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How to Tell Compelling Stories Online


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kyla Johnson, communications Associate, Educate Girls
Moderator: robert rosenthal, South Asia Field representative, GlobalGiving
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a powerful story is priceless. Kyla Johnson will share how Educate Girls uses inspiring stories and reports to motivate donors to give. She will provide practical tips for telling engaging stories that keep your network engaged. Audience members will have the opportunity to brainstorm where the stories are in your work, too.

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How to Tell Compelling Stories Online

  1. 1. How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories   Online       Kyla  Johnson     Educate  Girls    
  2. 2. How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories  Online    
  3. 3. 3.7 million 44% female literacy 6 hours per day of housework 68% child marriage 1 in 100 girls reaches class 12 How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories  Online    
  4. 4. How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories  Online    
  5. 5. How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories  Online    
  6. 6. Effec>ve  Storytelling  
  7. 7. How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories  Online     •  What  is  the  GOAL  of  the  story?   •  Who  is  the  TARGET  AUDIENCE?             Effec&ve  Storytelling  
  8. 8. How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories  Online   •  Who  is  the  CHARACTER?   •  What  do  we  want  the  reader  to  DESIRE?   •  What  is  the  CONFLICT?   •  Take  the  Reader  on  a  journey,  what  should   they  feel  aNer  reading?  
  9. 9. How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories  Online     •  Intellectual  and  Emo>onal     •  Macro  and  Micro   •  Direct  Outputs  and  Eventual  Outcomes                     Effec&ve  Storytelling  
  10. 10. Focus  on  Content  
  11. 11. How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories  Online     •  Compelling,  High  Quality  Photos   •  Brevity   •  ASen>on-­‐Grabbing  Title  and  Introduc>on     •  Think  about  what  makes  you  stop  and  pay  aSen>on         Focus  on  Content  
  12. 12. How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories  Online       •  How  will  you  measure   the  success  of  your   story?   •  How  will  you  find   stories?   Things  to  Consider…  
  13. 13. Quick  Tips  
  14. 14. How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories  Online   •  A  good  story  has  a  passionate  storyteller,  clear   stakes  and  a  tale  of  transforma>on   •  Every  story  needs  a  focus.    Focus  on  one  persona   and  one  story   •  Make  sure  stories  align  with  the  organiza>on’s   work   •  Compelling  photos  draw  readers  into  your  story   •  When  working  on  social  media  or  with  limited   characters,  pique  curiosity.    Get  people  to  click  on   your  story.      
  15. 15. How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories  Online  
  16. 16. A  Few  Addi>onal  Resources     •  Storytelling  for  Nonprofits:  How  to  Present  Stories  that  A8ract  Donors,  Win   Support  and  Raise  Money  |  Network  For  Good   hSp://­‐Storytelling-­‐Guide.pdf     •  The  Goodman  Center   hSp://     •    A  Social  and  Mobile  media  blog  for  nonprofits   How  to  Tell  Compelling  Stories  Online  
  17. 17.   TwiBer:  @educate_girls  
  18. 18. AUDIENCE   Who  is  the   target   CHANGE   What  will   change  in   your  story?   GOAL   What  is  the   goal  of  the   story?   FEEL   How  do  you   want  your   audience  to   feel?   ACTION   What  do  you   want  the   audience  to   do?   WHERE   How  will  you   find  your   story?   Exercise!