S P E C T R U M     F O R         M E D I C A L               E X C E L L E N C E     Contact for more details         |  ...
DEPILIGHT      SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                             ...
depilight brosure page2 FINAL GRAY.pdf 1 10/15/2011 3:02:14 AMWHAT IS                                                     ...
Contact for more details   | Helpline No:+971 0567590075     P.O. Box : 28842, Dubai, UAE. Tel:+971 558863507,  Tel: +971 ...
stem cell          recovery          peptide                                                                              ...
Nano Platinum Technology:                                                                                             Plat...
. no                                                                                                                      ...
nic    so li             SONIC-X        po                                                                                ...
c r r t                                                                                                                   ...
THANK YOU S P E C T R U M    F O R      M E D I C A L          E X C E L L E N C E  Contact for more details         |    ...
Spectronix http://spectronixglobal.com/
Spectronix http://spectronixglobal.com/
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Spectronix http://spectronixglobal.com/

  1. 1. S P E C T R U M F O R M E D I C A L E X C E L L E N C E Contact for more details | Helpline No:+971 567590075 P.O. Box : 28842, Dubai, UAE. Tel:+971 558863507, Tel: +971 4 3542905 Email: spectronixgroup@gmail.com Visit us at: www.spectronixgroup.com
  2. 2. DEPILIGHT SPECIFICATIONS INTRODUCING Light Source New generation diode(continuous wave) unbelievable SPEED Wave length 808nm Fluence Up to 60 J /cm2 Pulse Duration 10-430ms Spot size: 9x9mm Pulse Technology (SOPP)Superior Overlap Pulse Protection Delivery: Sapphire Tip contact Skin cooling: Dual capacity water chill cooling Platform Weight 26kg (cart excluded) Platform Size (450x500x275) Electrical Requirement Std 230 VAC Proven Fastest Hair Removal laserTHE PAINFACTOR ANALYSIS in the industry No burning risk Average 26 clients /No Pain Factor 0-10 No pain ( where 0 is no PAIN 50 body parts Pain and 10 is Versatile indicationsAnesthesia 1.08 / 10 ( Skin Types 1-6) the highest pain level) Permanent hair removal pain scale no.of patients 00 15 No side effects 01 22 02 08 03 04 No irritations 04 01 P.O. Box : 28842, Dubai,UAE Email:spectronixgroup@gmail.com Visit us at: www.spectronixgroup.com Helpline No:+971 56 6532330 phone:+971 4 3542905
  3. 3. depilight brosure page2 FINAL GRAY.pdf 1 10/15/2011 3:02:14 AMWHAT IS WHY INTRODUCEDEPILIGHT? DEPILIGHT TO YOUR Depilight is a new generation 808 nm high power diode laser system for hair removal. 1.No Burning risk 2.Easy to use PRACTISE? using state of art German technology, Depilight is one of its 3.Uncomparable speed kind machine using two modes 4.Versatile indications DP and FDP for Epilation : Advantage : Biggest advantage of depilight is it’s something new in DP Mode : hair removal industry, where everyone is offering the (Depilation Pulse Mode): This is the traditional mode of same old procedures, depilight gives possibility epilation giving you options like short pulse, long pulse, to the clinic to offer something more efficient and novel. burst and even combination of short and long pulse, to target any kind of hair. BEFORE& AFTER FDP Mode: (Fast Depilation Pulse Mode) : The revolutionary new module provides excellent hair removal by heating the dermis to the temperature That damages the hair follicle. This mode does not harm epidermis and it smoothens legs, back , stomach and is absolutely pain free.THE PROCEDURESPEED COMPARISON BODY PART upper lips DEPILIGHT 4 minutes NdYag 15-20 minutes PAINLESS Dual cooling chilled tip and face 15-20 minutes 30 minutes superior overlapping pulse protection makes the procedure abdomen 20 minutes one hour painless and safe on any skin type chest 20 minutes 45-60 minutes back 30 minutes one hour Indications : arms 20 minutes 2 hours 1.Permanent hair removal legs 30 minutes 3 hours 2.Improves skin tone, glow and texture. underarms 3-4 minutes 3-4 minutes 3.Skin tightening. bikini 15-20 minutes one hour 4.Acne treatment by PDT with Indocyanine greenA BIG DATABASE OF SATISFIED CLIENTS
