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  • Self IntroductionI represent the Gates Foundation, so I’m here to address the Philanthropy Perspective on education. I’d like to speak with you about the challenges in the classroom today and one of the specific initiatives underway to address it.[Stephen: Need to add some context language about how this fits within the Gates Foundations Next Generation models efforts and overall education initiatives – based on the topic of the presentation it will be expected]
  • Note e-fi team case nex

    1. 1. NOTE-e-FICaseNex DatacationDevelopers: Jed Lippold, Nicholas Nguyen-Dunn, Mark Nuzzolilo, Kellen Peterson, MikeProsper and Will SchuurEducators: Stephanie Ring
    2. 2. The Problem:Teachers need to easily notify and track academic performance, achievement data,attendance and anecdotals to parents and students while making their efforts transparentto administrators and staff. This will enable staff collaboration through this opencommunication. • Send messages with automatic translation • Filter by performance/attendance data • Filter by groups and flags • Log of messages • Receive real time performance • Track outreach to parents and data student actions • Open teacher communication • Transparent communication • Receive real time performance • Staff collaboration data • Open teacher communication • Receive in home language Editable title in the footer 1/15/2013 2
    3. 3. The NOTE-e-FI Solution Our Solution: Recipients can be defined by individual student, parent and school staff, classes and student groups. Classes and student groups can then be filtered manually or by teacher defined rules (i.e. Students who did not attend school today). Message text can be translated into other languages based on student home language. Message types will be stored as logs so the teacher can review parent and student outreach records when needed. Solution fits into the teachers regular work flow: Grading and attendance are part of a teacher’s daily responsibilities as is communicating with parents and students. This application gives teachers back the time they would have spent searching for contact information, student data and copying and pasting separate emails to parents and students. Editable title in the footer 1/15/2013 3
    4. 4. Leveraging SLCHow SLC was used to bring the solution together: Read lists of classes and teachers Read class lists of students Read home language and student flags Read student performance and attendance data Write back discipline action in response to a tardy discipline incident. DisciplineAction will be written after the message is sent. All students filtered by a DisciplineIncident will be included in a DisciplineAction written to the SLC. Editable title in the footer 1/15/2013 4
    5. 5. To Launch NOTE-e-FI Editable title in the footer 1/15/2013 5