2013 novus villa and land sub divisions management capabilities


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2013 novus villa and land sub divisions management capabilities

  1. 1. HORIZONTAL COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT Capabilities Statement 2013Creating Successful CommunitiesInnovative real estate management solutions,that support developers and homeowners, to create successful,sustainable and harmonious communities. Prepared by Stephen French, NOVUS Community Management Business Development ManagerE: stephen.french@novuscommunities | M: (+971) 50 956 7057 |PO Box 28147 CPO, Dubai, UAE
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  3. 3. IntroductionThis Capability Statement seeks to demonstrate the skills and experience that exist within NovusCommunity Management (NOVUS) with regard to management and operations of both large scalemaster communities and, more specifically, the horizontal communities that may form part or all ofthese.These capabilities are further supported by the multi-disciplinary expertise of our parent consultancygroup, PRDnationwide, who provide multi-disciplinary expertise and support to not only NOVUS, butto many of the largest Developers and Operators in the region.Across the Group, we have individuals with many years of experience in all aspects of low risecommunities from inception, planning, structuring and surveying through to operational andfinancial management as well as the softer, more social and cultural aspects that help to make suchcommunities successful.NOVUS is the one of the region’s largest and most innovative Owners Association (OA) Managementcompanies. Independently owned by the PRDnationwide / NOVUS Group, we constantly strive tobecome the manager of choice for prominent Dubai Jointly Owned Properties.From our establishment in 2010, NOVUS has grown to become a market leader in the managementof Jointly Owned commercial, residential and retail properties and we now have over 10,000 unitsunder management. Our projects include high and low rise single use towers, mixed-use towers,complex volumetrically subdivided buildings and mixed resort hotel and residential developmentsthroughout Dubai.Our successes also demonstrate our principles of continuous improvement; we listen to and alwaystry to understand the needs and demands of the communities we manage; working with them, andall interested parties, in a culture of professionalism, mutual trust and respect.3|Page
  4. 4. Experience of Low rise / Horizontal CommunitiesAcross the Group our Teams have a vast range of experience of working with both developers andoperators of horizontal communities. This experience covers Dubai, the GCC as well as Australia andNew Zealand. It is this range of experience that places us in a unique position, amongst CommunityManagers in Dubai. It also provides us with a solid and real base on which we will build futuresuccesses and innovations.The table below seeks to provide a summary of the range experience that our Teams currently haveof low rise developments and communities. Range of Services that our Team UAE DEVELOPMENTS Description / Size members were involved withPalm Jumeirah Master Community of Community Asset Management including: Palm • Handover from the Developer • Preparing of scopes for service delivery requirements • Monitoring performance of contractors • Comprehensive asset list preparation • Condition surveys of master community • Inspections of Master Community public real and infrastructureSports City / Victory Heights 1000 villa community • Community Manager • Development of JOPD • Liaison with preparation and submission of Master Community JOPD • Coordination of budget preparation process • Service Charge calculations and preparation • Transition of financial, FM supervision and administrative management • Management of common area maintenance and related contractors Range of Services that our Team GCC DEVELOPMENTS Description / Size members were involved withKSA • 20 gated Total Property and Asset Management communities including:• Central & Southern Region • 80,000,000 ft2 of • Financial planning - operational budgets• Eastern Region developed land for community, villa lease, operational• Western region forming part of the and maintenance costs. communities • Delivery Community operational Services • 2,400 single level - Landscape design and maintenance; and duplex villas Road and sidewalk maintenance; Road • Leisure and sweeping; Parks and play areas; community services Irrigation; Community pools; Sports • All infrastructure fields and running tracks; Golf courses; and utility services Indoors sports – gyms, squash, 10 pin bowling; Community washroom, shower, changing and related facilities; Garbage4|Page
