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  • School Principal: Job Description

    1. 1. JOB POSITION: SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Presented by: Stacy A. Leckler
    2. 2. THE MIRACLE WORKER Miracle Worker: a person who claims or is alleged to perform miracles; someone who accomplishes a difficult task. The role of the principal in a building is an unbelievable task that requires an individual to possess certain characteristic traits that will enable them to become a “miracle worker”
    3. 3. Cognizant Facilitator Advocate Principal Manager Collaborator Ethical
    4. 4. Fieldwork Requirements Administration, Organizations, and Business Management Curriculum and Instruction Staff Personnel Student Personnel School-Community Relations
    5. 5. Administration, Organization, and Business Management
    6. 6. Administration, Organization, and Business Management
    7. 7. Curriculum and Instruction Assist in curriculum change through needs assessment creation. Revise and update curriculum guides Establish professional curriculum resource library. Assist in the development of in-service programs and projects. Assist in the selection, development, and utilization of instructional materials. Assist in the selection and evaluation of standardized and school-wide tests. Become involved in curriculum planning by attending district or grade-level department meetings. Serve as a member of a curriculum committee. Assist in grant-writing activities. Attend professional meetings and workshops Become a member of a professional group. Demonstrate lessons using educational technology Attend a Phi Delta Kappa meeting.
    8. 8. Supervise Assist Schedule Staff Personnel Observe Interview Plan
    9. 9. Student Personnel Assist in the registration and classroom assignment of new students. Help new students to become familiar with the school. Deal with student behavior, cutting, and absences. Assist in the maintenance of order and discipline. Work directly with students in areas such as student council, school newspaper, or yearbook. Set up a testing schedule. Assist in adjusting student schedule conflicts. Assist in the creation of special programs for students. Attend two-hour child abuse seminar. Be familiar with the due process for Education for All Handicapped Children law (EAHC) and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Stay current with Part 200 of the Regulations for the NYS Commissioner of Education
    10. 10. School-Community Relations Assist Attend Work Chaperone Organize Writing P.T.A. Community After-school Parent newsletters Organizations activities information Community meetings Events School’s Business B.O.E. Industry partners
    11. 11. Things to Keep in Mind Be Proactive Begin with the End in Mind Put First Things First Think Win-Win Try First to Understand, Then to Be Understood Synergize ~Convey~ Sharpen the Saw
    12. 12. The Miracle Worker . . sets goals and orchestrates their builds trusting successful continue to learn accomplishments and relationships with through research and involves themselves in children, staff, actions that assist the net working. parents, super visors, staff in achieving their and community objectives. members. has the ability to go beyond maintaing the is a problem solver, but status quo by leads by practicing frequently taking initiating new makes decisions by structures and action and not by cooperation as action before procedures to change inaction opposed to coercion. problems occur. the school’s goals and objectives. has the ability to recognize that extend their is ethical in their are both managers decisive unilateral decisions and in all who do things right leadership and dealings with children and leaders who do action remains a authority to their and teachers. the right things. necessary staff members. requirement.
    13. 13. Last Thoughts . . . Principals need to be caring, collaborative, and humane in dealing with children, parents, staff, and community members. They must be able to make difficult daily decisions with an exclusive focus on improving teaching, learning, and student development. There is a need for a line administrator to anticipate all actions necessary to guarantee and education environment conducive to learning and devoid of surprised, interruptions, and hysteria.