  4. 4. Contact for more details | Helpline No:+971 0567590075 P.O. Box : 28842, Dubai, UAE. Tel:+971 558863507, Tel: +971 4 3542905 Email: spectronixgroup@gmail.com Visit us at: www.spectronixgroup.com
  5. 5. stem cell recovery peptide Before & After Large Pores | Spots sr3 Peptide Histidine |Argireline vitamine A New Protocol Treatment gives you a healthy glow, and can actually improve your skin giveskeep skin moisturizedand refresh skin all day long A new Life to your skinIt efficiently reduces downtime microfor skin regeneration after laser treatment chan nelin Peptide Histidine |Argireline | I GF-1/EGF| Vitamin C Acne Scars | Dull Skin | Pigmentation gArgireline: nano plArgireline combines with Catecholamine atinum technolwhich is neural transmitter derived from ogy | I GF-1/EGF| Vitamin Cneural stem cell and it suppress the formationand secretion of Catecholamine. They obstructcontraction of muscles by interruptingprocess of neural transmission to muscles.When Catocholamine decreases, contraction ofmuscles also decreases, As a result it improveswrinkles which are created deu to contraction stemof muscles and it involves in creation of collagenand secretion of Elastine polypep tides accordingly andit prevents skin aging and muddy skin tone.Botulinum neurotoxins (argireline) represent a wrinkles| Stretch Marks cellrevolution in cosmetic science because of theirremarkable and long-lasting anti-wrinkle activity. forIGF-1/EGF:the solution is derived from stemcelland it contains plentyof growth factor thus, it is wonderfullyeffective for skin regeneration. Acne Scars | Dull Skin | Pigmentation| WrinklesIGF 1stimulates cell growth and composition | Stretch Marks | Large Poresof collagen, EGF involves in the proliferation anddifferentiation of epidermic cells, microchanneling nano platinum technology stem cell P.O. Box : 28842, Dubai, co-stimulating angiogenesis, UAE. CALL:+971 4 3542905 skin repair skin renewal skin rejuvanationanti-inflamation. Email:spectronixgroup@gmail.com|Visit us at:Growth factors: KGF, EGF, IGF , PDGF , FGF , NGF , TGF www.spectronixgroup.com Helpline No:+971 56 6532330
  6. 6. Nano Platinum Technology: PlatinumNano Therapy .ADShigh purity platinum 99.99% Non-surgical Skin Rejuvenation Treatment platinum nano colloid cosmetic generator helps skin care medicines can penetrate into the skin deeply as the particle sizes are uniform and particles do not coagulate. helps penetrating of cosmetics and drugs I n addition, its anti oxidation propertiesimprovements in atopy skin disease and sensitive skin remove the activated oxygen and they increase penetrationof cosmetics and solutions. persistent antibacterial activity sterilizing effect keep skin lon balance Utilizes Micro Stamping Needles Stimulating collagen and elastin productionAction of platinum Safety needle: Anti-infection Structure nano-colloid Stamping method minimize the skin scratch step 1 THE COMPARISON it’s anti-oxidation properties Platinum: Leader of the precious elements on the earth. remove the activated oxygen One of the most reducing metals. AUTO DERMA STAMP DERMA ROLLER (reduction of oxidized skin cell) Automated. Capable of making Can never match the speed step 2 6300 micro puncture and micro punctures, in a minute being manual. it keeps the skin potential balanced and maintains humidity, then keep the skin moist activated the main cause oxygen of skin aging The procedure speed eliminates the pain. Very painful, topical anesthetic required. Can do procedure very close Dangerous to apply step 3 to eyes without any fear. very close to eyes Air polution chemimals Various indications can be Much more expensive as treated with the same different roller is required it keeps the skin clean by anti bacteria stress smoking carcinogens uv destruction of normal cells micro needle as it is capable of changing for different depth of penetration and It is radiative excellent anti rays the depth of penetration from not