SKIMspiration2012: Creative Lab | Nutricia case study


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Being close to your local target group is crucial for every business. However, brands nowadays mostly only survive with convincing global communication strategies. Aligning these different perspectives is a challenge. SKIM's Creative Lab approach combines a new mindset with an effective approach to communication testing, which has proved successful in helping global and local marketers to jointly create and support the future communication strategy. Eva and Henrike showed us how Nutricia and SKIM made it happen!

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SKIMspiration2012: Creative Lab | Nutricia case study

  1. 1. expect great answersCreative Lab‘Overcoming the global-local challenge in communication’Henrike Reinhardt & Eva Kulla Share your thoughts online: #SKIMspiration
  2. 2. What are you going to hear ? Global vs local – the challenge The Nutricia case study Creative Lab The year after – results Why it was worth it
  3. 3. Conventional approach to concept / communication development and testing Concept Launch Launch Insight Insight Concept Concept Develop Global Local ment Generation reporting Refinement Testing Campaign Campaign Global Global Global Global GlobalMarketing Marketing Marketing Marketing MarketingCreative CreativeAgency Agency Local Local Marketing Marketing Market Market Market Research Research Research Agency Agency Agency
  4. 4. Key to success is to “uncover just the right balance between local relevance and global leverage”Swaan Arons, Marc de & Driest, Frank van den. (2012). The Global brand CEO. Building the ultimate marketing machine. New York: Airstream.
  5. 5. The global-local challenge at NutriciaGlobal: Local:• to look for strategic • to develop and insights implement concrete• to move overall category communication perception to a higher campaign level • to boost core product• to uncover full potential
  6. 6. The Nutricia case study Business challenge: Sales potential of Nutricia’s medical nutrition portfolio not fully reached amongst key target group of GPs Different barriers USPs of core productto prescribe category range might offer assumed potential for leverage
  7. 7. The Nutricia case study 5 different Results to serve communication Germany global strategic as pilot marketroutes (concepts) and to test amongst local executive GPs needs
  8. 8. The approach: Creative Lab‘The sky is the limit when we work together’
  9. 9. Why Creative Lab?Iterative approach•Evaluate and improve material on the go•Don’t waste time and money on bad conceptsEnsure buy-in off all parties• Create synergy and touchpoints• Create involvement, avoid conflictsShort turn around time• Combine forces, access to input of multidisciplinary team• No delay due to usual reporting / approval procedures
  10. 10. Setup – focus groups and interactive workshops Day 1 Day 2 Day 3Focus group 1: Creative lab Focus group 3:Non- and low Non- and lowprescribers of category Workshop prescribers of category (client & SKIM) Refinement to discuss, amend Refinement session and refine concepts sessionFocus group 2: Focus group 4:Frequent prescribers Frequent prescribersof category of category • Each focus group with n=5 GPs and a duration of 90mins
  11. 11. Cross-functional work team Nutricia - global Marketing: Category director & Marketing manager SKIM – Global Market market research Knowledge manager agency Nutricia German CBU: EURO RSCG – Marketing & Brandcommunication agency manager Medical Marketing Market Knowledge Manager, Germany Manager, Germany
  12. 12. Aligning on conceptual test material
  13. 13. Common underlying concept structureIn… (this situation) you’re faced with… (the dilemma pertaining to conflicting needsand goals). This… (solution) helps to achieve… (functional benefit focusing on arelevance). That’s because the solution has/is… (RtB). This is valuable because…(emotional benefit focusing on higher-level desire). This product is unique because itis the only one to achieve… (discriminator). Insight Solution Benefits RTBs Discriminator
  14. 14. Examples of concept weaknesses No real insight, very Less weight loss to improve Insight unemotional treatment outcome: Early nutritional intervention Solution No dilemma, “what is the problem GPs prevents weight loss at patients can solve with the help of product X?” during their treatment. An additional weight ‚buffer‘ however Concept starts with a benefit is difficult to reach through a Benefits (less weight loss) right away normal diet. … RTBs RtBs missing, misunderstood • A bottle contains 50 ml with 10 g protein, 250 kcal, especially developed to drive complianceDiscriminator Not clear, needs more explanation • 2 bottles per day parallel to the treatment.
  15. 15. Creative Lab - Conclusions Immediate implementation of learnings Collaboration & dynamic behind the mirror ‘The winning concept is our baby!’
  16. 16. The year after Did it work in practice?
  18. 18. E-detailing campaignDid you hear the bell? Start training
  19. 19. E-detailing campaign
  20. 20. E-detailing campaign Source: Springer, e-detailing statistics
  21. 21. Local success = Global success Unaided Product product market awareness +18% share +2.0pp +31% +25% More Product participants value sales than expectedSources: Springer e-detailing statistics, Nielsen sales tracking, Nutricia sales data, all 2012
  22. 22. Why it was worth it?Frederiek Ysebaert, Global Category Director:"The insight driven findings from the Laband its successful implementation inGermany were the foundation of animproved approach to globally communicateto our target groups and inspired the way ofworking in the central marketing team."
  23. 23. This is the ENDof our presentation… Thank You! Henrike Reinhardt …BUT Nutricia’sjourney will continue! Eva Kulla
  24. 24. contact us or follow us online!Henrike Reinhardt Eve KullaGlobal Market Knowledge Manager Nutricia SKIM Project Director Consumer +31-10 282 3542 Share your thoughts online: #SKIMspiration