SKIMspiration 2012: Social Media Research | butter-margarine case study


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Digital communications is today's leading marketing force, owing to the fact that consumers have candid conversations about brands online. Yet, it is more challenging to derive insights in a category where there are excessive brands, or where the category overpowers the brands, making it virtually 'brandless'.

Illustrated by a butter/margarine case study, Sourabh and Mario revealed how to revitalize your digital communications with greater effectiveness in such a scenario. Welcome to the social media world of butter.

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SKIMspiration 2012: Social Media Research | butter-margarine case study

  1. 1. expect great answersUsing social media in a brandless categoryImproving digital communications through effectiveand actionable social media research Share your thoughts online:SKIMspiration | 2012 #SKIMspiration
  2. 2. 90%of people trust online peer recommendations 14% trust advertisements2
  3. 3. 2 of 3 social media users believe twitter influences purchases 50% of people follow brands on social media 46% of social media users post brand related content3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. what if I am brandless5
  6. 6. SKIM conducted “fieldwork” (web scraping) across the social media universe on the spreads category, focusing on butter and margarine for a period of 1 year Discover what you can learn about the overall category Understand how to impact digital communications Develop actionable recommendations for margarine producers6
  7. 7. How things came about: background
  8. 8. Social Social Classic Media Media Research Monitoring Research8
  9. 9. sssourabh sssourabh tried to make my favorite American cheesecake in Rotterdam a bit more healthy by using margarine in the frosting. #bitter #cake  25 minutes ago Getting ready for #SKIMSPIRATION! 1 hour ago9
  10. 10. The social media research method
  11. 11. “Using real butter to make my 25th birthday cake for my party in Miami!” IP tracking Allusion to demographics Publicly available geographic data in verbatims demographic data11
  12. 12. 2. Fieldwork 3. Customized analysis and 1. Design Study Internet Scraping and Coding output12
  13. 13. 1. Design Study sssourabh • Author sssourabh • Date tried to make my favorite American cheesecake in • Location Rotterdam a bit more healthy by using • Hashtags margarine in the frosting. #bitter #cake  • Context 25 minutes ago Getting ready for #SKIMSPIRATION! • Emotions 1 hour ago • Personality13
  14. 14. 2. Fieldwork Internet Scraping and Coding • Very Positive Consumer • Words • Positive • Emoticons • Location • Neutral • Associations • Demographics • Negative • Psycographics • Very Negative • Usage context • Decision making Sentiment Emotions14
  15. 15. 3. Customized analysis and output Campaign effectiveness Innovation and Competitive ideation comparisons Social Media Research Netnography Find product and flaws quickly psychographics Supplement traditional research15
  16. 16. In spreads, it’s all about usage
  17. 17. 2%of butter conversations mention brands 9% of margarine conversations mention brands17
  18. 18. brandless18
  19. 19. usage General Cooking Baking “I use it for everything except baking. Butter is Frying the only thing that will do when baking.” Grilling Community Post, July 2012 Roasting Recipes “I really think butter vs. margarine in baking is more texture than taste. Butter seems to give a better chew to cookies than margarine does.” Butter Margarine Forum Comment, July 2012 N (butter) = 17032 N (margarine) = 53219
  20. 20. location context Kitchen Personal Use “Fresh butter on fresh bread in my Fastfood Restaurants kitchen – the best way to eat it.” Discount Stores Blog, March 2012 Hotels “Ruth Chris Steakhouse has the best Casual Dining steaks - maybe because they are sizzling in butter” Butter Margarine Blog, June 2012 N (butter) = 12148 N (margarine) = 67720
  21. 21. dig deeper21
  22. 22. I love my butter, but not my margarine
  23. 23. Sentiment: Continuum of negative to positive perceptions/sentiment Increasing Passion Hate Love Passion: Conversations that are extreme Dislike Like Increasing Positivity of Sentiment23
  24. 24. Sentiment: Continuum of negative to positive Increasing Passion Butter perceptions/sentiment Passion: Conversations that are extreme Size of Bubble: Volume of conversations Margarine Increasing Positivity of Sentiment N (butter) = 125148 N (margarine) = 809424