  5. 5. collection; MEP including drains and street lighting. • Infrastructure - Power generation and distribution; Deep water wells and water treatment plant; Sewerage Treatment; Highway Maintenance; Canals and Canal lock gates. • Support Services – Telecommunications; Security; Community refectories; Postal Services; Shops; Nursery and Kindergarten schools; Fire and emergency services; Libraries and Security.Bahrain 215 waterfront JOP villa • Operational cost calculations development within JOP • Service Charge calculations Master Community • Common area service delivery – security, road and sidewalk cleaning and maintenance, common building and infrastructure maintenance and cleaning • Canal and lock gate operations and maintenance • Landscaping • Temporary power to common services (streetlights etc.) • Safety planning and procedures • Security and traffic management INTERNATIONAL Range of Services that our Team Description / Size DEVELOPMENTS members were involved withCoolum Ridges Strata Housing • Preparation of Governing Documents Community including community rules • Budget preparation 1000 villas, pools and • Service charge calculation leisure facilities • OA formation, developer transition and registration with Govt. Dept. • Financial and Administration Management of OAHervey Bay Airport Industrial Park Strata commercial • Preparation of Governing Documents development consisting including community rules of industrial and non- • Budget preparation tower commercial • Service charge calculation • OA formation, developer transition and registration with Govt. Dept. • Financial and Administration Management of OAViridian Noosa 300 managed villas • Preparation of Governing Documents including community rules 2 hotels • Budget preparation • Service charge calculation Community pools and • OA formation, developer transition and leisure facilties registration with Govt. Dept. • Financial and Administration Management of OA5|Page
  6. 6. Beach Road Holiday Homes 5 * prestige managed • Preparation of Governing Documents Villas including community rules • Budget preparation 2008 development of • Service charge calculation year • OA formation, developer transition and registration with Govt. Dept. • Financial and Administration Management of OAElysium, Noosa 150 villas • Preparation of Governing Documents including community rules Community pools, • Budget preparation leisure facilities including • Service charge calculation community halls • OA formation, developer transition and registration with Govt. Dept. • Financial and Administration Management of OAWe strongly believe that the above schedule demonstrates the range and depth of knowledge thatalready exists in Novus, supported by specialists in PRDnationwide. This experience, coupled withthe experience Novus has of creating and successfully managing Owner Associations in verticaldevelopments places Novus at the forefront of Horizontal Community Management in Dubai.We recognize that whilst, at the present time, NOVUS may not have the formal operationalexperience of managing JOP Horizontal Communities in Dubai, our established and proven policiesand procedures related to vertical communities when added to the Teams experiences of workingwith horizontal communities, and the different challenges and specifics that these entail, will onlyenhance the level of service that the horizontal communities and Owner Associations will receivefrom Novus.6|Page
  7. 7. Our CapabilitiesWhilst the section above clearly demonstrates that we have individual experience of working invarious aspects of horizontal communities, how does this translate into a capability to actuallydeliver all of the necessary services?We believe that our demonstrable and proven success as Dubai’s largest independent CommunityManagement Company gives us the perfect platform to work with, and add value to, the many villabased communities across Dubai.The management processes and procedures that we have developed are equally applicable to bothhigh rise and horizontal. What will differ are some of the influencing factors that are more directlyrelated to specific services, procurement and specifications relating to contractors together withtheir respective KPI’s and SLA’s, the liaison with the Master Community and the impact that theirRules and services have on the Owner Associations, Boards, and residents.Some of these factors naturally flow through the service charges and, clearly, how the budgets areprepared and communicated. Again our knowledge, skills and experience with other horizontalcommunities as well the Groups related work with Master Communities means that we already havethe capability to develop Budgets that are both detailed and robust.In the following table, listed are the standard functions that we already deliver as communitymanagers together with a few comments on these with regard to Horizontal and MasterCommunities, where appropriate, thus it will be seen how the skill sets and experience that currentlyexists in our Teams will allow us to manage and successfully deliver these differences.7|Page
