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St. John's START Training Session

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  • We have an excellent academic reputation for we provide a holistic experience: Educationally Spiritually Personally Catholic We are the nation’s largest undergraduate Catholic University. What does this mean? We live by our core values of Truth, Love and Respect, Excellence and Opportunity. We put them into practice through behavior of administration, students and staff. Students will take course on Catholic issues in Christianity so they can understand the catholic viewpoint which may be different than their own. 50% of the student body indicate that they are RC excellent indicator of our religious diversity. It’s a welcoming community, embraces diversity but strives to ensure our actions are consistent with Catholic Christian principles. Vincentian St. Vincent DePaul was a 17 century theologian. At STJ you get to know God and oneself through service to those less fortunate. We are committed to service and committed to ensure that education is used for betterment of society not just oneself. Talk about service hours/ projects St. Johns students are involved in. Metropolitan City of Cities. New York City as backyard. Benefits for Academic, cultural, social activities. Benefits of job , internship career opportunities. Exposure to NYC as part of the academic process through DNY to enhance education. NYC as a global community, diverse both racially, ethnically and economically. Great learning resource.
  • · Undergraduate: 15,720 · Graduate: 5,634 · Total: 21,354 · States Represented: 46 plus Washington, D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands · Countries Represented: 115 · International: 1,380 · Student to Faculty Ratio: 19:1 · Average Class Size: 25 students  
  • · Average GPA: 88 (out of 100), 3.3 (out of 4.0) · Average SAT: 1092 (out of 1600) · Average ACT: 23-24 · Applications Received (2011): 54,000+ Program Specifics: - Pharm.D., Fine Arts, Physician Assistant (program closed)
  • The notoriety received from doing an internship is indispensable. A student has approx. 4yrs to build a resume, while at SJU they can not only learn the course work, but they have the ability to learn the hands on aspect thru our internships. Our internship sites prove to you that having the Metropolitan influence is a vital part of your education. That metropolitan influence also plays a large role within student activities.
  • Division I sports 7 Mens and 9 womens teams…. including, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, fencing, cross-country, golf, tennis, softball, volleyball. Club sports include bowling, volleyball, equestrian, judo, karate, modern dance and table tennis The following intramural tournaments and events will be offered: three-on-three basketball, flag-football, co-ed volleyball, free throw contest, slam dunk contest, three-point contest, men’s racquetball, mixed doubles racquetball, co-ed softball, table tennis and various runs. Class instruction is given in aerobics, fitness, tennis and weight training. Academic Clubs- Student Government Inc. sponsors Co-Curricular organizations to promote academic excellence.   Social clubs examples are sororities, and fraternities. As a Vincentian University, St. John's believes strongly in the importance of faith as a part of our lives. The religious organizations on campus offer students many venues wherein they may discuss, practice and learn more about their own beliefs. Religious club examples are Catholic league, CAUSE, Chinese Christina Fellowship, Muslim Student Association, and St. Vincent de Paul Society. Multicultural clubs include African Students, Guyanese Student Assoc, Japan Forum the Italian Society and many more. St. John's University offers a variety of publications for students to work on and learn from. Students gain valuable experience from being involved with any of these newspapers or journals. Religious Clubs As a Vincentian University, St. John's believes strongly in the importance of faith as a part of our lives.  The religious organizations on campus offer students many venues wherein they may discuss, practice and learn more about their own beliefs Performing Arts Organizations include the Chappell Players, Voices of Victory, the Pep Band, the Jazz Band, and Mixed Chorus. Media Clubs Radio station and television station allow students access to communication equipment and field experience, although not limited to communication majors. Forming your own organization is easy to do at St. John’s. Get a group of friends together that share a similar interest, and student life will support you in forming a new club.
  • 
  • Before: Review materials, review invitation. Look for parking information, parking pass, plan for traffic. At the College Fair: Parents will ask tough questions, and it’s best to answer them as broad as possible. Do not make any promises regarding admission or financial aid.
  • Undergrad Admission pages, STJ Bloggers, Eye of the Storm
  • START Training Session

    1. 1. St. John’s AlumniRecruitment TeamS.T.A.R.T.
    2. 2. START Activities• College Fairs• Area Receptions• Open Houses• Refer-a-Student
    3. 3. W Are W ho e?• Catholic• Vincentian• Metropolitan
    4. 4. W are St. John’s eDiversity:• 46 percent Roman Catholic• 45 percent multicultural• 1,231 international students• Students represent 46 states plus D.C., Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands andPuerto Rico• Students originate from 115 countries
    5. 5. Admission Statistics• Average GPA• Average SAT/ACT score• Application Requirements – Online application – Official high school transcript – Official test scores – Personal essay
    6. 6. The Admissions Recruitment Cycle
    7. 7. Academics• St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences• The School of Education• The Peter J. Tobin College of Business• College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions• College of Professional Studies• School of Law
    8. 8. Internship Sites• The College of Professional Studies • College of Pharmacy and Allied – MTV Networks Health – Major League Baseball – Glaxosmithkline – Sirius Pharmaceuticals – Bausch & Lomb – Katz Media Group – SONY Music – United States Secret Service • The School of Education – NYC Dept of Education – HBO – Long Island Private Schools – Brooklyn Diocese• The Peter J. Tobin College of Business – Merrill Lynch • St. John’s College of Liberal Arts – Morgan Stanley and Sciences – Macmillan Publishing USA – Bank of New York – Disney – DC Comics
    9. 9. St. John’s University- In the News….The Wall Street Journal included St. Johns among its Top 100 colleges that are most likely to help students land a job in key careers and professions. Bloomberg Business Week also included St. Johns in its "Pay scale Survey" because of our outstanding return on investment and because we are a university whose graduates are top earners.
    10. 10. St. John’s University: New York City and Around the World • Staten Island Campus • Queens Campus • Manhattan Campus • Oakdale Campus • Rome Campus • Paris Campus
    11. 11. Campus Life and Activities• Division 1 Athletics • Comedy Shows• Intramural Athletics • Concerts• Academic Clubs • Fundraisers• Fraternities & Sororities • Homecoming• Performing Arts Organizations • Spring Fling• Religious Clubs • Film Nights• Multicultural Clubs • Dances• Media Clubs • Formals and Mixers
    12. 12. Scholarships Name Application AmountMerit Scholarship $5,000-full tuitionOzanam Scholars Program ✓ Up to $10,000 annuallyCatholic Student Scholarship ✓ $1,000-2,500 annuallyCatholic School Scholarship $2,000-5,000 annuallyCatholic Leader Scholarship ✓ $5,000 annuallyHugh L. Carey Community Scholarship $1,250 guaranteed; up to $3,000Veronica Smith Alumnae AssociationMemorial Scholarship ✓ Up to $5,000 annuallySister Helen Flynn Scholarship ✓ Minimum $1,000 annuallyFine Arts Scholarship Competition ✓ $1,000 (2); Full tuition (2)
    13. 13. College Fairs • College Fair Scheduling • Registration • Materials • Before the College Fair • At the College Fair • After the College Fair • Follow-Up
    14. 14. Area Receptions and Open Houses • Fall Events • Spring Events • Summer Events
    15. 15. Social Media
    16. 16. Office of Alumni RelationsStudent Alumni Association Alumni Insider’s View…Programs Stay connected. Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace. For more information please visit http:/ / stj-network
    17. 17. Questions and Answers