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Webinar "Sex Appeal - Capturing differences in gender appeal in consumer behavior"


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Men’s products have been on an exponential uphill for almost a decade, especially in areas of personal care and grooming; reflecting a boom in areas of self-gratification and, simply put, sex appeal. Compared to this decade of men’s product development, marketing to women has been the norm for centuries. As such, men’s products tend to embody visuals and claims that stereotype men as overly feminized or sheer buffoons. While research has shown that men and women emote differently, the truth is that real men fall in between.

To make personal care marketing to men more effective, marketers must focus first on emotional marketing and the benefits that products can provide and second on who is making the actual purchase: the man in question or his leading lady.

Through a meta-analysis of messages across a plethora of categories, we shared four tips to keep in mind when creating claims and communications messages for men.

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Webinar "Sex Appeal - Capturing differences in gender appeal in consumer behavior"

  1. 1. sex appeal tips for marketing products to men or women who buy for them Robert Dossin @rdossin Sourabh Sharma @sssourabh
  2. 2. Men are from Mars Women are from Venus
  3. 3. Hetero VS Metro
  4. 4. Most men are in between
  5. 5. Self gratification Indulgent
  6. 6. men buying for themselves women buying for their man VS
  7. 7. Tip #1 Don’t make feminine benefits masculine “Gender Contamination” Jill Avery, Harvard Business School
  8. 8. aspirational benefits Clean Scrub Cleanse Soft Moisture Hydrate functional benefits “Leaves skin feeling clean” “Leaves skin feeling soft and radiant”
  9. 9. combined benefits when women buy for their men
  10. 10. Tip #2 Prevent the emotional negative Razor burn Balding Dandruff
  11. 11. Be specific: use the emotional insight behind the fear “For clean and flake free hair” “Soothes skin to prevent razor burn”
  12. 12. Be specific: use directive language correct hairlines fuller hair
  13. 13. Tip #3 Give men the power of proof
  14. 14. Use meaningful parts or numbers Clean + fresh Showcase (clinical) proof 3 powerful nutrients Avoid extreme numbers
  15. 15. Female buyers wish for speed
  16. 16. Tip #4 Make the benefit healthy and lasting “24 hour hold” “Styling gel with all day staying power”
  17. 17. Focus on health not beauty “Nourish your skin with rich lather” “Fight dryness and maintain skin’ s balance”
  18. 18. Conclusion Men are investors, they need the product to work and last
  19. 19. Conclusion Men and woman emote differently Read our article in Global Cosmetics Industry Magazine March 2015: “Sex Appeal”
  20. 20. Sex appeal Tips for Marketing products to men (or women who buy for them) Contact us Robert Dossin @rdossin Sourabh Sharma @sssourabh