1st quarter 2013 novus capabilities statement


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NOVUS Community management is Dubai's leading provider of Owners Association management services.

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1st quarter 2013 novus capabilities statement

  1. 1. 22 January 2013NOVUS Association Management Services Capabilities Statement 1st Quarter 2013
  2. 2. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Our Company Vision Creating Successful Communities Our Mission “To support property owners create financially stable and socially harmonious communities in which the quality of life, property values and rental yields exceed those of comparable communities.” Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 2
  3. 3. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Table of Contents 1. WHO IS NOVUS COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT? 2. HOW DOES NOVUS COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT WORK? 3. OUR EXPERIENCE & PROJECTS 4. OUR STAFF Appendix 1 – NOVUS Trade Licence Appendix 2 – NOVUS Insurances Further Information Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 3
  4. 4. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 1. WHO IS NOVUS COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT? Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 4
  5. 5. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 The PRDnationwide / NOVUS Group of Companies Creating Successful Communities In 2008, PRDnationwide Middle East Real Estate Chairman and leading international authority on Strata Law, Gary Bugden, recognised a need in Dubai for a diversified group of experts to consult to developers on how to establish and manage the increasingly sophisticated projects in the Gulf region. The PRD / NOVUS Group has now grown to a team of over 50 specialist staff who assist property owners to plan, document and manage Jointly Owned Properties throughout Dubai and the region. The group is an integrated real estate consultancy company and NOVUS is a wholly owned subsidiary of PRDnationwide Middle East Real Estate LLC. Any NOVUS managed community can draw on the support of PRDnationwide’s team of consultancy experts to assist them with advice and direction in the following fields: • Owners Association Establishment • Strata Law, Structuring & Real Estate Governance (with expertise in complex mixed- use developments) • Land Titling & Surveying • Operational Facilities Management Consultancy • Community Management Software & Communication Platforms • Utilities Management & Sustainability; and • Service Charge calculations, allocations & Life Cycle Cost Modelling. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 5
  6. 6. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 NOVUS Community Management is the one of the region’s largest and most innovative Owners Association management companies. This Capability Statement outlines our capabilities in Community Management, our service methodologies, and the team members who will manage your property and investment. We wish to become your long term partner in the professional management of your building and its collective assets. NOVUS Community Management (NOVUS) is an independently owned Owners Association Management Company specialising in the management of Jointly Owned Property in the UAE. Novus strives to become the manager of choice for the most prominent projects in Dubai. Our management team and our consultancy divisions work on the most complex and prestigious projects in the region. We are specialists in: Residential Communities • High Rise Towers • Low Rise Towers and Townhouses • Villa Communities • Master Planned Communities Commercial Buildings • Mixed Use Retail and Commercial Towers Complex Projects • Mixed Resort Hotel and Residential Developments • Large Scale Master Planned Communities • Volumetric Subdivisions and Building Management Associations Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 6
  7. 7. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Investors, Owner Occupiers and Tenants benefit from our understanding of what it takes to build and maintain financially sustainable and harmonious communities. NOVUS supports Owners Associations, property owners & residents to establish maintain and grow successful and sustainable communities. Our portfolio includes commercial towers, residential apartment buildings and mixed-use developments. What we do is: • maintain and enhance capital values, increase property yields, and reduce overall operating costs through best practice administrative and FM supervision services; • enhance the community brand and prestige of your community through the systematic implementation of our corporate vision and IT strategies; • offer objective yet authoritative advice on the governance documentation for your community, with the view to ensuring they form a platform for long term, harmonious residential living; • ensure a smooth transition from prior management to NOVUS OA Management by providing comprehensive documentation for our handover processes, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and diligent technical reporting; • make certain the integrity of community services are maintained through the implementation of proven procurement and contract supervision standards; • excel in providing transparent and diligent financial reporting; • leverage of our excellent relations with RERA to provide accurate information on regulatory issues and consumer rights • incentivise timely collections of Service Charges to maintain healthy cash flow for the Owner Association(s). Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 7
