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Latest Training Programme.Halal AQL


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Latest Training Programme.Halal AQL

  1. 1. Worried About Your Internal Process?(Especially The One In F&B Industries)
  2. 2. Are You Aware?“In 2011, out of 4,237 applications for Halal certification received byJAKIM, only 1,674 (39.5%) was CERTIFIED.” Director, Halal Hub Division JabatanKemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)
  3. 3. Do You Know?• The Halal industry is a fast growing global economy, valued at USD 2.3 trillion.• Yes, we know you are certified. A few questions to ponder:- – Is your company personnel competent in managing and maintaining Halal status for your products and services? – How effective is the existing Halal assurance system in your organisation?
  4. 4. Eliminate Systematic Guesswork Halal AQL™ is a systematic,Optimise Organised assessment-based, integrated training Time & and personal certification programme & Scalable Budget designed for the industry players to build internal capability and sustain Compact, compliance in Halal. Relevant, & Effective
  5. 5. Halal AQL™ Can Assist You InAssuring Avoiding• Effective Halal related risk • Delays in Halal certification management. applications.• Building a winning team. • Failures in Halal certification audits.• Creating your competitive • Revocations of your advantage. certificates. • Product seisures and recalls. • Brand and reputation losses. • Failures in obtaining certification renewals. • Foreign market barriers.
  6. 6. Halal AQL™ Programmes Benefit You• To comply with Halal certification requirement.• To improve the time-to-market of your products.• To protect you from adverse risks, business losses, and reputational damages.• To improve your market access.• To demonstrate your commitment and continuous compliance.
  7. 7. Need More Info? Contact Us At: SKALI Community Engagement Sdn Bhd (SCALE) Level 15A, Menara Sentul, No. 86, Jalan Sentul, 51100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel : +603-4045 3888 Emails : : URLs : :