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SKALICloud CCM Nov 2011


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Published in: Business, Technology
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SKALICloud CCM Nov 2011

  1. 1. Only Pay For What You Use Cloud Computing Malaysia Conference Nov 2011 1
  2. 2. Topics Cloud Adoption in Asia What is SKALICLOUD ? Create servers Why choose SKALI ? Where to start ? Case Study 2 Only Pay For What You Use
  3. 3. Cloud Adoption is Accelerating in Asia 3 Only Pay For What You Use
  4. 4. Cloud Computing vs. Traditional Hosting Co-Location Dedicated Hosting Cloud HostingTime Weeks to Months Days to Weeks MinutesScalability Slowest, Rigid & Slower, somewhat Instant, Flexible, Pay-per- Costly flexible, costly usageCost High CapEx Costly, sometimes No contracts, usage month/year based, no upfront costs contracts, no CapEx‘Green’ Low Low Highly Virtualized 4 Only Pay For What You Use
  5. 5. Benefits of Cloud Computing1. Provides the ability to access the files and data remotely and/or outside office hours.2. Cheaper and less labor-intensive.3. Eliminates the need to buy and install expensive software/ OS4. Pay for only what you need. You may scale up and down according to the business demand5. It is online and provides virtually unlimited storage compared to server and hard drive limits 5 Only Pay For What You Use
  6. 6. Why you should move to Cloud Computing1. Low cost of ownership and faster roll-out2. Elastic and highly scalable – you may start smaller and eventually increase your capacity when there is a need3. Dont have to worry about maintaining and upgrading software or fixing bugs as all maintenance is done by the providers. Allows your in-house IT teams to focus on technical issues specific to the business4. Doesn’t requires server and equipment upgrades - all you need is to increase your monthly fee slightly for more data storage.‘Cloud computing can reduce businesss carbon emissions by as much as 30%, asbusinesses dont need to power an entire server, they only use (and pay for) whatthey need online’ - Microsoft 6 Only Pay For What You Use
  7. 7. What is SKALICLOUD ? ‘Create Servers, Forget Hardware’ • No hardware or software to manage • You don’t need to buy, install, manage or own any infrastructure • Everything will be delivered to you as a service – from computing power to business processes and resources 7Only Pay For What You Use
  8. 8. SKALICLOUD Service SKALI offers highly scalable hosting platform & on-demand burst computing• CPU, Memory, Disk• Sold by the hour or on subscription• Prices from RM190/mth or RM0.46/hr for a small server.• You are only billed for what you use (pre-paid & post-paid) CPU 0.08/core-Ghz-hour, RAM 0.10/GB-hour, HDD 0.40/GB/mth (RAID) 8 Only Pay For What You Use
  9. 9. What SKALICLOUD provides ? INSTANT FLEXIBILITY, scale your machine up and down using any browser PEACE OF MIND, managed infrastructure with automatic failover COST EFFICIENCY, built to scale, and grow only when you need to 9 Only Pay For What You Use
  10. 10. SKALICLOUD FeaturesFull Access to infrastructure stack:• Full OS access – Windows, Linux etc. operating systems• Firewalls – create secured environment in your cloud server• Private VLAN – increase security, performance and restriction• Load balancing – ensure traffic to your servers are well distributed and maximize throughput 10 Only Pay For What You Use
  11. 11. Create servers 11Only Pay For What You Use
  12. 12. 5 simple steps to create a server1. Login (your ID and password)2. Name you server (e.g. ‘Server 1’)3. Choose you server specification ( such as CPU, RAM and HDD size)4. Choose your OS (e.g. Win.2008, Ubuntu, Centos etc)5. Click ‘Add’ 12 Only Pay For What You Use
  13. 13. Your server is ready to be used Your serverYour Hard Disk 13 Only Pay For What You Use
  14. 14. Highly ScalableYou may scale up your server instantly whenever there is a need... 14 Only Pay For What You Use
  15. 15. SKALI’s Unique Proposition• Scalability - the flexibility to increase or decrease capacity, storage, and functionality without purchasing additional hardware or software . Budgeting for IT becomes exponentially easier.• Reliability - virtual elimination of downtime due to hardware failure, power interruption in your office, Virus/ Malware which can cause tragic data loss• Eliminates expenses and Improve Cash Flow – Your IT Infrastructure resources can be dynamically scale up based on your business, projects or even employees. .. 15 Only Pay For What You Use
  16. 16. SKALICLOUD – Peace of Mind• Hardware warranty/ replacement – You no longer need to worry about expiry of your hardware warranty as all the resources provided on subscription basis.• Spike – Highly burstable where you will be able to increase your server capacity within minutes and reduce when your traffic is back to normal. Pay for only what you use• Disaster Recovery/High Availability – Our robust infrastructure allows you to create a failover site to SKALICLOUD thus improving your business continuity.• Manpower/ IT Resources - Our subscription plans together with the managed services eliminates the need of having additional headcounts in your organisation. You can continue focusing on your core business and let us take care of your IT.‘When you only pay for what you use, your IT overhead is reduced and money is saved’. GOODBYE TO HARDWARE !! 16 Only Pay For What You Use
  17. 17. Where to Start? Software Development Project Development & Staging Environment DRC, Back-up, SoHo Storage Office System, e.g Business Financial, Continuity HR, Email system Cloud ComputingEnterpriseApplications Enterprise Internet Solution Applications Website, SAAS Social Applications, Provider Expansion On demand Applications 17 Only Pay For What You Use
  18. 18. SKALI’s Cloud Solutions across market segmentsGovernment/ Disaster Enterprise E-mail/ Recovery/ software-Enterprises Security Back-up customized HR/ CRM E-mail/ SME solution Web portals Security E-mail/ Storage and SoHo Web server Security archiving IT Personal Software/ AppProfessionals/ development Testing Storage/ Students archiving 18 Only Pay For What You Use
  19. 19. Disaster Recovery on SKALICLOUD Managed by No IT Staffs Pay Per Use SKALI needed SKALICLOUD Back-up and HA (High Availability) solution helps to protect your critical data when everything else goes awry.• ZERO CAPEX and highly scalable• Faster deployment compared to the traditional on-premise solution• Reduce the time needed to recover from a disaster and resume business instantly.• Choice of HA or just data replication/ back-up 19 Only Pay For What You Use
  20. 20. 20Only Pay For What You Use
  21. 21. Overview Yearly Collection – Malaysia’s RM350 MillionsBiggest Islamic with 23 officesFund Institution around Selangor 30 in-house Using online servers runningapplications for E-Zakatpay, E- most of its Tender, E- operation Majikan 21 Only Pay For What You Use
  22. 22. LZS require scalable and elastic hosting solution for seasonal demand. In-House It must be able toResource unable scale on-demand to cop with with minimal current usage. downtime Challenges 22 Only Pay For What You Use
  23. 23. Solutions With online Moving forward, LZS They can scale their applications will deploy Disaster server’s resources deployed to SKALI Recovery solution according to monthly Cloud on January inside SKALI Cloud demand without2011, LZS finally can based on success excessive grow their track record on their investment, and infrastructure with online application flexible resourcelow CAPEX and on- deployment on access. demand basis. SKALI Cloud. 23 Only Pay For What You Use
  24. 24. Solutions100 80 60 40 20 0 SKALI Cloud Server Resource LZS Visitor Traffic (%) LZS Visitor Traffic (%) SKALI Cloud Server Resource 24 Only Pay For What You Use
  25. 25. Thank youFor enquiries – For trial :-