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Webinar: An unfiltered perspective of the consumer insight interactions part 1


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The consumer insight process brings together multiple stakeholders working towards one goal: making better business decisions affecting consumers. However, interactions between practitioners can hinder the process. Differing skills, individual agendas and conflicting visions of "success" can sometimes make the process rocky and less effective. This story brings together three unfiltered views of the insights world - from a client, researcher, and consultant - providing an honest look at what we should learn from each other to make the process increasingly seamless, become more well-rounded practitioners, and ultimately drive impactful decisions and strategies.

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Webinar: An unfiltered perspective of the consumer insight interactions part 1

  1. 1. expect great answers An unfiltered perspective of the roles and interactions between stakeholders of the consumer insight process Part 1 - April 2013 (presented at TMRE 2012)
  2. 2. A consultant, researcher and client walk into a bar… 1998 20122
  3. 3. It all started with a conversation, but evolved quickly Qualitative Research Interviews with 25 "Call to action" Initial hypothesis practitioners packets generation • Management Consulting • Specialized Research Review of recent collective Quantitative firms experiences • Corporate insights validation BCG on going insights organizations benchmarking Additional worldwide survey in progress3
  4. 4. Our motivation: what can we learn from each other to become an increasingly relevant function?4
  5. 5. Climbing the ladder not easy, specially alone... 90% of benchmarked companies in levels 1-2 4 3 Insights as a competitive Strategic advantage 2 insights Business organization 1 contributors Traditional • Senior execs consumer- • Strategic research priority • Stronger consumer focus focused • Involved across functions market research mandate by senior execs • Influence extending • Able to build knowledge base • Little access to senior execs • Mix has strategic focus outside marketing to become a learning • Mix skewed toward tactical • Influence encouraged to • Growing knowledge base organization • Little involvement extend outside marketing • Focused on synthesized • Focused on foresight/ outside marketing • Focused on individual insights across sources prediction across source • Focused on hindsight insights Evolution requires more than just skills improvement, it demands better interaction with industry playersSource: BCG benchmarking study; Press searches; Company web sites; Analyst reports
  6. 6. Improving together requires celebrating and reinforcing what each of us do well... Corporate Insights Institutional knowledge Research Consulting Firm Business driven Managing the insights intricacies of research6
  7. 7. ... while finding the areas that will make our interactions increasingly successful Corporate Insights Institutional knowledge Research Consulting Engage experts Firm Business driven Managing the insights intricacies of "Less" black boxes research ... and no one best than a friend to speak honestly7
  8. 8. What we learned Consulting Selected findings8
  9. 9. Structurally, consulting firms can influence key decision makers ... Focus on insights Research firm Corporate Insights organization Consulting Typical Influence Insights Core insight Extended Executive organization customers brand team suite e.g., Mktg, R&D e.g., Finance, sales Illustrative organization9
  10. 10. ... so insights are directly tied to the business  Thinking how the insight will be used is as important (or more) than the process to get it The client The criteria... The questions to answer... What the research tool need... must be able to do... • ... Size of the • ... Brand association opportunity • ... Several • ... options to reposition • Is it a white space for brand? Ability to – Concentrated vs. Fragmented the brand... differentiate – Presence of major competitors • Is there value of differentiation ? Which one • ... to Starting • ... choose? position • ... Brand indexed share of visits Ease of • ... execution • ... • ... Source: BCG project experience (sanitized)10
  11. 11. What weve learned is that we are not always infallible in assessing complexity of the tools Sometimes we are too optimistic.... Day 1 Day 14 Brand 1 - MBC Brand 1 – MBC Brand 1 – CBC + MaxDiff Brand 1 – CBC + MaxDiff Brand 2 – MBC Brand 2 – CBC + MaxDiff Brand 2 – CBC + MaxDiff Brand 5 – BYO + MaxDiff Brand 6 – BYO + MaxDiff Brand 1 - MBC Brand 1 – MBC Brand 1 – CBC + MaxDiff Brand 1 – CBC + MaxDiff Brand 3 – MBC Brand 3 – CBC + MaxDiff Brand 3 – CBC + MaxDiff Brand 6 – BYO + MaxDiff Brand 7 – BYO + MaxDiff Brand 1 - MBC Brand 1 – MBC Brand 1 – CBC + MaxDiff Brand 1 – CBC + MaxDiff Brand 4 – MBC Brand 4 – CBC + MaxDiff Brand 4 – CBC + MaxDiff Brand 6 – BYO + MaxDiff Brand 8 – BYO + MaxDiff 3 Models 6 Models 12 Models 24 Models 4X Cost Source: BCG/SKIM project experience (sanitized)11