  8. 8. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Successful Community Management is about the integration of multiple services to provide the systematic and efficient delivery of those services to the Board and the community. Novus has the capability in all the following fields and offer our clients comprehensive Association Management. Owners Association Services • Association Management and Secretarial • General Fund and Reserve Fund Budgeting • Meetings Management and Record Keeping • Financial Administration and Accurate Accounting • Onsite Building Management and Customer Service • Compliance • Insurance Administration and Valuations Asset Management Services • On Site Property Supervision • Preparation of Asset Registers • Repairs and Maintenance • Facilities Management - Contract Supervision • Facilities management - Contract Procurement • Building Audits and Report Community Web Portals • Creation and Maintenance of Community Web Portals and Local Service Directories Hand Over and Transition Services • Fit Out Co-ordination • JOPD reviews • Owner Handover Manuals Defect and Liability Services • Snagging • Snag Rectification • Disputes Management Specialist Services • Facilities Management Strategies and Advice • Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules • Condition Reports • Utilities Billing • Energy Audits and Energy Reduction Strategies • Contract Settlement and Handover Management • Cost Modeling • Entitlement Schedules • Draft and/or oversee Architectural and Landscape Codes and Developer Control Guidelines Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 8
  9. 9. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 2. HOW DOES NOVUS COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT WORK? Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 9
  10. 10. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 NOVUS Organization Structure Size does matter when it comes to OA Management. A community needs to know that the company they choose can resource the operation needed to fully deliver the scope of works required to manage their community. NOVUS is Dubai’s largest independent Association Manager. The people you interact with from NOVUS are all professionals in their areas of expertise. We pride ourselves on the skill we bring to our role, and the service we provide to our communities. The chart below reflects our current capabilities and staff expansion plan. A brief introduction to NOVUS’s current staff is provided latter. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 10
  11. 11. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Our Approach to Community Management A key part to a company’s capability is how they actually do what they say they do. Novus has systematic methodologies and internal structures and procedures to deliver efficient Management to all our communities. NOVUS Community Management has three major divisions: 1. Facilities Management – procurement and contract supervision 2. Finance (accounts administration and reporting) 3. Customer Service We have learned that an individual building manager cannot competently supervise a building, provide an onsite presence, professionally manage the finances, produce financial statements, collect service charges and properly liaise with contractors, tenants, staff, investors and board members involved in the process of managing a successful community. Novus assigns a Senior Community Manager to each building who will take complete responsibility for the operations of that building and coordinate the work of the three divisions to deliver complete community management. This operational structure ensures that the right people are applied to each of the specialized areas of OA Management. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 11
  12. 12. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 The Dedicated Community Management Team This is the public face of NOVUS, the people that will be physically inspecting your community, managing the contractors and reporting to the board. Community Manager Every building has a Community Manager assigned to it who will take full responsibility for the financial and operational management of your community. This person co-ordinates the NOVUS team and reports directly to the OA Board. Through regular attendance at the project, periodic inspection and constant communication between the Building Manager, service providers and Owners, the Association Manager knows and understands the specific demands and issues to be dealt with in your building. The Community Manager is supported by and oversees the delivery of service by the Customer Service and Accounts teams. Further, he/she coordinates the involvement of our specialist support teams in Facilities management, Services Procurement, Energy Audit and Utilities management, Insurance, and Technical Services to address the specific issues that may arise. The Association Manager role includes responsibility for overseeing the drafting all operational contracts for the project, the budget preparation and financial reporting process, and ensures that the building management provide the highest standards of service to all owners and residents. Operational issues of significance and urgency will be escalated to the General Manager. Building Manager The Building Manager is the key operational contact for the Association Manager. The Building Manager’s responsibilities include the supervision of all on-site contractors and their staff as well as being a public face of NOVUS with the buildings sub-contractors. NOVUS offers its clients the option of either a portfolio Building Manager, or a full-time On-Site Building Manager. An On-Site Building Manager will focus on service standards and effective communications to all occupants. The portfolio Building Manager liaises directly with the onsite leadership provided by each of the key contracted services to ensure an integrated and high quality of service is provided by all contracted staff. Like the Association Manager, an on- site Building Manager is supported by the administrative resources of the NOVUS organisation and its senior management. The decision of whether or not to appoint a full-time building manager or a portfolio building manager in a community will depend on the requirements and expectations of the board and the General Assembly they represent. NOVUS will provide advice based on our experience in similar communities. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 12
