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Turning Volunteers into Long-Term Advocates


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Vishal Talreja, cEo & co-Founder, Dream a Dream
Dream a Dream has successfully engaged hundreds of volunteers over the past several years. Vishal will share how you, too, can turn one-time volunteers into advocates for your organiza- tion and change-makers in their communities.

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Turning Volunteers into Long-Term Advocates

  1. 1. Turning Volunteers into Long-term Advocates Dream A Dream
  2. 2. Developing Life Skills Life Skills are defined as "the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life". Nurturing and fostering young people’s ability to creatively respond to the frantic pace of change in the world
  3. 3. About Dream A Dream • Dream A Dream is an award-winning, professional, registered, charitable trust. • Empowering over 50,000 children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds since 1999. • Currently, – Developing life skills amongst 8000 young people referred from 24 partners – Training over 500 teachers and adult workers from 18 partners across 3 states of India thus enabling impact on 50,000 young people – Sensitizing over 2000 volunteers through our unique Life Skills Development model
  4. 4. Programme Offerings After School Life Skills Programmes (8- 14 year olds) • Sports • Creative Arts • Outdoor Experiential Camps • Innovation Lab Sensitizing the Community • Active Volunteering • Mentoring Dream Connect (14-19 year olds) •Short-term Skill Development •Computer education •Financial literacy •Communication Skills •Career Guidance •Scholarships •Internships Teacher Development • Exploring your creativity • Understanding the child • Developing Life Skills • Life Skills Facilitation
  5. 5. Theory of Change Lack of Awareness Awareness Action Change making
  6. 6. Volunteer Engagement Approach Create Awareness Engage volunteers to take Action Be Changemakers UNIVERSE
  7. 7. Volunteer Engagement The 4 I’s and 1 C to convert volunteers into long-term advocates: • Invest in volunteers • Involve them in leadership roles • Inspire them to inspire others • Identify and Acknowledge them • Communicate actively and proactively
  8. 8. Corporate volunteering Dream A Dream corporate engagement involves: • Aligning corporate volunteering vision OR Co-creating the vision • Creating and motivating a core group of volunteer champions • Introducing volunteering to new corporates through fun, creative and interactive mediums • Employee matching to fundraise through corporate volunteering • Involving employees in pro-bono services • In 2013-14, 17 corporates have engaged 1413 volunteers clocking 5872 hours
  9. 9. The Dell India Success Story
  10. 10. Volunteer Life Cycle at Dell Understand the Issue – One off volunteering Deepen Engagement – Mentoring and Camps Leadership and Champion the Cause Act for Change, lead Initiatives, Inspire Others
  11. 11. From Awareness to Changemaking Dell and Dream A Dream 420 818 796 2718 3799 3289 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 No. of Volunteers Hours Contributed
  12. 12. Volunteer Champions DELL India “The Dream a Dream style of volunteering is what drew me to it. They focus more on potential and what can be rather than the poverty that these kids face. Volunteering with Dream A Dream has made me stronger, and face life with a smile. It’s like a well written book that makes you want to read more and keep turning the page. I don’t want to stop with volunteering for just one event. I want to do more.” “I volunteer because I believe that change can happen only when you are a part of it. When an underprivileged kid from a broken home, says, “Akka, when I grow up, I will mentor more children just like you”; I see my motto “I want to be the change I see”, taking shape. Phebega Pericho was nominated and selected as the Top 10 in Volunteer Hero category of the iVolunteer Awards 2012. She inspired over 500 DELL employees to volunteer, mentored a young person and was the brain behind many new volunteering initiatives at DELL 5. She also runs her own NGO.
  13. 13. Volunteer Champions DELL India “There are many NGOs working on making a short term difference but very few NGOs make permanent difference in someone’s life and Dream A Dream is one of them. Dream A Dream has identified the need of life skills to vulnerable kids and it is making a permanent change in them.” Ajit Patil, a volunteer champion for over 4 years at DELL has been instrumental in motivating employees at DELL to move beyond awareness and get into action and changemaking.
  14. 14. How would you like to build volunteer champions? Questions?