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Gill Trueman SLYA 2012


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Presentation by Gill Trueman, Library and Information Manager, Peasedown St John Primary School, near Bath, for School Librarian of the Year Award 2012.

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Gill Trueman SLYA 2012

  1. 1. Library and Information ManagerPeasedown St John Primary School, Bath
  2. 2. Vision“Gill is a highly motivated visionary Chartered Librarian who has enabled school leadership to make innovative and bold decisions about our library provision.” (David Tilling, Head teacher)“Library provision is exceptional and contributes very well to pupils’ reading skills.” (Ofsted 2007)“Pupils are well supported in reading development by an exceptionally well organised library, which is managed by a specialist with a clearly defined role in information literacy. She is key to the promotion of reading throughout the school…pupils develop highly sophisticated research skills and demonstrate high levels of enjoyment.” (LA School Inspection 2011)
  3. 3. Our Library A vibrant and welcoming multi-themed areaMini-beast Great Library SeaLibrary
  4. 4. Seaweed Blinds Open all day until 3.30pmMonkey on Palm Tree Island
  5. 5. Over 9000 good quality books (ratio of 18 books per pupil) magazines, music CDs and newspapers. with over 10,000issues per academic year(11,551 in 2011/12)
  6. 6. Computers foruse ininformationliteracy lessons(and ICT) withInteractivewhite board A internet based library management system (Junior
  7. 7. Our Librarian offers:Timetabled class visits to exchange books. Weekly (FS – Y2) and Fortnightly (Y3-Y6) Chill ‘n’ Read lunchtime clubs
  8. 8. Information LiteracyFortnightly lessons for Y3-Y5 pupils.Curriculum-embeddedIn their 4th year - well established, proven impactSkills based upon 5 steps of the Research CycleSocial media tools also taught (blogs, wikis and discussion forums) plus e-safety. Y6 “Leavers” Research skills booklet
  9. 9. Curriculum-Embedded Lessonexamples Year 3 WEATHER ROUND THE WORLD Curriculum-Embedded Lesson examples Year 3WEATHER ROUND THE WORLD Curriculum-Embedded Lesson examples Year 3 WEATHER ROUND THE WORLD
  10. 10. GRANDPA’SADVENTURES IN WW2 Curriculum- Embedded Lesson examples Year 4
  11. 11. Curriculum-Embedded Lessonexamples Y5: EVALUATING WEBSITES ABOUT JAPAN
  12. 12. I Hero Show 2 Steves xx Finding out how clever Anthony Browne’s pictures are in Year 3!Year 1 winners of the Fiction/Information book challenge! Thomas Docherty Visit
  13. 13. Teacher Induction Welcome sheet The Treasure SeekersBook Fair2012 Website Our Book Fair
  14. 14. And finally, GillActively promotes OUTSIDE EVENTS (e.g. enabling the Public Library mobile van to visit the school premises fortnightly and highlighting their library reading challenge every summer. Also promotes the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature)Is actively involved in promoting best practice across primary schools locally and more widelyRegularly attends local SLA other school librarian Enthusiasts Must events Unite!
  15. 15. Our LibraryIs now at the centre of learning at our primary schoolOur LibrarianIs firmly of the belief that every child can develop a love of reading, and an aptitude for discovering information, if presented with inspiring opportunities