Mobile Creches, 1st floor, Abbas Building Mereweather Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400 001