  8. 8. REF COMMENTS WITH REGARD TO HORIZONTAL NOVUS CURRENT STANDARD TASKSNO. COMMUNITIES 1 Administration, Financial and Secretarial Services1.1 Meetings Management and Record Keeping a Prepare and distribute notices of the Same Annual General Assembly of owners; b Attend the Annual General Assembly, Same and conduct the meeting on behalf of the Owners and attend 2 adjourned meetings(due to lack of quorum at first meeting); c Prepare and distribute minutes of the Same Annual General Meeting; d Prepare and distribute notices of Board Same Meetings; e Organising and calling of Board Same elections, manage candidate nominations; f Attend and conduct Board Meetings on Same behalf of the Board members; g Prepare and distribute minutes of the Same Board Meetings; h Arrange for venue for meetings (cost of Same venue to be borne by Owners Association); i Maintain updated Owner and Occupier Same registers and ensure confidentiality; j Maintain correspondence files and Same records; k Record and retain all statutory notices; Same1.2 Financial Administration and Accounting a Issue service charge invoices with the Same inclusion of any specific communications to owners as directed by OA Board;8|Page
  9. 9. b Monitor Service Charge arrears and Same arrange for the legal recovery of service charges not paid (at the cost of the defaulting owner, not the OA); c Establish and maintain the bank Same accounts; d Prepare the service charge budgets in Same liaison with OA Board; e Obtain RERA approval for Budgets Same before issuing service charges; f Manage the General Fund and the Same Reserve Funds under the direction of the Board; g Arrange for the payment of invoices on Same behalf of the Owners Association (e.g. for water and electricity charges, maintenance etc.) in accordance with the approved RERA payment process and the approved annual budget of the Owners Association; h Pay outgoings and expenses incurred in Same connection with the management of the Owners Association; i Provide to the Board monthly Financial Same Statements including Balance Sheet, Statement of Income and Expenditure and Service Charge Arrears report; j Manage cash flow and report regularly Same to the Board re cash flow position and requirements; k Assist the Owners Association’s auditor Same in providing accounts and records for audit;9|Page
  10. 10. 1.3 Compliance a Ensure the OA management and Same operations remain in compliance with local regulations, through liaison with RERA, the Lands Department and related Dubai Government authorities1.4 Insurance AdministrationArrange for all necessary Insurance cover (including but not limited to): a Property All risks (Building and common Only in relation to properties belonging to the OA area assets and contents), e.g. Leisure and related rooms/assets, pump rooms, storage rooms, Infrastructure / Utility plant and equipment if forming part of the OA b Public Liability for personal injury or Same property damage, c Worker’s compensation and employer’s Same liability, Machinery Breakdown and - if required according to the structure, JOPD, or related covers other documentation d Board Member’s Officers and Directors Same liability e Obtain quotes for insurance renewals Same and submit quotes to Board for approval and renewing the Owners Association’s insurance every year; f Arrange insurance valuations as Same required and provide guidance to the Board of the Association on insurance related matters 1.5 Supervision of Community Rules a Generally supervise the observance of Same the community rules of the Owners Association by the Owners, Occupiers and invitees and report to the Board; b Ensure full copies of community rules Same are made available to Owner’s and occupiers via web portal (PDF Files), and hard copies if required by the Board (at OA cost).10 | P a g e
  11. 11. c Answer queries from the owners or Same their agents about the Community Rules or Jointly Owned Property Declaration for the Scheme; d Answer queries from the Board about Same community rules and attending to routine written and oral communication in relation to the enforcement of community rules; e Serve breach notices to comply with Same Community Rules, and follow up with penalty notices if non-compliance; f Ensure that any suggested amendments Same to the rules are presented to the OA and properly documented upon acceptance by the OA. 2 Asset Management Services 2.1 Property Services Supervision, Repairs and Maintenance a Conduct a thorough building survey and Only in relation to any buildings that form part of condition review to document current the OA assets status of the building; b Arrange for further specialised asset Close liaison with specialist utility or other service condition audits, surveys and building providers where their services have wayleave or inspections as may be required by the easement exists and especially where access or OA and to comply with the law; service facilities pass through or under Master community and/or OA demised property. Our Teams have previous experience of not only specifying and procuring such services but also of planning and delivery of these services. c Carry out regular inspections of the Same Common Areas and common facilities - this is a fundamental part of our QA program and Owners Association Assets to: c.1 Supervise and monitor the performance Same of contracted services providers; c.2 Be aware of the general condition of the Same Common Areas and common facilities and Owners Association Assets;11 | P a g e