  25. 25. The taste versus health debate
  26. 26. Taste: Continuum of negative to positive perceptions of taste Yummy! Best for me! Health: Continuum of negative to positive Tasty, not Healthy Healthy and Tasty perceptions of health Taste Why bother? Good for me! Neither Healthy nor Tasty Healthy, not Tasty Health26
  27. 27. Taste: Continuum of negative to positive perceptions of taste Butter Health: Continuum of negative to positive perceptions of health Taste Size of Bubble: Volume of conversations Margarine Health N (butter) = 10015 N (margarine) = 367727
  28. 28. What stands out about these spreads?
  29. 29. taste Butter Margarine importance by buzz Increasing order of Tasty Strength “You could use margarine if Moderate Strength Salty you like, but personally I think Fresh taste Neutral butter is the best option (in Moderate Weakness terms of taste) ” Sweet Weakness Youtube Recipe, June 2012 Spicy “Ohh the disappointment when Increasing Volume of Buzz you realize the butter you bought isnt salted. :( #RuinedCrumpets.” Twitter User, May 201229
  30. 30. health Butter Margarine Nutrition & Vitamins Healthy “A major advantage of importance by buzz Increasing order of Strength Diet Friendly margarine is that it is Moderate Strength cholesterol free.” Low Fat Neutral Reddit, June 2012 Organic Moderate Weakness Calories Weakness Sodium “Butter is natural, and will obviously have more Increasing Volume of Buzz vitamins and nutrition than its fake substitutes.” Blog, Jan 201230
  31. 31. functional Butter Margarine Small sized “I love that my margarine Color importance by buzz Increasing order of Strength stays soft in the fridge!” Use at hot temperatures Moderate Strength Blog, December 2011 Texture Neutral Ease of use Moderate Weakness Large sized Weakness “My butter was rancid after Greasiness just a couple of days and this wasnt even the Use at cold temperatures summer time when the ambient temperature Increasing Volume of Buzz would turn it into goo!” Community, March 201231
  32. 32. the frequent chatters and followers
  33. 33. Gender Age Butter 43% 57% Butter 4% 50% 39% 7% Margarine 45% 55% Margarine 52% 41% 5% Male Female < 18 18-34 35-65 >65 N (butter) = 42322 N (margarine) = 213833
  34. 34. 40% Butter 20% Margarine 0% N (butter) = 125107 N (margarine) = 809434
  35. 35. butter It evokes emotions of happiness It is used in cooking and frying (especially to fry snacks) Young and middle They talk mostly onaged consumers talk forums and blogs It is consumed in the about butter household by men, alongside the entire family They talk about taste It is used during breakfast elements or as toppings at other mealtimes (e.g. on meats, burgers)35
  36. 36. margarine Concerns include the debate of They focus natural ingredients on areas of both taste and health It is used inYoung and middle They talk mostly cooking, especially aged consumers on forums, blogs baking talk about and online margarine communities Health issues include healthy meals, menu It is consumed by individuals, or by offerings, and members of a weight loss household They often talk about it as a substitute to butter, It is used most and compare to often for breakfast, other oils too mainly on toast36
  37. 37. what do we take away?
  38. 38. A healthy option with Develop perceptions low fat and low of saltiness, calories, which is tastiness and non-greasy and easy freshness, with a to use. Substitute to creamy texture. butter/oils depending Target by usage on messaging types. medium.38
  39. 39. Extreme preference behavior Comparative behavior Product overpowers brand39
  40. 40. Join our online A creamy texture for community for cookies that taste tasty recipes perfect - every time you and healthy bake! tips! Keep your cake tasty A healthy way to start the day without the calories for you and your family The best thing to put on toast for a healthy breakfast.40
  41. 41. use social media research hereafter
  42. 42. Branded or brandless You can learn from your consumers.42
  43. 43. Quantitative study Stand alone validation / Netnography social media Concept and complementary Campaign / research study claims study launch generation effectiveness Big brand or small brand, social media will tell you a story. Listen.43
  44. 44. contact us or follow us online! SKIM | Social Media Mario Coelho Sourabh Sharma Project Manager Social Media Research Expert + 44 203 586 7239 + 201 953 8430 @sssourabh Share your thoughts online: #SKIMspiration44