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Faces in the water by Ranjit Lal


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This is a book review on Faces in the water. This was written by Ranjit Lal. Its a nice book for children that deals with the topic female infanticide.

Published in: Education
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Faces in the water by Ranjit Lal

  1. 1. NAME ROLL NUMBER 1. Salony Das 2 2. Subhrajeet Praharaj 5 3. Manoranjan Rath 7 4. Anshuman Pati 8 5. Astha Pattnaik 30 6. Shibani Sahoo 39
  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We the group members of The damned souls convey our deep thanks to our English teacher Shasank sir for providing his helping hand for bringing out this project successfully. We would also like to thank our group members for cooperation.
  4. 4. GENERAL INFORMATION 1. TITLE: Faces in the Water. 2. GENRE: Fiction. 3. AUTHOR: Ranjit Lal. 4. PUBLISHER: Puffin or Penguin Groups. 5. YEAR OF EDITION: 1 January 2010 6. PRICE: Rs. 250 7. PAGE: 208 BACK TO CONTENT
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION This is a rather sensitive topic and one that most writers would not like to write about. It is about families wanting to have only boys. However, if by chance a female child is born how the problem is sorted out forms the crux of the book. BACK TO CONTENT
  6. 6. Ranjit Lal was born in Kolkata in 1955, and educated in Mumbai, graduating in Economics and Sociology. As a freelance writer and columnist, he has over a thousand articles, short stories, features and photo- features published in over fifty newspapers and magazines in India and abroad. He has special interest in areas like natural history, photography, humour, satire and automobiles, on which he writes for both adults and children.
  7. 7. He is one of the few Indian journalists to write satire and humour on a sustained basis. He has authored several books including The Crow Chronicles,The Life and Times of Altu Faltu, That Summer at Kalagarh, The Bossman Adventures, Enjoying Birds, Birds of Delhi, Birds from My Window, The Caterpillar Who Went on a Diet and Other Stories, When Banshee Kissed Bimbo and The Battle for No.19. Ranjit Lal lives in Delhi. Ranjit Lal. BACK TO CONTENT
  8. 8. FEMALE INFANTICIDE Female infanticide is the deliberate killing of newborn female children. The main theme of the story is female infanticide. All the girls of Diwanchand family are dumped in the well of their ancestral house. But as the story progress every one realises that it is wrong. At last every member of the family accepts Sameera, Shanti &Aparna.
  9. 9. LOVE BETWEEN BROTHERS & SISTERS The story is a live example of the love between the brothers and sisters. Love between all the brothers and sisters is highly remarkable. The way in which a fifteen year old boy jumps into the well to save the life of his twin sisters justifies that. BACK TO CONTENT
  10. 10. SUMMARY The story began in the house of our protagonist, Gurmeet Diwanchand. His mother told him to go to their ancestral house because of renovation works of their house in Delhi. Gurmeet was happy to go that house. This is because… The Diwanchands were proud of two things. First thing, only boys born in their family. Second, they never fell sick. The credit for the above goes to the water they drink from the well of their ancestral house(badikothi). That’s why he was very happy to visit the badikothi. When he reaches badikothi, he wanted to explore the area especially the well. At last when he looked down the well he saw faces… faces into the water. Three girls looked up to Gurmeet with a placard ” Welcome Gurmeet! Love- Mohini, Nandini, Baby.”
  11. 11. SUMMARY At first, Gurmeet could not believe that there were girls inside the well water. He realised them slowly. And they became friends. Mohini told him that they were in the well because they were girls . Gurmeet decided to ask this to his mother. He was very angry with his parents. Mohini told him to relax and not to say them anything because they were their parents. Then with the help of Mohini ‘s program they enjoyed a lot in the swimming pool. Then he was introduced with Lovleen. Then they went to the lawn playing French Cricket and they had a nice time together. Then after a few days Varun, Arnav, Sushma, Balbir, Surinder (Arnav & Varun’s mom) came to the badikothi. Nandini made pranks on Surinder but the blame went to Gurmeet.
