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  • With the SKALI CloudServers you're able to scale your server up or down, depending on the resources you need. You are only billed for what you use - saving you time and money. Start small and pay small, then allocate more resources when you need it.
  • With the SKALI CloudServers you're able to scale your server up or down, depending on the resources you need. You are only billed for what you use - saving you time and money. Start small and pay small, then allocate more resources when you need it.
  • Cloud product presentation

    1. 1. 1
    2. 2. Everyone is talking about Cloud….a lot of noise, everybody has their own definition! 2
    3. 3. What is Cloud Computing? 3
    4. 4. The one we like….Cloud Computing is a style of deliveringIT services to users without the need for the user to buy, install, manage or own any infrastructure. Everything will be delivered to you as a service – from computing power to business processes to personal interactions – wherever, however, and whenever you need it. Often characterised by: • Virtualised computing resources • Multi-tenancy • Massive scalability/elasticity • Web-based User Access • Dynamic provisioning • Pay-as-you-go pricing
    5. 5. Industrialisation of IT isInevitable “IT as a Service”  Efficient allocation of resources by specialists • Best of breed capabilities, limited waste  Resource pooling & distribution increase accessibility • Exponential cost decreases • Flexible resource access • Pay-per-use  Empowerment to focus on core business 5
    6. 6. Benefits of Moving to the Cloud 7
    7. 7. Ten Reasons to Make the Switch to Cloud ComputingSaves time. Businesses that utilize software programs for their management needs are disadvantaged, because of the time needed to getnew programs to operate at functional levels. By turning to cloud computing, you avoid these hassles. You simply need access to a computerwith Internet to view the information you need.Less glitches. Cloud computing enables users to integrate various types of applications including management systems, word processors,and e-mail. The fewer glitches, the more productivity expected from employees.Going green. On average, individual personal computers are only used at approximately 10 to 20 percent of their capacity. Similarly,computers are left idle for hours at a times soaking up energy. Pooling resources into a cloud consolidates energy use. Essentially, you saveon costs by paying for what you use and extending the life of your PC.Fancy technology. Cloud computing offers customers more access to power. This power is not ordinarily accessible through a standard PC.Applications now use virtual power. Users can even build virtual assistants, which automate tasks such as ordering, managing dates, andoffering reminders for upcoming meetings.Mobilization. From just about anywhere in the world, services that you need are available. Sales are conducted over the phone and leads aretracked by using a cell phone. Cloud computing opens users up to a whole new world of wireless devices, all of which can be used to accessany applications. Companies are taking sales productivity to a whole new level, while at the same time, providing their sales representativeswith high quality, professional devices to motivate them to do their jobs well.Consumer trends. Business practices that are most successful are the ones that reflect consumer trends. Currently, over 69 percent ofAmericans with internet access use a source of cloud computing. Whether it is Web e-mail, data storage, or software, this number continues togrow. Consumers are looking to conduct business with a modern approach.Social media. Social networking is all the wave of the future among entrepreneurs. Companies are using social networking sites suchas Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to heighten their productivity levels. Blogs are used to communicate with customers about improvementsthat need to be made within companies. LinkedIn is a popular website used by business professionals for collaboration purposes. Also, targetgroups are tracked more efficiently by tagging networks on Facebook. New advertising techniques are also being used on these sites, andbusinesses are seeing the advantages of assimilating to a more modern world.Customize. All to often, companies purchase the latest software in hopes that it will improve their sales. Sometimes, programs do not quitemeet the needs of a company. Some businesses require a personalized touch, that ordinary software cannot provide. Cloud computing givesthe user the opportunity to build custom applications on a user-friendly interface. In a competitive world, your business needs to stand out fromthe rest. Customization is the solution for this problem.No need for hardware hiccups.IT staff cuts. When all the services you need are maintained by experts outside your business, there is not need to hire new ones. 8 Fact Lab Jan 2009 CEO Report
    8. 8. 10
    9. 9. Cloud Pyramid - ITaaS
    10. 10. Comparison with traditional hosting services Co-Location Dedicated Hosting Cloud HostingTime Weeks to Months Days to Weeks MinutesScalability Slowest, Rigid & Slower, somewhat Instant, Flexible, Costly flexible, costly Pay-per-usageCost High CapEx Costly, sometimes No contracts, month/year contracts, usage based, no no CapEx upfront costs“Green” Low Low High - virtualisedPricing Buy Servers & Colo Rent Servers & Hosting Rent based onModel costs whether used costs whether used or usage only or not not 12
    11. 11. SKALI Cloud Services We offer highly scalable hosting platform & on-demand burst computing • CPU, Memory, Disk • Sold by the hour or on subscription • Prices from RM190/mth or RM0.46/hr for a small server. • You are only billed for what you use (pre- paid & post-paid)CPU 0.08/core-Ghz-hour, RAM 0.10/GB-hour, HDD 0.40/GB/mth (RAID)
    12. 12. Ultra-flexiblecomputingpower, asyou need it:• Scale your server up or down, depending on the resources you need.• Fully self-managed via web control panel or API, with Root access.• Add new server instances, in minutes• Turn them off when not needed.
