Humanitarian Party


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Humanitarian Party

  1. 1. The Humanitarianist Party Nominate Dr. Martin Luther King as President of the United States of America
  2. 2. Humanatarianist Party Symbol
  3. 3. Dr. Martin Luther King Martin Luther King, Jr. is a 37 year old African American civil rights activist and leader. He was the son of Reverend Martin Luther King, and graduated from Boston University with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1955. He was a prominent leader in many civil rights movements. However, he has also exhibited many humanitarian views. For example, he opposed the Vietnam War, called the American government “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today,” organized the “Poor People’s Campaign” to advocate economic justice, and received the Nobel Peace Prize.
  4. 4. Political Platforms and Legislation Dr. King would pass legislation dealing with: Darfur: The act authorizes state and local efforts to divest from companies with certain business ties to Sudan. Economic Equality King would make laws that monitor business and CEOs to follow each worker and make sure all employees are paid fairly by how much they work and how proficient each worker is. Guantanamo Bay: The act finishes all Guantanamo bay tortures. The facility will be shut down. The terrorist that have proof of terrorism will be put into a country jail dedicated to terrorists.
  5. 5. Commander in Chief Responsibilities: King: Head of the U.S. armed forces. He has a strong sense of The president is automatically morality. He would not commit the highest ranking officer in the our troops to do something entire U.S. military immoral. He would have military advisers with more direct experience telling him what he should do, but he would have the final decision. King witnessed riots in his time, so he would make sure that our troops did not repeat those faults.
  6. 6. Chief of State Responsibilities: King: As Chief of State, the president King was, in his time, and could must serve as a representative of still be today, an American icon. American society to the entire America's civil rights movement world. Similar to Chief Citizen, looked up to Dr. King then, and the president must be the role our country would look up to model American citizen him today. As a citizen, he exemplifies everything that our country stands for; such as freedom, equality, and justice.
  7. 7. Chief Executive Responsibilities: King: experience organizing large projects must be able to efficiently and businesses. organize and run all King was involved in leading many large-scale demonstrations and executive aspects of events (such as the Montgomery Bus government. Boycott, 1963 March on Washington, and quot;Bloody Sundayquot;). The president must choose The only reason Dr. King did not people to run schools, the succeed in government was because of his race. postal service, and other His executive ability, however, still business aspects of remains clearly strong. government.
  8. 8. Chief Diplomat Responsibilities: King: Act as a diplomatic Thrived in a time of social separation and certain racial representative to foreign inferiority. In these times, King was countries able to talk to both sides of the Designate foreign policy conflict (white and black) and often Chose representatives for achieve peaceful results. This experience can and will translate positions as ambassadors directly to foreign affairs. A Chief etc. Diplomat must be able to deal with many varied interests at once, while still keeping a firm eye on the ultimate goal. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. embodies this diplomat.
  9. 9. Chief Legislator Responsibilities: King: Encourage Congress to pass Is a very talented and useful laws experienced speaker. His quot;I have Veto unfavorable laws a dreamquot; speech is just one passed by congress example of many great speeches. Such a persuasive Approving laws made by presence is bound to accomplish congress great things when it comes to law making. Also, King has proven to be a very good public figure with firm beliefs. This firmness will help him in making strong and beneficial decisions for America.
  10. 10. Chief of Party Responsibilities: King: Represent his own party well Has good judgment. He Campaign for members of chooses his friends wisely his party and knows which members of his political party are reliable and smart politicians. He would be able to campaign for those members.
  11. 11. Chief Guardian of the Economy Responsibilities: King: Ensure that the economy Is very aware of the economy. runs smoothly He pays attention and is Reduce/prevent concerned about things like unemployment unemployment and high taxes. With economics and economic equality both major players in the Civil Rights era, King already has experience in this area.
  12. 12. Chief Citizen Responsibilities: King: Provide a positive image for Humble background the general American Former American Icon Be accessible and quot;realquot; to Known for his friendliness citizens and open attitude Be a role-model
  13. 13. Mahatma Ghandi secretary of state Nonviolent Leadership experience Handling other countries Civil rights activist
  14. 14. Secretary of Defense Theodore Roosevelt Experience with leadership Great leader Soldier Experience in command in the navy
  15. 15. Labor Secretary Barack Obama Leadership experience Knowledge of labor industry Actively takes a stand on labor issues
  16. 16. Education Secretary Erin Gruwell has Masters degree in teaching credentials has overcome extreme challenges dealing with low-performing students changed students in the worst areas to become the best
  17. 17. Attorney General Clarence Darrow Experience as a lawyer Famous cases Leader of American Civil Liberties Union