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Launching a breakthrough innovation: Unspoken™


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Presented by Paul Janssen, VP North America

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Have you been wondering what the new generation of mobile research will look like? Or how we can better capture both the conscious and subconscious processes of the brain by leveraging big implicit research techniques in an efficient and actionable way?

In this webinar Paul Janssen, VP North America at SKIM and one of the people behind our latest innovation, will introduce Unspoken ™, a new technology that combines a breakthrough implicit research technique with an engaging mobile interface.

By leveraging native mobile swiping and tapping techniques consumers are given an intuitive user experience that helps connect with their natural behavior. Advanced algorithms rooted in SKIM's choice modeling expertise, then use the recorded choices and reaction times to model outcomes that are more reflective of the instinctual behavior consumers display in market.

Unspoken ™ can be used for a variety of applications like screening variants, packs and promotions. However, the main focus of the webinar will be on brand communications. More specifically, we will explore how we can use Unspoken ™ to identify which ads or messages break through the clutter and convert shoppers into buyers once they have arrived at the moment of truth like a shelf or website.

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Launching a breakthrough innovation: Unspoken™

  1. 1. Paul Janssen Vice President at SKIM
  2. 2. Today’s digital world changes the game
  3. 3. Attention spans are shortening
  4. 4. rational truth real truth emotional truth The subconscious plays a key role
  5. 5. Traditional methods do not meet the current needs any longer Tend to focus only on the rational processes Are not very suitable for mobile phones Are long and not engaging for respondents
  6. 6. What’s next?
  7. 7. UnspokenTM is a new technology that blends implicit research techniques with an engaging mobile interface
  8. 8. Ads Messages Unspoken is designed for screening and optimizing a variety of stimuli Variants PromotionsConcepts
  9. 9. Swipe Choose Explain LikeDon’t like
  10. 10. LikeDon’t Like Module 1. Categorize stimuli through an intuitive swiping exercise that relies heavily on system 1 processes Swipe Direction Metric 1 Reaction Time Metric 2
  11. 11. A B Product Choice Metric 1 Reaction Time Metric 2 Module 2. Compare and consider different options at the moment of truth like a store shelf or a website
  12. 12. Output Identifies what stimuli will maximize our brand’s preference share vs. competition at the shelf Input Estimated utilities feed into a simulator that models brand preference shares Advanced algorithms rooted in SKIM’s choice modeling expertise are used to model market implications Share Your Brand 34% Brand B 22% Brand C 13% Brand D 31%
  13. 13. Module 3. Identifying the reasons behind the behavior through heat maps and open ends is key “The lemons and ice, makes it seem extra refreshing and supports the sentence below” “I like that Radler is refreshing, I like the sentence”
  14. 14. Ads Messages Brand Communications Application: brand communications
  15. 15. Breaking through the clutter is a difficult task, but not an ad’s only task
  16. 16. Attraction What ad breaks through the clutter and brings shoppers to the shelf or website? Conversion What ad converts shoppers into buyers at the moment of truth? Explain Understand the reasons behind the choices through heat maps & open ends ?A B Application: brand communications
  17. 17. Improve Drop Drop Drop Improve Improve Launch Launch Launch Conversion Percentile X Percentile Y X% Lift Y% Lift Attraction
  18. 18. Engagement is up 5 4 3 2 1 Traditional methods “It really was refreshing and more engaging than other, more monotonous, surveys” “Fun way to take a survey over just answering questions” “Liked that it was interactive and not just re-reading the same questions... it kept my interest”
  19. 19. OK Gamification Mobile Subconscious LikeDon’t like 19
  20. 20. 20 Paul Janssen Vice President Sean O’Connor Implicit Research Specialist Contact us @SKIMgroup SKIMgroup SKIMgroup