SKALI's EDP - Its Benefits


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Are You At A Crossroad?

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SKALI's EDP - Its Benefits

  1. 1. Are You At A Crossroad? Presented by: (Name) (Designation) (Company}
  2. 2. Employee? Employer? Entrepreneur? Confused? Comfortable? Complacent? Craving? Committed? Courageous?
  3. 3. Who Do You Want To Be?
  4. 4. If you happened to have If you happened to make a IDEAS!! DIFFERENCE!! If you happened to want THESE!!
  5. 5. Entrepreneur Development Programme (EDP)• SKALI’s EDP aims to elevate the knowledge and skills of its apprentices so that upon completion of the programme, they can perform as though they have been in the market for 5 years!• This programme is like a catalyst, designed to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in each apprentices, provided that they have chosen to walk the path of an entrepreneur!• Apprentices are groomed by experienced local successful entrepreneurs! Even though they are born LOCAL, they are thought to think GLOBAL!
  6. 6. What’s So Special?• Self-developed modules are approved by MDeC and EPU!• Essentially an institution of SKALI’s core values and business practices!• Conducive classroom sessions, real life experiences, and hand-ons! Our Seeds! Classroom Sessions Rea Life Experience
  7. 7. In A Nut Shell• Apprentices are guided and coached throughout the whole process where they are provided with – Knowledge & skills. – Exposure. – Project funds.• Apprentices are given opportunities to raise funds through their business plans and ideas for CSR activities. – The arena to test their entrepreneur capability and capacity!!• Some statistics:- – Groomed 54 apprentices to become entrepreneurs. – These entrepreneurs formed 16 registered companies. – These companies acquired various projects with a total value of RM 1.2 million.
  8. 8. Thank youFor further information on SKALI EDP, please email to 10