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Tech, Mobile & Social Trends to Leverage for your Next Event


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Laura Huddle, Senior Category Manager, Eventbrite
Twitter Handle: @LauraColtrin
Join Laura for this session to learn about the latest event technologies to leverage for your next event or fundraiser. She’ll cover top trends in the industry and cost-effective tools to immediately apply to your next event to save time and dollars, and even improve your event experience.

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Tech, Mobile & Social Trends to Leverage for your Next Event

  1. 1. [Your Name] [Today’s Date]How Tech, Mobile & Social are Transforming Events
  2. 2. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Technology, mobile & social can enhance all events with a diverse range of passions and interests
  3. 3. [Your Name] [Today’s Date]Trend #1: Mobile
  4. 4. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Attendees and organizers are already using mobile regularly to receive information. Tech Trend #1: Mobile Old Method Current Trend Impact Paper brochures, posted signs, PDF attachments to emails, last minute trips to the printer. Easily provide attendees with the information they need at their finger tips.
  5. 5. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] • People use different devices at different times of the day. • 67% of shoppers report having started shopping on one device, but completed the purchase elsewhere. Mobile Usage
  6. 6. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Your Event Registration Should: • Have an optimized purchase flow • Enable mobile event discovery • Enable mobile event sharing via social media, text and email Mobile Trends: Event Registration
  7. 7. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] 2013 Crunchies Award Total: $80.00 – 1 Item Site 2Site 1 Mobile Trends: Event Registration
  8. 8. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] • 18% of traffic to fundraising pages comes from mobile devices • 23% of participants in P2P-driven events and campaigns choose to use mobile tech • Campaigns using mobile technology raise up to 2.95x more. • Donations on mobile web browsers has grown 205% YoY! Mobile Fundraising in 2013
  9. 9. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Passbook • Seamless attendee experience • Easy to add tickets & registrations to Passbook • Attendees will see their registrations to upcoming events • Location and time-based notifications Mobile Trends: Post Purchase
  10. 10. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] • Bid on mobile phones during event • Live updates on progress and deadline • Payouts at end of event NP Charity Ball Mobile Tools: Auctions
  11. 11. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Case Study: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  12. 12. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] New Technology: BidPal • Great way to engage younger demographic • Investment / high cost • Increased silent auction revenue by 60% Case Study: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  13. 13. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Case Study: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society • Fund the Fight program • Interface was user friendly and people were able to give easily • Increased revenue because people could still bid during dinner • People paid more attention to auction than ever before • Spotlight on items that hadn't been bid on
  14. 14. [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  15. 15. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] • Easy way to set up an HTML mobile app • Tapcanvas is a freemium product Doubledutch is pricier; includes more features HTML Mobile App Creation
  16. 16. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Benefits • Convenience for attendees • Extra revenue from sponsorships • More visits for presenters • Added interactivity What should be in your guide? • Schedule • Presenter Listings • Social Media • Maps • News • Feedback Mobile Event Guide
  17. 17. [Your Name] [Today’s Date]Trend #2: Technology
  18. 18. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Point of sales, badge/ticket scanners, lead retrieval hardware, business cards, etc. Hardware technology is constantly becoming more advanced and cheaper (thanks to Moore’s Law). Trend #2: Technology Old Method Current Trend Impact With improvements to widely available hardware devices, companies are replacing specialized hardware with these devices.
  19. 19. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] • Allows trade show vendors and attendees to swap information • Uses iOS and Android devices • Turns any Android or iOS device into a digital guest list or ticket scanner Hardware Trends: QR Code Scanning
  20. 20. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] • Fast event entry • Avoid duplicates • Go paperless • Consider all the tools you need for entry management: • Internet • iPads / smartphones • Signage Hardware Trends: Entry Management
  21. 21. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Hardware Trends: Badge Scanners
  22. 22. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Turn any Android or iOS device into a credit card processor with a ‘swiper’ that connects to the audio jack Hardware Trends: Card Readers
  23. 23. [Your Name] [Today’s Date]Trend #3: Social
  24. 24. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Social media tools make it easier to connect with audiences Trend #3: Social Old Method Current Trend Impact Feedback forms, paper surveys, manual Q&A Enhanced attendee networking & community building
  25. 25. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Twitter Wall 1 2 3 Aggregate posts from a hashtag Display throughout your event Publish and monitor the conversatio
  26. 26. [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  27. 27. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Twitter Walls
  28. 28. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Poll Everywhere 1 2 3 Ask your audience a poll question Watch & display as responses come in! Audience answers in real time on mobile, web or Twitter
  29. 29. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Poll Everywhere
  30. 30. [Your Name] [Today’s Date]
  31. 31. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Storify 1 2 3 Aggregate posts & media from a hashtag Share with your network and sources Publish on Storify & embed to websi
  32. 32. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Storify
  33. 33. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] • View event info & schedule • Locate exhibitor booths on tradeshow map • Request 1:1 meetings with others • Discover who they already know • See new contacts they should meet Pathable Event Network
  34. 34. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] Event Schedule Attendee Networking Panel Description s Organizatio n Pages
  35. 35. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] • Enables constant accessibility • Creates new ways to raise money • Facilitates speedy entry management • Enables point of sale for walkups, donation merchandise • Increases networking opportunities • Fosters continued community Take Advantage of New Event Trends Mobile Technology Social
  36. 36. [Your Name] [Today’s Date] thank youLaura Huddle @lauracoltrin