  13. 13. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 The Support Team This is the back end of NOVUS that provide all the unseen specialist support to our managers and ultimately the board and community. Facilities Management and Technical Support The NOVUS FM Services team is a group of highly dedicated specialists who oversee the procurement of all FM suppliers in NOVUS buildings, and will monitor the performance of the facilities management contractors in your building to ensure their KPI’s and agreed Service levels are met. They are responsible for the physical well-being of the common areas in a development. Customer Service NOVUS have a fully operational Customer Service Centre through 1800 NOVUS (66887). This service is available 24/7 to investors, owner occupiers and tenants. Our customer service ensures that our attention and resources focus remains on Owner related issues, enabling us to filter out and directed non-Owner calls to either the building’s concierge or to the community-web portal for further information. Another important key to our customer service is multiculturalism. In recognition of NOVUS’ commitment to embracing the many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds of our customers, many of whom are international property investors, our staff are collectively fluent in over seven different languages. Finance and Administration The NOVUS Customer Service Centre provides all administrative clerical and customer contact support to the management team. Collections Your community relies on the timely collection of service charges to manage its affairs. NOVUS has a team of dedicated collections agents to ensure that defaulting owners are informed of their responsibilities to their community. Senior Management Where matters require specialist attention or additional involvement of support, the Association Manager can escalate urgent or complex scenarios to the senior management of NOVUS. Web Portal Support NOVUS’s customised web portals have the answers for all the questions related to your community. An introduction to this powerful tool is provided later. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 13
  14. 14. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Why choose NOVUS ? Integrated Property Specialists When seeking experience and expertise in working through the delicate issues associated with structuring, documenting and managing integrated communities, the PRDnationwide / NOVUS group are a clear choice. For over four years, PRDnationwide have established a reputation as regional leaders in integrated consultancy in this area. PRDnationwide’s consultancies consistently aim to ensure: • the regulatory compliance and accountability of the end product • that component user interests are effectively separated and supported • developer exposure to ongoing operational costs are minimised • property values for owners are maximised • the community is harmonious and successful; and • the developer and community brand is enhanced for ongoing success. This approach has been employed for the following notable developers and project scopes: • Emaar: o Burj Khalifa - Structuring, titling, surveying and documenting. Balancing the interests of the Armani Hotel, Armani Residences, Residential Owners Associations, Commercial Owners Associations and developer retained assets. o Old Town Island – Structuring, surveying and documenting the hotel, retail, commercial and residential components o Samara Rift, Jordan – Structuring, FM strategies and documenting the hotel, retail and residential components • TDIC: o St Regis Hotel, Saadiyat Island – Structuring, titling, surveying and documenting the hotel, apartment and villa communities. Both PRDnationwide and NOVUS have a demonstrated ability of working in partnership with developers and Owners Associations to jointly establishing their communities, balancing the commercial objectives of the developer, whilst ensuring the long term interests of the residential owners are protected. This approach has enabled us to build partnerships with key developers across their portfolios. In particular our relationships with: • IFA Hotels & Resorts – we have assisted IFA on the Palm Residences and hotel, overcome significant complexities in their projects. All our divisions are assisting with Shoreline Buildings 7 & 8 along with their upcoming projects. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 14
