SKIM and Vodafone at Market Research in the Mobile World


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It is a given that the world is evolving to mobile research. In this deck we share our innovations in measuring choice behavior with mobile devices, and how this has helped Vodafone gain critical business insights.

This is a presentation for Market Research in the Mobile World conference (MRMW) in London, 9 and 10 October 2013, organized by Merlien. The presenters were Caspar Hautvast, Market Insights Specialist at Vodafone in The Netherlands, and Gerard Loosschilder, PhD, Chief Methodology Office and storyteller at SKIM in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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SKIM and Vodafone at Market Research in the Mobile World

  1. 1. O Mobile Citizen, where are thou? By Caspar Hautvast, Vodafone and Gerard Loosschilder, SKIM
  2. 2. In our market research practice, respondents are migrating from traditional devices (notebooks and desktops) to mobile devices (smart phones and tablets)
  3. 3. It is part of a transition from being a Domestic Citizen (digital life from home) to a Mobile Citizen (digital life everywhere and 24/7)
  4. 4. We utilize this transition by making our surveys context dependent: not just based on who the respondent is, but moreover, where he is, when she is there, and what she is up to
  5. 5. Vodafone has 66 competitors in the Netherlands; four real networks and 62 virtual network operators. Vodafone needs a meaningful point of difference Fixed OTT Broadband TV In a world of fierce competition Mobile
  6. 6. Vodafone’s meaningful point of difference is: Vodafone is
  7. 7. Easiest to choose for
  8. 8. Easiest to manage your digital life
  9. 9. Easiest at taking our surveys
  10. 10. She is mobile
  11. 11. We’re ready
  12. 12. Because we see great potential
  13. 13. But is mobile research valid?
  14. 14. Our research has shown that we can take a traditional conjoint choice exercise down from 12 tasks with 5 options each down to 3 choice tasks with 3 options each, at the same level of validity.
  15. 15. The respondent goes from sitting a half hour behind a computer …
  16. 16. …to three taps on a mobile phone while on the go
  17. 17. Because we have fewer data points per respondent, we need to two things, (1) we increase the sample size to n> 600 at a low CPI and (2) we user smarter research designs with better D efficiency and M efficiency levels
  18. 18. We have a research program in place to prepare ourselves for the Digital Era and to reach the Mobile Citizen Interaction design
  19. 19. Who? The transition to mobile marks a paradigm shift in the way we do our studies.
  20. 20. Who? Before, we focused on the “who” only: who do we want to understand and study? Who do we select to participate in our studies?
  21. 21. Who? We assumed that who you were was a constant across all situations and contexts. Or we did not think about it at all.
  22. 22. Where & When? Now, we can select respondents based on where they are, at what moment, and what they are up to
  23. 23. Where & When? Assuming that people are impacted by their context; something we should take into account.
  24. 24. Where & When? So we can take into account how the context shapes the individual, or select them solely on the basis of where they are, and when
  25. 25. We can use this to better understand customers in Vodafone’s retail stores
  26. 26. We can do a exit poll of customers in Vodafone stores to gauge their likelihood of churning to and from the brand, as an effect of the sales pitch of shop floor personnel and other information.
  27. 27. Each store is described in terms of the coverage area of its visitor base and the likelihood of churning away from the Vodafone brand, based on a mobile CBC study.
  28. 28. Amsterdam KPN T-mobile Telfort Hi Rotterdam 27% KPN T-mobile Telfort Hi 17% Sales personnel can be incentivized based on the results, and additional training can be delivered. 44% 32% 13% 11% Churn risk 42% 23% 19% 16% Eindhoven Churn risk 34% KPN T-mobile Telfort Hi 45% 27% 11% 17% Churn risk
  29. 29. Contact Gerard Loosschilder at Or at Twitter @Gloosschilder Scanning..