  12. 12. c.3 Ensure that no unauthorised use is Same occurring and, so far as is possible, ensure compliance with the proper standards for use; d Report promptly to the Owners Same Association Board on all things requiring repair or creating a hazard or danger and take remedial action where practicable; e Arrange for appropriately qualified Same contractors to undertake unscheduled - In horizontal we place a different emphasis on repairs to and routine maintenance of certain service provisions when compared to a the common areas and common vertical e.g. landscaping, road or sidewalk facilities and/or specified Owners cleaning and maintenance and waste Association areas and common facilities management. Similarly, the planning, safety and as and when required; control factors often require a differing set of considerations e.g. continued access to surrounding properties, timings of works, protection and illumination of works, interface and liaison with other interested parties such as the Master Community, RTA, utility providers etc. f Obtain quotations for repair, Same maintenance and replacement of - Again, our specifications have to reflect the common areas and common facilities or specifics of the community and the nature of the specified personal areas and common asset. facilities vested in the Owner’s - As a Group we produce some of the most Association; detailed and robust cost modelling reports for Master Communities, some of the principles embedded in these reflect in the approach to maintenance planning, cost evaluation and budget preparation g When required, liaise with suppliers Same about work to be carried out on - The management or control of contractors who Common Areas and common facilities are working on private properties is co-ordinated or when works carried out on private or monitored with a different set of controls and areas and common facilities will impact rules than exist in a high rise JOP property. The upon the Common Areas and common physical layout and access issues are facilities; fundamentally different as are the risks that need to be mitigated.12 | P a g e
  13. 13. h Advise the Owners Association Board in Same relation to any correspondence, reports, enquiries and complaints received relating to the Common Areas and the Owners Association assets and their management; 2.2 Facilities Management Contract Supervision a Arrange for the proper procurement of Based on previous experience and skills, these will hard and soft services contracts as be specifically based on the requirements of the required by the Owners Association; individual MC or OA and specifications tailored to reflect these needs. b Prepare all RFP’s, tender documents Same and supply contracts for FM services; c Receive tender documents and ensure Same proper process of approval by the Board for all supply contracts, and following approval by the Board appoint contractors; d Review tenders and proposals and Same negotiate with proposed contractors and suppliers; e Prepare recommendations to the OA Same based on detailed comparative analysis - relative to the MC or OA community specific of all tenders and evaluation against the designs and service requirements specific needs of the building; f Following the resolutions of the Board, Same appoint selected suppliers and arrange for their contracts to be implemented; g Maintain a schedule of contracts Same detailing the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and due dates for service delivery, scheduled service calls and dates of attendance; h Control and monitor contractors in the Same performance of their duties and report to the Board;13 | P a g e
  14. 14. i Provide advice and guidance to the Same Board on the provision of FM services, ensuring that decisions are made in the interest of all Owners; j Manage all utilities and master Same community services to the building to ensure accuracy, and minimise costs to the OA; k Conduct building utilities consumption Same survey and implement practices to - the main focus difference will relate to irrigation minimise utilities costs throughout the and water use as well as all of the other metered building; and non-metered utility services l Monitor and manage a PPM program Same for the building; m Maintain proper database of plans and Same drawings related to the layout, construction, operations and equipment installed on the Common Areas and common facilities, and report on their condition to the Owners Board;Novus Community Management has the Human Resource’s, Technologies and OperationalProcedures to offer Dubai’s Villa Communities the solutions to efficient management andharmonious living. Our Mission “To support property owners create financially stable and socially harmonious communities in which the quality of life, property values and rental yields exceed those of comparable communities.”14 | P a g e