Open Source Paving the Future of Cloud and Big Data Strategies


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Presentation by En Fazly, CEO, SKALI Managed E Business Sdn Bhd during MyGosscon 2012.

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Open Source Paving the Future of Cloud and Big Data Strategies

  1. 1. Open  Source  Paving  the  Future  of   Cloud  and  Big  Data  Strategies   26  November  2012   Shah  Alam  Conven4on  Centre.     Open  Source:  The  Next  Genera3on  of   Digital  Transforma3on  
  2. 2. Topic  Illustra/ons  
  3. 3. Open  Source  Defini/ons  •  “Describes  so8ware  that  comes  with   permission  to  use,  copy  and  distribute,  either   as  is  or  with  modifica/ons,  and  that  may  be   offered  either  free  or  with  a  charge.  The   source  code  must  be  made  available”  –   GARTNER  
  4. 4. Why  use  open  source  for  building   and  designing  cloud?     .    
  5. 5. Cloud  Hypervisor   In  compu/ng,  a  hypervisor  or  virtual  machine  manager  (VMM)  is  a  piece  of   computer  so8ware,  firmware  or  hardware  that  creates  and  runs  virtual  machines.  the  true  open-­‐source  hypervisors  are  Xen  and  KVM.  Xen  is  widely  used  among  large-­‐scale  cloud  vendors,  including  Amazon  and  Rackspace.  But  KVM  has  the  widest  support  for  guest  OSes    
  6. 6. Open  Source  Cloud  PlaYorm  
  7. 7. Open  Source  Impact  to  Cloud   Adop/on  •  Adop4ng  cloud  to  op4mize  IT  Investment,  improve  exis4ng   services  or  to  support  new  business.  In  this  scenario,  open-­‐ source  lowers  the  barriers    •  Open  source  allows  great  customiza4on  to  meet  individual   requirements  •  Open-­‐source  also  encourages  and  supports  innova4on  in  the   development  of  new  cloud  products    •  Collabora4on  between  technology  providers  and  users  is  a   huge  advantage  in  the  open  source  arena    
  8. 8. •  Open  source  technology  is  going  to  seriously   impact  the  cloud  compu/ng  world:     –  Open  source  so8ware  is  essen/ally  free,  and  it  is   not  generally  encumbered  by  the  so8ware  license   models  of  proprietary  so8ware.     –  Many  proprietary  so8ware  vendors,  are  trying  to   maintain  old  and  expensive  license  models,  even   though  they  impede  the  flexibility  gained  by   virtualiza/on  and  cloud  compu/ng.  
  9. 9. Cloud  Compu/ng  Defini/on   “Clouds  are  a  large  pool  of  easily  usable  and  accessible  virtualized  resources.  These  resources  can   be  dynamically  reconfigured  to  adjust  to  a  variable   load,  allowing  also  for  an  op4mum  resource   u4liza4on.  This  pool  of  resources  is  typically   exploited  by  a  pay-­‐per-­‐use  model  in  which  guarantees  are  offered  by  the  Infrastructure  Provider   by  means  of  customized  SLA”.      
  10. 10. Cloud  Compu/ng:  History  
  11. 11. Cloud  Compu/ng:  Why  Now?  •  Experience  with  very  large  datacenters   –  Unprecedented  economies  of  scale   –  Transfer  of  risk  •  Technology  factors   –  Pervasive  broadband  Internet   –  Maturity  in  Virtualiza/on  Technology  •  Business  factors   –  Minimal  capital  expenditure   –  Pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐go  billing  model  
  12. 12. Industrialisa/on  of  IT  is  Inevitable   “IT  as  a  Service”     Ø  Efficient  alloca/on  of  resources  by   specialists   •  Best  of  breed  capabili/es,   limited  waste   Ø  Resource  pooling  &  distribu/on   increase  accessibility   •  Exponen/al  cost  decreases   •  Flexible  resource    access   •  Pay-­‐per-­‐use   Ø  Empowerment  to  focus  on  core   business   13  
  13. 13. What  is  Cloud  Compu/ng?   Hybrid CloudDEPLOYMENTMODEL Private Cloud Public Cloud Community CloudSERVICEMODEL On  Demand  Self  Services  ESSENTIAL Broad  Network  Access   Rapid  Elas/c  CHARACTERISTIC Resources  Pooling   Measured  Service  
  14. 14. Public  vs  Private  
  15. 15. IT  Dilemma:  Without  Cloud   16
  16. 16. IT  Dilemma:  With  Cloud   17
  17. 17. Economics  of  Cloud  Users  •  Pay  by  use  instead  of  provisioning  for  peak   Capacity   Resources Resources Demand Capacity   Demand Time   Time   Sta/c  data  center   Data  center  in  the  cloud   Unused  resources  
  18. 18. Economics  of  Cloud  Users  •  Risk  of  over-­‐provisioning:  under  u/liza/on   Capacity   Unused  resources   Resources Demand Time   Sta/c  data  center  
  19. 19. Economics  of  Cloud  Users   •  Heavy  penalty  for  under-­‐provisioning   Resources   Capacity  Resources   Demand   Capacity   2 3 1 Time  (days)   Demand   Lost  revenue   1 2 3 Resources   Time  (days)   Capacity   Demand   1 2 3 Time  (days)   Lost  users  
