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Webinar “How CPG companies can compete and win in e-commerce”


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Listen to the recording and download the deck here

Only 4 years ago, online sales accounted for less than 1 cent in each dollar spent on packaged goods – the reason why the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry has been in disinterest for e-commerce. Yet, this has all changed. The CPG industry is undergoing a big transformation where more and more consumers are looking to buy groceries, personal care, and beauty products online.

In fact, McKinsey reported that e-commerce will grow by $15 billion to $50 billion by 2020 – with winning CPG companies’ online sales growing 3x faster than their competitors.

This new trend will pose difficult challenges to brand managers who are still used to the dynamics of brick and mortar stores. This also holds true to many brands that still offer roughly the same product portfolio online as offline, possibly leaving money on the table and opening up for competitors to move in and steal market share.

To help you succeed in the new digital world, this 30-minute webinar will explain how you can build strong product portfolios specifically designed to compete and win in online markets.

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Webinar “How CPG companies can compete and win in e-commerce”

  1. 1. How CPG companies can compete and win in e-commerce SKIM | 2017
  2. 2. 3
  3. 3. New world – lost opportunity Brick and Mortar Brick and Mortar Online
  4. 4. Uncertainty Easy to compare products and prices Random competition Consumer opinion is front and center Store shelf vs website
  5. 5. Opportunity 7 Communication Not limited by physical space We get feedback right away!
  6. 6. How do we design products and portfolios that thrive in this environment?
  7. 7. Online first
  8. 8. Communicate benefits Physically Communicate size/weight Grab attention on the shelf Contain the product, and be used by consumerCommunication Physical Packaging In ecommerce, we don’t have to use the packaging for all of this Packaging
  9. 9. Communication Physical Packaging o Can look great at home since it can be less cluttered o Can be great to use o Can be optimized for shipping o Can be more visual, with the use of hero images o Can contain videos o Can be more detailed o Ratings
  10. 10. Let’s build a portfolio that’s not limited by physical distribution Variety Bundling • Larger selections - With better flow between products • Optimize variety for both consumer needs and SEO • Offers interesting ways to build value for the consumers • Sometimes needed to overcome shipping costs
  11. 11. Getting the price right is even more difficult
  12. 12. Price Value consumers make pricing decision relative to other products, but here you don’t know what competition will look like Subscriptions to lock consumers in once they’ve decided that the unique value will lead them to loyalty Differentiation Price can actually be used as a filter – make consumers search for your product, not the category
  13. 13. Online first strategy Rethink the role of packaging Expand portfolios for consumer needs and search results Bundle products to overcome shipping hurdles Differentiate to set the brand apart from competition Listen to the consumer!
  14. 14. Thank you! Oskar Toerneld VP Price & Portfolio Management Ben Langleben VP Price & Portfolio Management