SKIMspiration 2012: Moderating around the clock | Online bulletin board case study


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We recently set up and managed a global online bulletin board in ten different countries, in order to generate new product ideas and marketing solutions for a client. Full respondent engagement combined with total moderator immersion resulted in a deep exploration of the respondents' working environment and daily activities.

Eva and Daisy, our German and Chinese board moderators, shared and discussed what continuous online engagement can offer over traditional qualitative research.

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SKIMspiration 2012: Moderating around the clock | Online bulletin board case study

  1. 1. expect great answersModerating around the clockA worldwide endeavor to unveil the deepestemotions about health & hygiene at the workplace Share your thoughts online:Daisy Lau and Eva Kulla #SKIMspiration
  2. 2. How do I get the most out of … Marcel pimp! Why, when and how an online bulletin to make use of online board bulletin board? How to get the most out of it?3
  3. 3. Help our client identify white space in their category • Global leader providing cleaning and hygienic products and solutions for businesses to create a healthy workspace • To understand employees’ behaviours and needs in the workplace • Guide the development of new products and solutions4
  4. 4. What is hot in online qual? An overview of online qualitative techniques • Online focus groups • Online forums • Online bulletin boards • Video/webcam surveys • Online communities • Probing within surveys • Webcam diaries5
  5. 5. Why Online Bulletin Boards?  Creative, interactive & comfortable  Flexible in time  Client involvement  Customized questions  Multimedia touchpoints  Quant exercises possible  Semi-ethnographic results6
  6. 6. Have you ever thought about your health & hygiene at your workplace?7
  7. 7. SKIM designed five main exercises to understand behavior and needs at the workplace 1. Keep a diary of a typical working day 2. Design an exceptional personal & shared workspace 3. Collage of current personal workspace 4. Understand health & healthiness in life 5. Explore health, hygiene & cleanliness of the workplace Creative, fun and engaging!8
  8. 8. …and then, on Monday, October 8 at 6:00 am in ten countries across the world, we went live… Le forum en ligne nest pas un espace de discussion en temps réel. Il nest pas Sie müssen sich allerdings nécessaire de rester connectéThank you for agreeing to mindestens zweimal am Tag à chaque instant de laparticipate in our bulletin einloggen. Auch dies ist in journée!board erster Linie deswegen, weil wir Sie immer wieder darum bitten werden, eine kreative We are eager to understand Übung zu absolvieren. how your views here may 在这两个星期里,您的主要职 Außerdem ist es gut, wenn (or may not) be different 责是每天登录,因为我们大概 Sie nachsehen, was es from those of people in 每隔一天就要发布练习,需要 Neues an der Pinnwand gibt. other countries. 您运用想像和创意来完成。此 外,我们可能会每天向您提出 新的和后续问题请您回答。 Nuestra cartelera está ‘Meu nome é Mario e o nosso conformada por personas que objetivo aqui é lhe fazer están en situaciones similares diferentes perguntas sobre oВсего на форуме нас 15–20 a la suya, en todo Colombia. seu ambiente de trabalho, eчеловек, которые будут Hay otras nueve carteleras tornar o seu envolvimentoделиться различной que se están llevando a cabo neste projeto, interessante eинформацией. en todo el mundo. divertido!
  9. 9. The conversations continued for ten days…10
  10. 10. Client’s and moderators’ input steer discussion into the desired direction Moderators debrief Debrief sessions in session SKIM with client11
  11. 11. Visualization of unmet needs through images12
  12. 12. Understanding ideas through respondents’ own words “Features that help employees feel relaxed & comfortable at work” “I would like to have green as the main color scheme, because it’s good for the eyes and it’s comfortable to look at.” (CN) “My workspace does not need to be large, just peaceful and comfortable.”(CA) “All mod cons with everything touch screen and swivel screens, tv’s on the wall and places to file my work away however at hand should I need it.”(UK) “A place where I could relax my body and mind… maybe a massage chair!“(BR)13
  13. 13. Concrete personas to guide and stimulate brainstorming “I always start my day with a cup of coffee…In my ideal workspace, there will be lots of windows...I wish I can have more natural light in my current workspace…Health is important to me because…I’m very anxious about getting sick during flu season…I think it will be helpful if my employer can provide me with…”14
  14. 14. Riding the waves: engaging Why, when and how respondents is key! to make use of online bulletin board? Riding the waves: How to get the most engaging respondents is key! of it? out15
  15. 15. How to get the most out of online bulletin boards?  Building and maintaining a personal relationship  Start with easy and exciting task  Showing the bigger picture stimulates discussion  Individual follow-up creates comfortable atmosphere  Attractive formatting ensures important information is not missed16
  16. 16. Have you ever really thought about your health & hygiene at your workplace?17
  17. 17. Fun and engaged respondents = good data It has been fun though at the It definitely got me thinking about my beginning. I liked the shift in health around the office this past week, questions (…) using a variety of lets hope I dont wind up catching a tools, and thinking outside the box. cold now! This is the first time that I have participated in an online discussion board, and I think that it is a useful tool. It was really interesting to see what different people found important. We all have different histories and experiences with health and our responses show this.18
  18. 18. contact us or follow us online!Daisy Lau | Project Manager Eva Kulla | Research 10 282 3535 +31 10 282 3535 5th SKIM office: San Francisco!