convenient 0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.5, if patients want to treat and 2 in millimeter. many indications together. -oxidation effect skin renewal x skin aging activated oxygen happens Much more hygienic and sterile procedure as needle needs to be changed for every patient. Need to be extra careful for sterility and hygiene. Activated oxygen is oxygen which has a strong oxidation effect conducted by a part of the changed oxygen and it is also one of the main causes of skin aging which in turn causes freckles, fleck wrinkles, atopic dermatitis, skin spots, The product is automatic and rechargeable. pressure ulcers and rough skin through the destruction of normal skin cells. Easy and safe to use since the needle tip is hid helpful platinum harmful inside the guide. capacity of platinum- nano colloid to remove activated oxygen nano activated The platinum nano-colloid not only minimizes damage to skin cells by removing oxygen colloid oxygen The depth of needle is adjustable the activated oxygen but also prohibits fat peroxide from forming on the skin. Has two speed modes.
  7. 7. . no t da nic nic so li so li SONIC-X SONIC-X mag po posmart smart Specifications i ng a ny v e s s els . n o t Before and after the treatment - Best natural results i ffic d ult z o nes c an be trea ted nic so li SONIC-X eas ily po smart W alk -In Walk-out q uic k er m r.o re re Sonic X-specifications gular healing q Best qui Frequency: Current strength qu in the hand-piece: Peristaltic pump: 2 to 30 ml /minute cke 27khz ± 1.5 khz i c ke 70 - 100 volts/amps r re r re Uses anti-resonance technology cov uic Average amplitude of like ultrasonic scalpel used in cover on er y specially designed ultra sonic probes nuero-hapeto surgery makes ker Sonotrode vibrates 70 - to 260 μ elisati ti m e -Walk-In Walk-out it very gentle and safe Natural Results in 27000 per second quick er r. Body y time -Wa recover Walk- In W -o alk-In , no tunn y t i me Vacuum unit alk -W Smart ut -W n er than la alk-I quick er On/off button 1 Pressure sleeve recover lk-In Walk an se rsa 2 x 1.5 litter alk-In Adjustment of vacuum for infiltration equipped ferth .no fear of burn or necrosis containers quick y t i me from 0 to 750 mbar with manometer er -W recover alk-In Contouring y t i me e -W ti m -out ..di  Smaller incisions, No need to Suture- allows drainage q uic k e r r e c o v e r y quick   Better emulsification and less trauma Low power vacuum required for aspiration- 0.1 to 0.2 bar sculpting fficul er rec  If less than three zones or less than 1.5 litres- LA only • Abdomen t zones c  Results are visible much earlier than other technique • Back overy time-v  Cost effective • Arms a n be • Love Handles quicker r. • Hips treated e Conclusion • Buttocks • Thighs ery Using Patented Anti-Resonance , Tissue Selective technology Sonic X Lipo is the most as il y .not da powerful yet Safest Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction system . Having a complete unit smoot of irrigation , infiltration , caviation and suction it Is extremely versatile for complete in .d magin if office and surgical applications . g any v fic ult The system can well replace indications of laser lipo lysis , liposuction giving excellent essels. results with good retraction of skin and bloodless fat removal. h gest not dama gin g ures required an yv Contact for more details | Helpline No:+971 567590075 ess els .no t da www.sonixultrasoundliposuction.com ma gin g an y ve sse ls.n Smarter than laser ot P.O. Box : 28842, Dubai, UAE. Tel:+971 558863507, Tel: +971 4 3542905 Email: spectronixgroup@gmail.com Visit us at: www.spectronixgroup.com safer than v@@ser. .not damaging any