  20. 20. What  is  BIG  DATA?  –  Volume:  There  is  too  much  data  to  be  stored  and   require  too  many  processes—seman/c  analysis/ data  processing.    –  Velocity:  It  means  storage  and  processing  speed.  –  Variety:  The  demand  for  unstructured  data,  such   as  text  and  images  is  increasing  as  well  as  refined-­‐ type  data  that  can  be  standardized  and  previously   defined  like  the  RDBMS  table  record  
  21. 21. Big  Data  is  Complex  •  the  variety  of  data  that  it  encompasses  –  from   structured  data  to  unstructured  data    •  because  of  the  speed  at  which  it’s  delivered   and  used,  such  as  in  “real-­‐/me.”    •  because  of  the  volume  of  informa/on  we  are   crea/ng.    
  22. 22. How  the  cloud  can  help  •  Cloud  Compu/ng  Essen/al  Characteris/c  it-­‐ self   –  On-­‐demand  Self  Service   –  Broad  Network  Access   –  Resource  Pooling   –  Rapid  Elas4city   –  Measured  Services    
  23. 23. Conclusion   Volume,  Velocity  &   Variety    Scalability,  Elas/city   Cost  Effec/ve,  Fast  Deployment   customizability  Opex  Model  
  24. 24. OSS  Based  -­‐  SkaliCloud  •                                                       plaYorm  •                                 virtual  machine  manager    •  Both              Private    Cloud                &     Public Cloud                        •  Pay  per  Use  business  model  •  True  Public  Cloud  offering  •  Onsite  or  Offsite  Private  Cloud  
  25. 25. SkaliCloud  Services  •  SKALI  Cloud  Services  offers  ultra  flexible,  scalable  cloud  servers  via   our  infrastructure  on-­‐demand.  Simply  configure  our  sophis/cated   infrastructure  with  any  web  browser  to  match  your  needs.  •  Our  virtual  servers  offer  all  the  power  and  control  of  a  tradi/onal   hosted  server  whilst  giving  you  the  benefit  of:     –  INSTANT  FLEXIBILITY,  scale  your  machine  up  and   down  using  any  browser   –  PEACE  OF  MIND,  managed  infrastructure  with   automa/c  failover   –  COST  EFFICIENCY,  built  to  scale,  and  grow  only   when  you  need  to   26
  26. 26. Technology  Highlights  •        Easy-­‐to-­‐use  web  control  panel  and  API,  giving  end  customers  full   control  to  self-­‐manage  their  cloud  servers  •        Commodity  server  hardware  backend  –  no  expensive  SAN/NAS   required  –  for  simplest  install  and  lowest  technical  costs  •        Advanced  Linux  KVM  virtualiza/on,  suppor/ng  high  performance   cloud  servers  running  any  OS  with  no  special  drivers  •        Mul/ple  independent  RAID  arrays  on  each  virtualiza/on  host,  giving   redundancy  &  no  single  point  of  cluster  failure  •        Cloud  servers  from  2GHz,  1GB  to  8-­‐core,  8GB  •        Automated  24/7  monitoring  with  alerts  when  opera/onal  interven/on   needed  •      Cer/fied  with  to  work  with  independent  mul/-­‐cloud  management  API   libraries  from  jclouds  &  libcloud.  
  27. 27. SKALICLOUDHigh-Level Architecture Key Facts • Built entirely on commodity PC Hardware and open source software. • Linux KVM virtualisation running on high-end PC hardware, supporting customer servers running any PC operating system. • Multiple RAID disk servers in each location. • Fully self-managed via web control or API.
  28. 28. 29
  29. 29.   SKALI  Cloud  Services     We  offer  highly  scalable  hos/ng  plaYorm  &  on-­‐ demand  burst  compu/ng   •  CPU, Memory, Disk •  Sold by the hour or on subscription •  You are only billed for what you use (pre- paid & post-paid)
  30. 30. 31
  31. 31. Package  Op4ons  •  Package  A  :  Virtual  Private  Cloud   –  SkaliCloud  Host  Environment  •  Package  B  :  Off  Premise  Private  Cloud   –  Skali  Data  Center  Environment  •  Package  C  :  On  Premise  Private  Cloud   –  Client  Data  Center  Environment    
  32. 32. Why  Skali  Private  Cloud?  •  We  offer  ultra  scalability,  elas/city,  on  demand  services  •  PAYU  model  –  pay  as  you  use  •  Minimum  Setup  Fees  •  Eliminate  The  Most  Common  Challenges  to  Private  Cloud   –  Budget.  Private  clouds  can  be  expensive  –  With  Us,  Pay  As  You  Use   (monthly  chargeback  model),  we  provide  you  with  the  infrastructure.   –  Integra4ng  with  public  clouds.  Hybrid  ready,  when  a  need  to  public   cloud  internally   –  Scaling.  We  provide  the  economies  of  scale.   –  Technology  obsolescence.  No  Worries,  We  taking  care  the  hardware   investment   –  Fear  of  change.  No  Worries,  We  managed  for  You.  
  33. 33.   012-­‐6665691  
  34. 34. Thank You!