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Benefits of using liferay


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Benefits of using liferay

  1. 1. Most common use cases according to Gartner• All types of portals & websites• Knowledge Management and Collaboration Portals• Business Performance (Dashboards, etc.)• Process Improvement• Customer Engagement (Marketing / Sales)• Customer Service• Supply-Side Management…and any web site or web application
  2. 2. B2C Social Applications RBCD EAIWeb Services, RSS, REST, HTTP, MasAPI Calls, Accountin Other ERP g DM CRM HR Apps SalesForce Websites hups/WidgetsPortlets
  3. 3. • Support rich interaction and user experiences expected of today’s savvy internet users – web 2.0, AJAX, SOA, REST among others• Built-in social computing features &mashups• Out-of-the-box features to fast track deployment of new services• Support for fine grained permissions for highest flexibility and security• Open standards based - JSR 168,286, 170, 127, JSF 314, OpenSearch, WebDAV, LDAP, Open ID, JAAS among others• Seamless integration with leading Identity Management Systems - LDAP Authentication and Synchronization, Oracle Access Manager, CA SiteMinder, Novell Identity Manager, Sun Identify Manager/Open SSO, Tivoli• Support multiple RIA client frameworks – jquery, YUI, AUI, GWT, Vaadin, ext-js, dojo among others• Seamless integration with social networks and gadgets• Ability to integrate with other content management systems
  4. 4. Business CommunityIn its 11th year of development, Liferay Portal has become the defactostandard for open sourceportals in the enterprise. The company offers enterprise subscription and support, public andprivate training, and consulting and implementation services with offices in the UnitedStates, Brazil, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Malaysia, and Spain. Liferay, Inc. also boasts athriving business network of certified partners and resellers in six continents.Developer CommunityParticipants in the community include the Liferay staff and board of governance, volunteercommitters and contributors, and other partners and users. The board of governance establishesand enforces community rules while coordinating and implementing decisions that affect theentire community. Committers are allowed to directly contribute code into Liferay Portal sourcecode while contributors’ code passes through a review and approval process before it is addedto the product. Partners are able to work with Liferay community for the development of ancillaryproducts available to Liferay customers such as services, integrations and plugins.• Over 24,000 community members• 11,400 active forum participants• Largest single portal knowledge base with over 120,000 forum posts• An estimated 250,000 implementations around the world
  5. 5. Thank youFor further information on Liferay, please email to 9