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Beth Kanter, Co-Author, The Networked Nonprofit- Why Social Media Measurement is Fun!


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Why Social Media Measurement is Fun!
Beth Kanter, Co-Author, The Networked Nonprofit

The most compelling social media and nonprofit success stories come from organizations that have embraced the core principles of being a Networked Nonprofit and use measurement to learn and improve. In this interactive session, Beth will share a few inspiring stories and practical social media measurement tips that any nonprofit can put into practice to improve results.

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Beth Kanter, Co-Author, The Networked Nonprofit- Why Social Media Measurement is Fun!

  1. 1. Why Social Media Measurement is Fun!Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog and Co-Author Networked Nonprofit
  2. 2. Stand up if …… and remain standing ….
  3. 3. If you can’t fly then run, if you can’trun then walk, if you can’t walk thencrawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Inspiration
  4. 4. Where to focus strategy and measurement… CRAWL WALK RUN FLYInternet Presence: SMART Social Media Ladder of Objective Engagement Advanced MeasurementBlog or Website Pilot: Focus on one Content Network BuildingCommunicationsStrategy channel Best Practices Multi-Channel EngagementCulture Change Incremental Capacity Building Basic Measurement Formal reflection process
  5. 5. How do you feel about measurement?
  6. 6. A few campfire stories …
  7. 7. Flying
  8. 8. Key results generallyinclude:• increasing themovement size byincreasing membership• garnering attentionfrom all mediathrough creativeengagements• getting policies passed• working with alignedpartner organizations• increasing capacity
  9. 9. Momsrising wanted to demonstrate to Congress that there was a grassrootsconstituency that supported Medicaid and dispel a misperception that whileMedicare has a strong constituency, Medicaid did not.
  10. 10. 500 Stories from 43statesCurated best ones thatillustrated theirmessageRepurposed acrosschannels100K emails to congress
  11. 11. Momsrising: Joyful Funerals…. 1. Fail 2. Increment al Success 3. Dramatic Success
  12. 12. Not all organizations areflyersIt‘s a lot like learning howto juggle. You don’t startwith more than 2 balls ….
  13. 13. KSWs mission is to produce, present, andpromote art that empowers AsianAmerican artists and communities.
  14. 14. Focused on one channel (Facebook) to use best practices to:Increase awareness by doubling our number of fansRESULT: We went from 343 to 593 fansIncrease engagement by doubling comments/likes per postRESULT: Our post feedback went up 269%Increase participation of new people in classes and eventsRESULT: 10% new students /attenders say they heard about usthrough Facebook-Audience: Artists and community-Strategy: Show the human face of artists, remove the mystique,get audience to share their favorites, connect with otherorganizations
  15. 15. PhotosWorked: Showing our faces, looking behind-the-scenesDidn’t Work: Posting on evenings/weekends, links to event albumsAH-HA! Our FB page needed a personality makeover; we needed to be ourselvesQuestionsWorked: Fun, easy to answer questions that tapped into our fans’ expertiseDidn’t Work: Anything too personal and open-ended questions.AH-HA! We needed to engage our audience in a two-way conversationPartnershipsWorked: Mutually supporting another page, using that page as a source of contentDidn’t Work: Last-minute giveawaysAH-HA! Partnering with another org can expand our audience and provide interestingcontent.OtherMultiple posts per dayWeekly editorial calendaringCommenting on other pagesTaggingEnlisting board members to invite friends (result: +40 fans)
  16. 16. How do you feel about measurement?What resonated?What have you thought about before?
  17. 17. KD Paine’s Basic Steps Define Results Strategy Benchmarks Metrics – KPI Costs Select Right Tool sTurn Data in Action
  18. 18. Define ResultsKeep asking to what end?AwarenessReputationRelationshipsActionDonationsVolunteersBehavior Change
  19. 19. StrategySMART ObjectivesMeasurement PlanAudience Definition: Target Audience InfluencersEnvironmentMessaging/ContentChannels/ToolsBudgetTimeline
  20. 20. SMART Social Objectives 1. How many? 2. By when? S Specific M Measurable A Attainable R Relevant T Time Bound
  21. 21. IQ TEST: What objective SMART? Recruit 10 organizations to join our LinkedIn organization page by June 30, 2012 Set up LinkedIn organization page
  22. 22. The Naked Truth About SMART Objectives"The greatest danger for most of us is not thatour aim is too high and we miss it but that it istoo low and we reach it." Michelangelo
  23. 23. How will I know if I got taller next year?Measurement is a Comparable Tool
  24. 24. BenchmarkDefine Your KeyPerformance IndicatorsWhat are the meaningfulmetrics you will reportwith?
  25. 25. @erictpeterson
  26. 26. American Leadership Forum Silicon Valley
  27. 27. Social Analytics Framework
  28. 28. Peer Organization
  29. 29. Results@johnlovett
  30. 30. Are you feeling like that dog right now?
