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“Tools” and Standards for Cloud-SLA

Presentation held by Daniele Catteddu (CSA) @ SLA-Ready workshop "Are you SLA-Ready? How to understand your cloud Service Level Agreement", on 15 December 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.

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“Tools” and Standards for Cloud-SLA

  1. 1. “Tools” and Standards for Cloud-SLA Daniele Catteddu, CSA 15 December 2016 Brussels
  2. 2. Mission SLA-Ready delivers a Common Reference Model (CRM) for Cloud SLAs & and a set of best- practices & services to support cloud customers in the use of cloud SLAs through their lifecycle. SLA-Ready will improve the uptake of cloud computing services by the private sector, while procuring services across the cloud market. 216/12/16 SLA-Ready Y2 Review
  3. 3. SLA-Ready CRM 12/16/16 3
  4. 4. SLA-Ready CRM: Elements and components 12/16/16 SLA-Ready GM - Darmstadt 4
  5. 5. SLA-Ready CRM 12/16/16 5 SLA-Ready Index
  6. 6. SLA-Repository/SLA-Readiness Index From D2.4: 12/16/16 6 CSP questionnaire Consortium assessment Proof of concept aggregation Proof of concept integration
  7. 7. CSA STAR Repository 12/16/16 SLA-Ready GM - Darmstadt 7
  8. 8. SLA-Ready Repository 12/16/16 SLA-Ready GM - Darmstadt 8
  9. 9. ISO/IEC 19086-1/-4: Cloud SLAs Provides terminology and components of SLAs for cloud services (including security and privacy) Specifies a model for describing cloud SLA metrics Presents the core/conformance requirements associated provided SLA components Facilitates common understanding between the Cloud Service Providers and the Cloud Service Customers 12/16/16 9
  10. 10. Update on standards 19086-1: moving to DIS before the end of the year (no contributions) 19086-2: All contributions to WD (metrics samples, feedback on conceptual model) accepted and published in new CD version. 19086-3: contributions to DIS submitted (balloting in 1/2017) 19086-4: Extensive changes to current CD version, new CD version will be issued after the finalization of SLA-Ready During the lifetime of the project, total of 48 contributions were submitted to ISO. 12/16/16 10
  11. 11. Thank you 1116/12/16 SLA-Ready Y2 Review