  15. 15. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 • The First Group – Portfolio wide solutions for structuring, documenting, surveying, OA establishment and management transition. NOVUS offer significantly more to an Owners Association than a typical administration-based role aimed at regulatory compliance. Focus on Preservation & Growth of Asset Values NOVUS recognizes that protecting and enhancing the value of your property assets is our key purpose. Our Community Managers become partners in the professional management of your assets; we do this in a sustainable and considered manner. We understand the complex and evolving drivers needed to increase your property yield, and in reducing overall operating costs. Our focus is placed on accurate life cycle cost modelling for Reserve Fund forecasting and driving pragmatic energy efficiency gains in the assets we manage. This is the fundamental basis of what we see as a balanced multi-disciplinary approach. We have developed the skills to understand the functionality and commercial objectives of the developer’s retained investments, whilst enhancing the overall real estate and lifestyle investments made by the unit owners and their tenants. It’s your property, it’s your investment, it’s your community ... it’s your choice. Professional Knowledge, Local Experience NOVUS prides itself in its knowledge and experience of Jointly Owned Properties. We understand Dubai’s Strata regulations and how they apply to your building; we have developed excellent relationships with regulatory agency RERA; we know your rights in a politically complex and emotively charged property environment; we listen to your needs & expectations and adapt our experience around helping you tailor to the most cost effective management solution for your community. Our team has worked on the region’s largest development projects and established management structures for some of the most complex and prestigious mixed-use developments. Our management team are all long term residents of the region, all with almost 4 years’ experience in establishing strata management in the region. Astute Financial Management Headed by certified accountants, NOVUS ensures diligent attention is paid to the financial administration of funds held in trust on behalf of all Owners. Our administration is founded upon diligent budget preparation, total accountability for expenditure, tight contract management and transparent reporting. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 15
  16. 16. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Shoreline 7&8 NOVUS Quality Assurance Guarantee The NOVUS Quality Assurance program was initiated by our staff to give our Owners Associations a greater degree of confidence in the selected service providers to their buildings. NOVUS takes the hard work out of supplier selection, by recommending only those Facilities Management and services companies who meet our rigorous procurement standards of service quality, human resource management, sustainability, professional skill and a proven record of performance in the marketplace. NOVUS Quality Assured service providers must act to the same ethical standards, transparency and complete independence as NOVUS Community Management. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 16
  17. 17. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Communications Software Supplier NOVUS’s preferred Owners Association software supplier is Mystrata. Mystrata specialises in online software for the international Owners Association management industry and has operated in the Middle East for over 5 years. My-Community Web Portals Novus works with “My-community” - the leading owner-focused management communication platform provider. My-Community provides its OA manager clients a basic standard one-page public page template for all communities managed using My-strata. Along with this, MyCommunity provides all board members, owners and tenants secure access to different information and functions depending on their role. These include: • Service Charge Statements • Financial Reports such as the budget, General Ledger and Balance Sheet • Important Community Documents • Events • Special Promotions from local businesses • Community Wall for social interaction • Credit Card gateway for payments of service charges • Important Building Contacts • Personal Profiles • Maintenance Request System • Service Request System • And much more... Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 17
  18. 18. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 NOVUS Branded Community Web Portals NOVUS works with My-strata to provide each of our buildings building with an upgraded and fully personalized web portal. Each building is provided with individually designed, multiple page and content rich community web portals. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 18
  19. 19. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 NOVUS web portals will provide as a standard business offering individual building branded web sites that are: • a public library of information about the building (Galleries, apartment plans, facilities / services, utility information, location maps, OA structure & status, developer information) • a platform for building manager notices, community events & reminders • a platform for owner access to financials & owner association notices • a platform for tenants to access relevant information and chilled water charges (if applicable) • a community directory for key contacts, brokerage opportunities and in-unit service providers for occupiers Novus believes that buildings are a brand, and the the Owner’s Association is the appropriate long term guardian of that brand Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 19
  20. 20. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 3. OUR EXPERIENCE & PROJECTS Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 20