  8. 8. nic so li SONIC-X po www.sonixultrasoundliposuction.comsmart information for doctors | surgeons What is SONIC-X? The cannula The cannula is covered- with external sheaths which, 1. It is the fourth generation of Ultrasound assisted liposuction. connected to the peristaltic pump, have several advantages: 2.It removes unwanted fat, smoothens, sculpts and shapes the body. Keeping the curves beautiful better than ever before 1.The ultra sonic action only takes place at the tip of the cannula. 2.Smaller Incisions 3.Sonic-x is a minimally invasive procedure resulting in less bleeding, swelling 3.Less mechanical heating and bruising and a quicker recovery time than conventional liposuction. 4.Less risk of dermal burns Sheath The procedure isvery safe, with only minimal side effects such as 5.Can be used under LA and in office setup discomfort and occasional minor bruising. 4.The system works on a special frequency which selectively sheath Ultrasonic activity only targets fat without any damage to any nerves , vessels or interestial tisues. Sonic x Uses differential aspiration( 0-750mbar) making the procedure safe and selective why better than traditional liposuction? Thus requires low flow rate of pump making less aggressive Traditional liposuction has lots of trauma associated with it .because of aggressive movements and the important negative pressure associate safety with it damages other tissues than fat . In sonic X technology, the fat is sucked out at very low pressure of 0.1 to 0.2 V@@ser Sonic X bars, selective cavitations of allows only fat to be targeted respecting other tissues allowing smooth and gentle movements.The aggressiveness of No tissues traditional lipo is eliminated, with fat being emulsified at the tip of Less blood canula without any tunnelisation. Less recovery time Sucking only fat cells The benefits- 1.Quicker recovery time -Walk-In Walk-out 4th Generation Ultrasonic Lipo 2.Very smooth gestures required 3.Not damaging any vessels or nerves The probe diameter and number of grooves on the tip influence how 5.More regular healing the probe penetrates any given tissue. 6.No fear of burn or necrosis, no tunnelisation Probes with more grooves emulsify fat tissue more efficiently, although 7.Difficult zones can be treated easily they do not penetrate fibrous tissues easily Probes with fewer grooves are more appropriate for fibrous tissues. Difficult zones are supposed to be: inner thighs, under arms,neck, Smaller diameter probes also penetrate fibrous tissues more easily sagging abdomen, bison neck, flanks besides the number of grooves. aged patients with loose skin etc. Experience with sonic-x Does SONIC-X give a permanent effect? Yes, it does More than 50,000 cases in all over the world. More than 7 years Long history of use ultrasound in neuro , hepato , opthalmic and bone surgery Smarter than laser Huge bibliography on biological effects of ultrasound Sonic X uses selective ultrasound energy to emulsify fat and then aspirates it . Laser Lipo uses laser % case study of Patients energy to vaporize ,coagulate and avulate fat . laser Lipo is good for small areas , however it is extremely slow procedure compared to Sonic X due to low power compared to ultrasound energy . Also the surgeon has to be very careful as it can cause tunnelisation and thereon burns . 61.9% In clinics 9.5 % Hospitals 28.6% PVT Offices
  9. 9. c r r t c r r t al al t t k to t t k to ha ha atures t atures t you you r cel r cel gn gn s s l l si siWhat is CRRT technology ? How long is a treatment?Cellular Resonance and Rejuvenation technology is a breakthrough technology which utilizes Nano and Treatments are usually 30 minutes to 90 minutes in length. Our personal recommendation is to begin thePico currents specific frequency signatures and telemolecular technology to interact with cells. Each first treatment with a 60 minute to 90 minute treatment. This allows time for the client to adjust to the currentorgan and tissue within our body emits an invisible energy or vibration in the form of specific and the practitioner to learn the settings specific to the client. Following treatments may be 45 minutes long,frequencies. This allows the cells to communicate with each other and to organize, monitor, averaging 20-25 minutes for each half of the face and neck.and regulate complex living processes. When there is a disruption in this vibration or energyas a result of injury, illness, or the normal aging process, we begin to see the symptoms ofthis disruption in the form of skin atrophy and wrinkled deteriorating skin. Cellu Face machine How many sessions are recommended for a full series?utilizes