    13. 13. Why choose
    14. 14. SKALI’s Partners • Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) • OS, MSSQL, MS Sharepoint etc. • Open source enterprise solutions for portals, publishing, content, and collaboration • E-mail and internet security 16
    15. 15. SKALI’s SaaS Partners • Disaster Recovery - DRaaS • High Avability • Enterprise Solutions i.e. ERP, CRM, SCM etc. • Customized Business Software on rental • Back-up Solutions for Desktops, Laptops, mobile devices such as Apple Iphone and Android devices 17
    16. 16. Value Added Offering • Managed Backup Services • Managed System Services • Private VLAN • Reverse DNS • Static IP • System Consultant / Architecture Services
    17. 17. High-Level Architecture Key Facts • Built entirely on commodity PC Hardware and open source software. • Linux KVM virtualisation running on high-end PC hardware, supporting customer servers running any PC operating system. • Multiple RAID disk servers in each location. • Fully self-managed via web control or API. • Each physical node has dual 8-core 2.0Ghz CPU, with 48GB RAM, 3TB HDD
    18. 18. Overview Yearly Collection – Malaysia’s RM350 MillionsBiggest Islamic with 23 officesFund Institution around Selangor 30 in-house Using online servers runningapplications for E-Zakatpay, E- most of its Tender, E- operation Majikan
    19. 19. LZS require scalable and elastic hosting solution for seasonal demand. In-House It must be able toResource unable scale on-demand to cop with with minimal current usage. downtime Challenges 22
    20. 20. Solutions With online Moving forward, LZS They can scale their applications will deploy Disaster server’s resources deployed to SKALI Recovery solution according to monthly Cloud on January inside SKALI Cloud demand without2011, LZS finally can based on success excessive grow their track record on their investment, and infrastructure with online application flexible resourcelow CAPEX and on- deployment on access. demand basis. SKALI Cloud. 23
    21. 21. Solutions100 80 60 40 20 0 SKALI Cloud Server Resource LZS Visitor Traffic (%) LZS Visitor Traffic (%) SKALI Cloud Server Resource 24
    22. 22. OverviewAdamaya Marketing – MLMcompany present inMalaysia, Singapore and China. Theywere relatively a new set-up with over500 active members during then.ChallengesAdamaya were seeking for a reliablesoftware and hardware solution tohelp them to grow their MLMbusiness without a huge investmentand risk. They were also looking for asolution which is highly scalable whentheir business increases from time totime. 26
    23. 23. SolutionsSolutionsIn April 2011, our partner Softrentz developed anddelivered a Business Operation System (BOS) forAdamaya on SKALICloud. The solution wasdeveloped and provided on a rental basis instead ofoutright selling. The software coupled withSKALICloud gave Adamaya an ideal solution whereboth were delivered on subscription basis.Success storyOn July 2011, Adamaya upgrade their cloud serverand their software as their business increased frommere 500 to 4500 active members. Their membersare now able to use the software from any part of theworld to check their down line’s status 27
    24. 24. 29SWS Jan 2009 CEO Report
    25. 25. 30
    26. 26. Thank 31 Fact Lab Jan 2009 CEO Report