  21. 21. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Our Experience – NOVUS Projects In a short period of time, NOVUS Community Management has become one of the largest independent (non-government owned or developer affiliated) Owners Association Management company in the UAE with over 10,000 units currently under management. On the following pages we list several projects that are currently under the management of NOVUS, or as contracted and will soon be commencing. With this growing industry new buildings are added regularly. In addition to the projects under management by NOVUS, the NOVUS leadership team and that of PRDnationwide’s senior consultants, have worked on the structuring and governance arrangements of some of the regions largest and most prestigious developments. Prior to taking on their current roles with NOVUS, our CEO, General Manager and a number of our Community Managers all worked alongside parent company PRDnationwide and others on many of the listed projects. That experience informs the work we perform today on behalf of the Owners Associations we manage. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 21
  22. 22. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Palm Jumeirah • The Palm Residences North • The Palm Residences South • The Fairmont Hotel • The Golden Mile 1 • The Golden Mile 2 • Shoreline Al Nabat • Shoreline Al Haseer Dubai Marina • Iris Blue • Yacht Bay • Marina Mansions • The Elite Residence Jumeirah Lakes Towers • Gold (AU) Tower • Silver (AG) Tower • Mövenpick Laguna Tower • Concorde Tower • Lake Point Tower • Jumeirah Bay (Owners Association 1, 2 & 3) • Green Lakes S1 Business Bay • Windsor Manor • Silver Tower • One Business Bay • Bayswater Tower Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 22
  23. 23. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Silicon Oasis, Arjan, Sports City & Tecom • The Springs @ Oasis • Palace Tower Commercial • Palace Tower Residential • The Diamond Tower • Grosvenor Business Tower • Metro Central • The Light Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 23
  24. 24. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Our References Developer Referees - Mrs. Eileen Green, Head of Asset Management, The First Group The Diamond, Sports City Metro Central, Tecom Phone 04 479 7500 | Mobile 050 708 2530 Email eileengreen@tfgpm.com Mr Mark Doucet V.P. Legal, IFA The Residences (North & South), Palm Jumeirah Phone: 04 391 2022 Email: mark@ifahotelsresorts.com Owners Association Board Referees - Mr Barrett Bloxham, Chairman, Macsteel Silver Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Tower Chair, Interim Owners Association Board Phone: 04 440 2124 | Mobile: 050 458 3561 Email: bbloxham@macsteeldubai.com Mr Michael Burke, Yacht Bay, Dubai Marina Board Member, Interim Owners Association Board Mobile: 050 798 8428 Email: Michael@arabianescapes.ae Ms Emmanuelle Entringer Yacht Bay, Dubai Marina Chairlady, Interim Owners Association Board Email: emmanuelle.entringer@gmail.com Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 24
  25. 25. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 4. OUR STAFF Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 25
  26. 26. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 NOVUS Staff Profiles MANAGEMENT Alastair McCracken Chief Executive Officer Alastair has over 25 years’ experience in the tourism and residential resort development industry, specializing in the conception, structure and operations of mixed use destination resorts and residential communities. He has worked in senior management roles establishing and opening Hamilton Island Resort and Hilton International hotels in Australia, with Hyatt International properties in Sydney, Coolum, Jakarta and Bali. Alastair is a specialist in the management of strata titled communities (being licensed as a Resident Unit Manager) and has advised on the long term governance and community management structures for leading residential and mixed use developments both in Australia and the Middle East. Leading role in PRDnationwide’s Business Development over the past three years by heading up the Development Consultancy Division, coordinated the delivery of many of PRDnationwide’s key consultancies. Alastair has managed the establishment and overseen the growth of NOVUS Community Management as CEO to watch it become one of the largest and most influential Owners Association Management Companies in the UAE. Alan Rowlands AREINZ & ACA General Manager Alan Rowlands is a qualified accountant with extensive experience in the property management, real estate and construction fields. After 9 years as a Chartered Accountant in Public Practice, focusing on Body Corporate (Strata) Management Alan then owned and operated a Real Estate business in Auckland for 11 years, specializing in property management and Body Corporate administration. As chief financial accountant for the Gulf Harbour Group he oversaw the development of major mixed use resort and residential communities in New Zealand. In the region since March 2008, Alan has focused specifically on the new field of Strata Management, as both an investor in a new management company, and a senior manager in Dubai’s largest Community Manager. Alan brings a unique combination of professional sills experience in real estate, accounting, property management and development to the careful administration of Owner’s Associations in the volatile Dubai marketplace. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 26