  12. 12. SUMMARY Later on, Gurmeet asked Mohini whether she had any software in her laptop such that they could live with them in badikothi. Mohini replied in affirmative. Then they began to live in the badikothi. Sushma & Balbir, Gurmeet’s parents felt their presence but they couldn’t see any of them. In this particular time they realised that they had done mistakes by murdering the girls. But, Gurmeet, Arnav, Varun and the other girls were busy in playing with each other. One day they had a race in between themselves in which Donny(Bhuinder & Varsha’s Son) won. After a few day they celebrated rakhi in which all the girls tied the knot in Gurmeet’s hand and he gave them Gifts.
  13. 13. After next few days, Surinder and Lajwati (Surinder’s assistant) came to the badikothi. It was the time to deliver the baby of Sushma. Gurmeet was not allowed to see those. But somehow, he saw everything. The babies were twin girls. Surinder and Lajwati threw them into the well. But Gurmeet saved them and made his parents realise they were wrong. Later on, his parents accepted the girls. From that day onwards Girls were accepted by the Diwanchands. So, it was all a “HAPPY ENDING.” BACK TO CONTENT
  14. 14. Balbir & Sushma Mohini Nandini Gurmeet Baby Sameera Shanti Balvinder & Surinder Lovleen Sagari Arnav Varun
  15. 15. Bhupinder & Barsha Anita Richa Donny Aparna Other Characters… 1.Rama 2. Negi 3. Satvinder 4. Lajwati
  16. 16. HI Friendz…!! Meet me…. I am Gurmeet Diwanchand. You can call me Gurmi. I am fifteen year old boy. I am brilliant student and expert in computers. I am the protagonist of the novel. I am very honest and caring. I am a lovely brother. I talk to my sisters brings gifts for them. I am the real hero of this book.
  17. 17. Hi!!! I am the eldest sister of protagonist, Gurmi. I am very fair. I am an intelligent as I stood first in my 12th board exam scoring 99.7%. According to Gurmeet, I will look like his mother when I will grow old. My computer programs has helped us to go back to past and spend time together.
  18. 18. Hi!! Let me Introduce myself… I am Nandini. You can call me Nanni. I have curly hair and a round face. I am very naughty and would tease the protagonist, Gurmeet. I am somewhat like a tomboyish character. I am fond of racing cars and SUVs. I always make fun of Surinderji and blame Gurmi for the same.
  19. 19. Hey guyz… Meet me.. I am the most beautiful girl among them. I am pale and very fair. I have shiny light brown hair. I am the only one who was busy with mirror all the time. I am the eldest daughter of Surinder Diwanchand.
  20. 20. Hey. Meet me. I am the villain. I am the antagonist of the novel. I am Balvinder’s wife and a gynecologist by profession. Author repeatedly calls me as a warthog. I used to do all sort of work of pregnant women for my family. I throw the girl child into the well in the ancestral house. Lajwati is my assistant.
  21. 21. I am Sushma Diwanchand and mother of your protagonist, Gurmeet. I am fair good looking lady but little obese. I realise the fact that I have done mistake by throwing the girls in the well when I came to Badi kothi.
  22. 22. I am Balbir Diwanchand and the father of Gurmeet. I am heavily built man and six feet one inch tall. Like Sushma, when I came to Badi kothi, I realised the mistake and at last I accepted my twin daughters- Sameera & Shanti. BACK TO CONTENT
  23. 23. The setting of the story is not mentioned in the novel. Since the book is published in 2010 and the story deals with racing cars, SUVs, it seems that the time is late 20th century or 21st century. The place where the novel and all the incidents took place is Delhi. Gurmeet’s house is located in Delhi. It takes one hour and twenty minutes to reach Ancestral house from Gurmeet’s house. Ancestral house is located near the Aravali hill ranges. BACK TO CONTENT
  24. 24. The main conflict of the novel is “female infanticide”. Diwanchand family used to throw their girl kids in the just after they were born. Protagonist, Gurmeet, works very hard on this topic. He was helped by all her sisters to make the family realise that they are wrong. At the end he successfully does it. The family then, accepts Shanti, Sameera & Aparna as their daughters. BACK TO CONTENT
  25. 25.  Although it is an adult topic, it is written in such a manner which makes it appropriate for children as well. The author has put lots of funny incidents related to magic, cyber world and lots of charm. There is a bit of twist in the end of this story.  The description of the girls, their innocence, their expressions are narrated very beautifully and it made us laughed at sometimes as well as bought some tears in our eyes many times.  There are a few plot holes, for instance, if the women were pregnant so often, surely the neighbours remarked on how the women turned up without a child at the end of it. BACK TO CONTENT