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Intelliseats 2012


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Application prototype presentation at SLC Camp Denver, November 18, 2012. The Intelliseats application was one of two $2,000 bounty winners for Best Application. For a screen shot of this application see

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Intelliseats 2012

  1. 1. Intelliseats The “A” Team Concept Team App TeamAndy Ennamorato- Developer Andy Ennamorato - Developer Adrienne Rossi - Teacher Laurilea M. Williams - DesignerChris Gould - Teacher/Coach
  2. 2. DATA ENTRY STINKS!Throw away your paper gradebooks and seating charts!Intelliseats is an application that is designed to allow teachers to:* Create visual seating charts* Flag students for intervention* Track those interventions* Track assessments and assignments* Adjust your lesson planning on the flyKeep your time and focus where it is needed the most; on yourstudents!
  3. 3. WE NEED A BIG PICTURE!Problems:* Standardized and summative assessment data provide a limited picture* Student info is in too many places* Paper grade/attendance books are cumbersome* Data is often mis-entered when transferred from non-electric form todatabaseSolutions:* Giving an overview of students at-a-glance* Showing formative assessment data (quantitative & qualitative)* Being available on many different devices* Allowing for data entry on the fly
  4. 4.
  5. 5. THE SLC & YOU!The APIs are used in our application by:* Pulling all the section data from the SLC* Pulling the students from that section URLs and API hooks we used: Takashi’s super secret SLC JavaScript libraryThe core technologies used were: *Node.js (Takashis awesome SLC javascript API) *jquery + jquery mobile + jqueryui *patternify + google web fonts *Microsoft Azure