  27. 27. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 MANAGEMENT TEAM Cont. Deepa Swaminathan, Group HR & Administration Manager Deepa has experience working in large projects and infrastructure development companies in the last 15 years out of which 12 years in UAE with leading companies. She has worked in diverse fields such as Information technology, Human Resources & Administration, CEO’s office as Office Manager, Commercial Coordination, Project support, Customer care, Audit in MNC’s, adding value and creativity in each of these domains. With this background she Joined Novus Community Management and is involved in some of the key areas of the company in HR, Administration, Office Automation etc as part of a young and dynamic team and is keen to prove her credentials and bring in all her experience and creativity to help the company march forward in the coming years. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Stephen French, Business Development Manager Stephen French has been living and working in Dubai from 2008. Prior to moving to Dubai, Stephen was Portfolio Manager of Foreign Exchange for a private hedge fund in Australia. Initially working with PRDnationwide’s sales & leasing team, Stephen’s exposure to all facets of property classifications and his active approach to getting outside the office, has given him an invaluable insight to the day to day working of Jointly Owned Properties in Dubai. With exceptional knowledge of the industry, the transitional issues facing Developer’s and the shifting status of Owners Associations in Dubai’s regulatory market, Stephen is an invaluable member of the NOVUS Team as Business Development Manager. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT TEAM Stephen Horner, Senior Community Manager Stephen Horner brings considerable management and consulting experience to the NOVUS team, having worked in Community Management for more than 12 years both in the UAE and abroad. Stephen fulfilled his roles as a Senior Community Manager and then as Head of Development Consulting (Qld) with leading Australian management company Stewart Silver King & Burns before moving to help establish Nakheel’s community management arm in 2007. As a senior manager for Nakheel, Stephen was involved in establishing the Owners Association Management and consulting business unit responsible for some of the worlds largest developments. Stephen joined NOVUS in 2010 and heads up the Owner Association Manager’s division. Engin Togrulca, Community Manager Engin has over 8 years of local experience in Property and Community Management. In the region since August 1999, Engin has specialized in Jointly Owned Property Management and has managed prestige developments all over Dubai. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 27
  28. 28. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT TEAM Con’t Engin has been actively involved in preparation of annual service charge budgets, daily management of common areas, Preparing and attending General Assemblies, Board meetings and advising Owners & Association Board Members on Administrative, Governance & Compliance issues. Engin has completed all required certificates by RERA & having lived in UAE for 12 years he can speak very good Arabic. Alex Smith, Community Manager Alex has over 5 years’ experience working as an Association Manager & Property Manager in Australia & the UAE. Alex has setup some of the most complex developments in the U.A.E & enjoys assisting both Developers & Owners’ in the growth, knowledge and understanding of how their Assets should be professionally Setup & Managed. He has been advising Owners & Association Board Members on Administrative, Governance & Compliance issues. Rajesh Hegde, Community Manager Rajesh is a professionally qualified Civil Engineer bringing to the table over 12 years of diverse experience across FM, Community & Property Management, Retail Development, Real Estate Sales, Construction and Project Management in the UAE and abroad. Previously before joining the NOVUS Team Rajesh was instrumental in the set-up and operation of the Owners Association for a large 50 million square feet Gated Villa Community. With his extensive and diverse background, Rajesh joined Novus Community Management, bringing with him strong techno-commercial and customer service skills to his new position as Community Manager. Noha Issam Eldin Mohammed, Community Manager Prior to joining Novus Noha has been working as a Property Management Executive with one of the leading Facility Management Companies in UAE. During this period Noha was responsible on facilitating the delivery and the handover process of some of the most prominent properties in Dubai from the Main Contractor to the Tower Developer and back to the Individual Units Owners. She has been managing all the aspects of the property to insure proper maintenance and delivery of services to the property was one of the most important roles that Noha was handling. Her skills along with customer service oriented attitude are put together to contribute in her new role as a Community Manager with Novus Team. Natasha Jackman, Community Manager Natasha joins Novus with over 8 years’ experience in the Real Estate, Community Management & Strata Management industry. Having worked in the UK, Canada & Dubai, Natasha has diverse knowledge in the Owners Association management field and Strata Law. Natasha studied Strata Management & Strata Law at the University of British Columbia in Canada and has completed the RERA certifications and Brokers license in Dubai. Natasha takes great pride in managing her portfolio professionally, honestly & ethically and is a valued Community Manager within her NOVUS Team. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 28
