Applying for Jobs within the WA Public Service


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  • Intro: myself and Jess talk about HR and Library.
  • All WA PS Jobs are advertised in the above.Graduate program closes as above.
  • This is part of the package that we require you to prepare. I will cover these in more detail shortly.
  • You will be required to provide a certified copy of your quals prior to commencing.
  • Applying for Jobs within the WA Public Service

    1. 1. Applying for Jobs within theWestern Australian Public Service Presenters Alex Marshall – Senior Human Resource Consultant & assisted by Jessica Holmes – Human Resource Consultant
    2. 2. Advertising for employment– Western Australian Public Service Closing Date for Graduate Positions: 4pm - 12 October 2012.
    3. 3. Applying for employment within WA Public Service A cover letter which outlines why you are interested in working at the State Library and how it fits with your career aspirations A description (maximum of two pages) of your role in a project that you have undertaken or participated in (a recent university assignment is acceptable) that demonstrates your skills in the following areas: Interpersonal and communication skills Research using technology and web-based resources Enthusiasm and personal initiative Innovative thinking and problem solving skills to achieve team goals
    4. 4. Academic record
    5. 5. Curriculum Vitae (CV)Just remember, when preparing your CV: Keep it brief and to the point. Keep the paragraphs short and space them out. Make the headings clear and leave plenty of space on each page. Focus on your skills and achievements, not just your past experience and the tasks you performed. Focus on what you can offer to the potential employer. You dont need to include personal details such as your marital status or age unless specifically requested and required for the job. Before submitting your CV its a good idea to get someone who knows you well to check it for spelling, grammar, readability and content.
    6. 6. RefereesYou should provide the names and contact details ofat least two referees as part of your CV.Referees can be sourced from: Academic Past employer/part-time employer PersonalRemember to let your referees know you havenominated them before you submit your application,as its common practice for the Selection Panel tocontact referees.
    7. 7. Addressing the required CriteriaSelection Criteria can be addressed in a number of ways andweve given some suggestions below: Use each selection criterion as a heading. Focus on the key words in each criterion, but make sure you address all of its aspects. For example, if youre addressing a criterion that asks you to "demonstrate your knowledge..." you might also include how and where you obtained that knowledge (e.g. by attending a training course or through past experience). Use dot points wherever possible. Always give actual examples of what you have done in the past to support your claims. Wherever possible, focus on what you actually achieved.
    8. 8. Tips for the InterviewHere are some tips to help you prepare for an interview and shineon the day: Have some examples ready of how youve applied the relevant skills and abilities. Dress according to the position that you have applied for and ensure you look presentable. Remember, all interview questions will be related to the criteria within the job Ad. Sometimes you may receive the interview questions on arrival, so make sure you are ten to fifteen minutes early. Take time to answer each question, but be concise. Wherever possible, relate your answer to relevant past experiences. An interview is an information exchange. Youre allowed to ask questions too! Review your application prior to the interview and take a copy of it with you on the day.
    9. 9. AppointmentOnce the selection decision is made, all applicants areinformed of the outcome of the selection process viamail and an offer of employment is made to thesuccessful applicant’s.
    10. 10. FeedbackIf your application is unsuccessful, you areencouraged to seek feedback on your applicationfrom the convenor of the panel. This will help youwhen writing future applications and preparing forinterviews. Feedback is given verbally by theconvenor of the panel or someone else involved inthe process. It is based on the Selection Panelsconsideration of your application and whether or notyou met the selection criteria or were competitivecompared to other candidates.
    11. 11. CommencementIf you are successful, you will be contacted about thecommencement of the graduate program and agreeon a starting date with the Library.A contract of employment will be sent to you with alldetails of your appointment.
    12. 12. Questions