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Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship


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Alyce Scott, a lecturer at the San Jose State University School of Information, highlights the IMLS-funded Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship. More information at and

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Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship

  1. 1. Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship WGBH EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION Alyce Scott, Lecturer San Jose State University School of Information
  2. 2. FY 2017 Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program Cycle Two  WGBH Educational Foundation: $229,772.00
  3. 3. The basics:  Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship  10 students enrolled in library and information science (LIS) graduate programs  Pursue digital preservation projects at public broadcasting organizations around the country  Students gain hands-on experience in audiovisual preservation  Each university partner:  Will be paired with a local public media station to serve as a fellowship host  Fellowship placements will address the need for digitization of at-risk public media materials and increase audiovisual preservation education capacity in LIS graduate programs across the country
  4. 4. The partners:  Five partner universities  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  University of Missouri  University of Oklahoma  San Jose State University  Clayton State University.
  5. 5. Partner requirements:  Promote the Fellowship program to their student body  Identify and select one interested and qualified student to participate in each cohort of the Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship  Spring semester of 2018 and Summer semester of 2018  Provide a faculty advisor who will:  Serve as primary contact with WGBH and the station  Attend audiovisual training webinars with the student  Make at least one visit to the host station with the student  Work with the student to develop documentation and curriculum materials around the management of audiovisual media  Work with WGBH to install digitization equipment on-premises for the use of the Fellows and future students [not a requirement for virtual programs]  Provide an open plan describing how the resources created through the Fellowship will be used to further develop training programs in audiovisual preservation at the university
  6. 6. Encouraged, but not required:  Universities participating in the program are encouraged but not required to:  Send a faculty advisor to attend at least the first Immersion Week for the Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship, along with the Fellows  Develop a plan to continue the collaboration between the university and the host station after the close of the Fellowship
  7. 7. Questions….