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Webinar "Sharing best practice in patient research"

Patient research provides clients with in-depth knowledge and actionable insights in patients’ experience, impact of their disease on their daily life, the way they deal with their condition and medical devices and the information they need and search for.

As patient research is booming nowadays, the need to get patients more engaged and provide clients with deeper insights is growing. As patient research can be complex and overwhelming for both the patient as well as the researcher, we have decided to share best practices based on our extensive experience in this field.

This webinar will take the audience through the main stages of the research process: study design, recruitment, fieldwork, moderation and reporting. We will share best practices which are aimed at inspiring qualitative researchers and fieldwork managers either to engage in patient research or to enhance their current services.

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Webinar "Sharing best practice in patient research"

  1. 1. Patient Research Ana Edelenbosch Senior Research Executive Keetie Bleijenberg Today’s webinar host Sharing Best Practices In Patient Research
  2. 2. Tears? Heart- breaking story… what to do? Projective techniques? Timing? Has respondent passed away? Sensitive topic? Respondent got sick… and now?
  3. 3. Study design Keep your target group in mind when deciding upon methodology & techniques
  4. 4. mobile sensitive future Study design time
  5. 5. Stay focused on the essentials Recruitment
  6. 6. profile recruitment long timelines flexible to reschedule Recruitment
  7. 7. ‘Tell me your story! I’ll take time to listen…’ Moderation
  8. 8. Practical tips for moderators Moderation Be a good host Communicate on their level Manage expectations
  9. 9. Presentation of the results Sharing (if possible) the results leads up to more engaged participants
  10. 10. Presentation of the results live participation video diaries brainstorming sessions
  11. 11. I see and I forget. I hear and I remember. I do and I understand. Confucius
  12. 12. Questions?
  13. 13. Ana Edelenbosch +31 10 282 3594 Go to for today’s presentation slides and more! Keetie Bleijenberg +31 10 282 3535 #skimwebinar Share your thoughts online: