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Faculty Research


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Presentation by Lisa Marie Daulby, PhD, CRM, IGP. Dr. Daulby teaches courses at the San Jose State University School of Information.

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Faculty Research

  1. 1. Center for Information Research & Innovation International Advisory Board May 3, 2016 Faculty Research Dr Lisa Marie Daulby PhD, CRM, IGP 1
  2. 2. Innovations & Ideas • Personal information management attitudes and behaviors. • Understand technology adoption and use – electronic personal health records. • The relationship between “fun” and the way in which individuals use information and technologies with potential game elements as motivation factors – Gamification. • Exploratory review of Second Life. • Next - electronic personal health records & wearable technology. Electronic personal health records and “Trust”. 2
  3. 3. Research Projects • Exploratory in nature. • Realization that the importance of e-records is fundamental! – Organizational Business Records – Personal Electronic Heath Records • Technology adoption and use – uses perceptions and attitudes. • Qualitative vs Quantitative (Mixed Methods). • Methods – in-depth interviews 17 (Canadian) vs Survey Method 327 (US). • Theoretical Foundations - Gamification/HCI/Personal Information Management VS Diffusion of Innovation. • Data analysis – statistical methods content analysis. • Preliminary Results. Contact 3
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