  31. 31. Why do we need a frame work can’t we 75. Customers assistedjust collect data? 76. Savings per customer assisted through direct social media interactions compared to other channels (e.g., call centers, in-store) 77. Savings generated by enabling customers to connect with each other51. Method of content discovery 78. Impact on first contact resolution (FCR) (hat tip to Forrester Research52. Clicks for that one)53. Percentage of traffic generated from earned media 79. Customer satisfaction54. View-throughs 80. Volume of customer feedback generated55. Number of interactions 81. Research & development time saved based on feedback from social56. Interaction/engagement rate media57. Frequency of social interactions per consumer 82. Suggestions implemented from social feedback58. Percentage of videos viewed 83. Costs saved from not spending on traditional research59.60. Polls taken / votes received Brand association What you 84. Impact on online sales61. Purchase consideration Measure 85. Impact on offline sales 86.What Discount redemption rate62. Number of user-generated submissions received 87. Impact could matters on other offline behavior (e.g., TV tune-in)63.64. Everything Exposures of virtual gifts Number of virtual gifts given 88.most? generated Leads65.66. Relative popularity of content Tags added measure 89. Products sampled 90. Visits to store locator pages 91. Conversion change due to user ratings, reviews67. Attributes of tags 92. Rate of customer/visitor retention68. Registrations from third-party social logins 93. Impact on customer lifetime value69. Registrations by channel ( 94. Customer acquisition / retention costs through social media70. Contest entries 95. Change in market share71. Number of chat room participants 96. Earned medias impact on results from paid media72. Wiki contributors 97. Responses to socially posted events73. Impact of offline marketing/events 98. Attendance generated at in-person events74. User-generated content created that 99. Employees reached (for internal programs)75. Customers assisted 100. Job applications received Source: 100 Ways to Measure Social Media by David Berkowitz
  32. 32. Video
  33. 33. USA for UNHCR raises funds and awareness in the United States for the lifesavingwork that more than 6,000 staffers of Geneva-based UNHCR undertake for refugeesaround the world, 24/7.USA for UNHCR created the Blue Key campaign as a way to drive awareness of thisglobal issue in the US. The blue key pin or pendant symbolizes the one thing most ofus have and that refugees don’t: a key to their own home.
  34. 34. The Blue Key site was only launched in December 2010, and its social/digital aspects wererelatively new, so there was not a lot of data to base KPIs on. Overall, when we went intothe first phase of the campaign, we had two goals: to secure at least three Blue KeyChampions, and to get 6,000 keys ordered between May 9 and June 20 (World RefugeeDay).These goals were important to USA for UNHCR first, because the entire Blue Key campaignrevolves around more people purchasing keys, and second, because with a limited budgetfor traditional outreach, we relied on willing bloggers to help us get the word out.
  35. 35. Cost
  36. 36. Using Measurement for Capacity Building800,000 Uniques 180,000700,000 Twitter Referring Traffic 160,000 Facebook Referring Traffic 140,000600,000 120,000500,000 100,000400,000 80,000300,000 60,000200,000 40,000100,000 20,000 0 0 January February March April Tracked Results: Stage 1 – Integrated into staff Stage 2 – Hired social media staff
  37. 37. The right tool for the job Content analysis of social or traditional media - Primary audience via online, mail, or phone surveys - Analytics
  38. 38. gristastic ladder ‘o engagement policy level discussions/calls personal calls to to action action stories of people making change fun on-rampsgrist sets the agenda by showing how green is reshaping our world. we cut through the noise and empower a new generation to make change.
  39. 39. Video
  40. 40. “We have embraced intelligent decision-making, not excessive data collection.There’s so much data we could collect, but it potentially could be a morass. Wepay attention to these key indicators. The data informs our editorial decisionsand choices for social media tactics so they are on track for moving people upthe rungs of the ladder – from passive readers to green consumers andultimately to a more sustainable planet.” - Chip Geller
  41. 41. GRIST.ORGKPI: Footprint: The reach of their activities, both online and offlineViewsGoogle AnalyticsEngagement: Readers engage with their contentComments, Virility, RetweetsChart BeatFacebook InsightsTwitter CrowdIndividual Behavior Change: Impact on users behaviors, purchase decisions, anddaily lives that are in line with sustainabilityQuestions about habitsSurvey MonkeySocietal Change: Impact on society, policy discussions, and conversations thatadvance sustainable practices.Anecdotal stories
  42. 42. twitsourcing #hipsterfarmerbands over 815 tweets in two days reach of over 290,000 people being quick and opportunistic reaches outside new audience
  43. 43. Turn Data in Action
  45. 45. Use Insights To Improve Strategy
  46. 46. The 7 Measurement Habits of HighlyEffective Nonprofits1. Spend more time identifying what you want to measure, not how to measure it2. Measure in context – don’t ever collect data unless you have SMART objectives and benchmarks3. Don’t wait until the end of project to collect data4. Don’t ever just shovel data over the fence and onto your executive director’s desk5. Less is more6. Visualize success and failure7. ? Tweet it #netnon
  47. 47. Thank you @kanter