CRRT technology to reenergize the cells and tissue back to their normal state ofvibration. Age/Damage Series Guide unger skin Treatments are performed 24 to 72 hours apart for best results when re-educating the skin cel alk t d ate skin Yo t t o en muscle. Usually clients set two to three appointments per week at the initial purchase of a d ha package. Clients may adjust schedule to one appointment per week, toward the end of the v ol l ce atures t Reju yo package, if needed. ll ur cell gn s siWhat is Telemolecular tecnology ?In general, aging cells become progressively less able to form and maintain tissue. Thesymptoms we see associated with aging cells are skin atrophy and wrinkled deteriorating skinalso know as human aging. Aging cells may not be clueless about their life span. Recent studiesshow they have a "clock" that reminds them of passing time so that they can achieve essentialgoals before it is too late. Normal human cells replicate a limited number of times before they Clients 35 – 50 years old,reach "replicative senescence" and stop dividing. At this point the cells are still alive, breathing Clients under 35 years old, Clients 50 and older 10 – 15 treatments over 15 treatments over 5-7 weeksand metabolizing food, sometimes for months, until they die. The "molecular clock" that informs 5 treatments over 2 -3 weeks 4 to 7 weeksthe cell of its limited life span is the telomere, a structure at the end of each chromosome thatshortens with each cell division. Eventually, the cell must yield to a fate of a limited number ofdivisions and then die. Cellu-FACE with its patent pending Telomolecular NanoTechnology combined with Constant Waveform Morphology, the signs of human aging begin to Smokers, sunbathers, or clients with a history ofslow down and reverse. Cellu-face uses specific signals and signatures to achieve toxic substances may require 15-20 treatments + + +communication at the cellular level. Once cellular communication is initiated, an immenseamount of cellular energy is released. An increase in cellular ATP and other essential enzymesare produced resulting in slowing down and reversing the human aging clock. Results areinstant and dramatic. How long should I expect the results to last and how often should clients return after finishing a series?What does the Cellu-Face Device treat? Maintenance TreatmentsNon-surgical face lift for neck, jaw, and eye area Longevity of results varies according to each person’s age, but most clients will need a maintenance treatmentReduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles every 1-3 months thereafter to maintain the retraining of muscle memory. The face will gradually lose this newIncrease Cellular ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) by 500% memory at some point if further treatments are not received. Client’s investment is best preserved by a boosterIncreases collagen and elastin every 4-6 weeks after the initial lift is achieved.Improves sun damage, rosacea, acne, melasma and moreStimulate blood, oxygen and lymphatic circulation to reduce inflammation and dark circlesInspires perfect balance to improve hydration, protection, and receptivity to nutrients What other areas of the body can be treated by Cellu-face Facial Sculpting device.What is the age Range?Facial Sculpting is recommended for adult clients of all ages. It acts as a rejuvenating Besides the face and neck, the Facial Sculpting machine can treat loose skin on the hands,treatment for clients seeking to reverse the aging process. It also preserves and maintains back, legs, arms, and buttocks with exceptional results.the youthful elements of younger clients, delaying or totally eliminating the need for moreinvasive treatments. Dull Skin | Pigmentation| Wrinkles | Face Lifting | | Stretch Marks | sagging neck Dull Skin | Pigmentation| Wrinkles | Face Lifting | | Stretch Marks | sagging neck
  10. 10. THANK YOU S P E C T R U M F O R M E D I C A L E X C E L L E N C E Contact for more details | Helpline No:+971 567590075 P.O. Box : 28842, Dubai, UAE. Tel:+971 558863507, Tel: +971 4 3542905 Email: spectronixgroup@gmail.com Visit us at: www.spectronixgroup.com