  12. 12. What weve learned is that we are not always infallible in assessing complexity of the tools Sometimes we dont want to tradeoff.... Original design Final design "We need to test everything, on everyone" "What we need as burden of proof" Screener  Brand experience funnels  Screener Last purchase map  Brand experience funnels Price optimization (CBC)  Last purchase map Emotional claims  Price optimization (CBC) Emotional claims Purchase drivers  Brand perception Brand perception  Category attitudes  Source: BCG/SKIM project experience (sanitized)12
  13. 13. Key to bring in experts early to save the team (and our research partners) from heartache Who helped evolve the thinking? Complete reprogram of survey and 2 weeks before turnaround by field delays before turnaround by Insights expert team + vendor insights team13
  14. 14. Weve also learned that sometimes our insights counterparts are left in the dark ... there isnt a obvious process to Given our usual stakeholders... close the loop with the insights team Focus on insights "Your team left us with an enormous piece of research ... but nobody in the team had any idea Research how to replicate, let alone how to use going forward firm and explain to the organization" -Senior Director of insights, Retail Corporate Insights organization "We need to learn to be able to replicate this, otherwise it will die very quickly. We need to be able to respond to the organization when they ask us to understand" -Insights VP, CPG Consulting "We need to understand how this will impact our brand tracking studies, our syndicated data requests and our metrics for success" -Insights Director, CPG Insights Core insight Extended Executive group customers brand team suite Typical Influence Source: Qualitative interviews; BCG analysis14
  15. 15. Need to formalize a process to leave our corporate counterparts to carry the torch BCG team 1. Joint project 2. Capability leads team build Project Structure Corporate team 4. Process 3. Coaching leads facilitation Strategy / planning Implementation Project Scope Source: BCG Enablement center15
  16. 16. What we learned Research firm Selected findings16
  17. 17. Agency as a center of research expertise for the client, help navigate complexity Reassurance Reassurance research firm Peace of mind reliability of competency answers Capabilities Proven Methods Standards Quality Assurance • Quantitative/Qualitative • In market validation • Project roadmap • Data quality skills (case studies) • Database • Checklists (design, • Insight extraction • Body of academic /benchmarking programming, fielding, • Analytical mindset research (back up) • Templates data prep, analysis) • Ability to translate • Proven expertise (in • Mock-up outputs • Manuals business question into house) appropriate methodology • Identifying potential and analysis plan pitfalls17
  18. 18. Choice-based conjoint roadmap to guide client 1 2 3 4 Set up / Design Survey design & Conjoint Programming Fieldwork inputs experimental design 5 6 7 Processing Choice file output Choice file Utility estimation recoding (HB) 8 9 10 11 Analysis / simulation Simulator building Analysis of Optimization Reporting simulator outputs algorithm Key interactions with client18
  19. 19. What we are not19
  20. 20. 20 What we are not
  21. 21. More integration is required in the industry, become a learning organization • Meta analysis of results across studies • Develop frameworks for more effective research & marketing • Improve inputs before testing / decide without testing21
  22. 22. Meta-analysis examples *Examples courtesy of SKIM22
  23. 23. Old ways of presenting data giving way to new generation of storytellers/iconographers  New recruitment needs and profiles within the function23
  24. 24. More of… Less of… *Examples courtesy of SKIM24
  25. 25. *Examples courtesy of BuzzBack, Hypothesis, CognitiveMedia, and SKIM25
  26. 26. What did we learn? Consultant  Client enablement + Manage research complexity Action: Design enablement scheme to work with insight organizations More discipline involving experts early in the process Research Firm  Powerful data visualization + Knowledge Integration Action: Broaden recruitment profile (graphic designers, media) Improve client engagement: discuss possibility and feasibility For our next round of webinars: Corporate  Institutionalize knowledge + Stakeholder involvement26
  27. 27. Where do we go from here? • An ongoing honest conversation needs to take place between key players and stakeholders of the insight process, in order for the function to evolve and avoid perpetuation of counter-productive behaviors • Realization and leverage of what every part brings to the table is a necessary condition to collectively enable Insights as a source of competitive advantage in the organization27