  29. 29. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 FACILITIES MANAGEMENT TEAM Paul Hillier, Director – Facilities Management Paul has a considerable FM track record gained in the UK, Far East and now latterly in the UAE, all spread over a 25 year period. He has been mostly involved with high end and medium quality residential and commercial developments, some of them being under Strata Title management in Singapore. Paul was previously the Regional Director of FM for the global British consultancy firm, Currie & Brown, based here in the UAE. As a qualified Building professional, Paul provides another important facet towards the OA Management role of a building, including Value Engineering, Time Life Costing and Building condition appraisal techniques. These are important elements that contribute towards the value-add offered by NOVUS in helping to maintain investors’ asset value. Elvio Del Papa, Manager - Facilities Management Elvio Del Papa holds a degree in Building Services Engineering and has worked with both Australias and UAEs largest and most successful Developers. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Elvio has had significant exposure to the building industry and has been involved on numerous projects from the initial concept design through to the operational phase. With a proven track record of exceeding customer expectations in Dubai and abroad, Elvios commitment to success provides the drive to ensure all NOVUS operated buildings are run efficiently, in accordance with local law and in the best interest of all owners and stakeholders to reduce the overall depreciation of the assets. Andrew Jeanny, Facilities Management Administrator Andrew has over 10 years of customer service and administration experience with strong background in hospitality industry. Andrew joined NOVUS in August 2011, and brings with him excellent experience he has gained in Facilities Management and Owners Association Management. Andrew is a certified Owners Association Manager in Dubai, and has been active in the setting up Owners Association, and the management of their assets. Sameera Farzana, Team Secretary Sameera joined the Novus Team in May 2012 as Team Secretary, working as a bridge between the Facilities Management procurement division and the community managers playing a key coordination and assessment role. Sameera has over 9 years of experience in Leasing & Administration. She has completed her MBA in Marketing. Sameera was previously employed with Burjuman Centre – a mixed use property and was involved in the leasing of nearly 350 retail units, commercial tower & high-end residential units Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 29
  30. 30. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 BUILDING MANAGERS Don Fonseka, Building Manager Don has over 18 years’ experience in Five Star Hotels, Residences, Facility Management and Human Resources Management in the Middle East. During this period Don has been involved in the pre-opening of 6 five star international hotels and Residential towers. He has also managed over 4800 Residential Unit for 2006 Doha Asian Games. Yaqub Khan, Building Manager Yaqub Khan joins NOVUS as a fully qualified building manager with over 15 years experience in the UAE as an Engineering Maintenance Technician & Supervisor. The last 8 years Yaqub worked with Fairmont Hotels gaining valuable experience on building engineering issues. With a Mechanical Engineering Diploma from Mumbai, India, Yaqub is a dedicated and intuitive staff member and a valuable addition to the NOVUS FM team. Brijesh Anton Faras, Building Manager Brijesh Faras joined the Novus Team as a Building Manager in May 2012. Brijesh has 12 years experience in engineering & building maintenance in the UAE and has been working as a valuable member of the IFA team as an Engineering Maintenance Technician and Supervisor at the Fairmont Dubai Hotel for 7 years. Brijesh holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering and has also completed Industrial Institute Training &National Council Vocational Training. Steve Joachim Pinto, Building Manager Steve is professionally qualified Mechanical Engineer and a Marine Engineer, having worked in the Merchant Navy as an Engineer. He has carried out extensive maintenance jobs on board vessel. With his strong technical knowledge and diverse background. Steve joined the Novus Team to his new position as Building Manager. CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM Lisa Matijevic, Administration Manager Lisa has over 10 years’ experience in the strata management industry in the UAE and abroad. With experience working for one of the largest property developers in the UAE and several strata management companies Lisa is very experienced in the day to day, operational and financial management of Owners Associations. Lisa has joined Novus Community Management as Customer Service Manager where her wide ranging knowledge and experience will be put to use to ensure the best possible standards and practices throughout the company for all our clients. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 30
  31. 31. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Amanda Gray, Customer Service Manager Amanda is a valuable addition to the NOVUS Team bringing with her more than 30 years’ experience in business and administrative processes. Having worked in a variety of countries and across a broad spectrum of industries, Amanda has developed a high level of customer service expertise and skills with valuable experience in dealing with multiple nationalities and cultures. For these reasons Amanda has been coordinating the NOVUS Customer Service division since 2011. Amanda is formally qualified in IMS Audit, along with Health and Safety procedures. Dubai has been Amanda’s home for over 12 years, the last 3 within the growing Owners Association industry. Elena Georgieva, Customer Service Agent Elena, a graduate from St Petersburg’s University of Engineering & Economics with a Degree in Organization Management, worked for Nakheel as Residents Liaison Officer and then a Debt Recovery Officer and has demonstrated firmness and sensitivity to customers demands and circumstances, expanded her diplomacy and negotiation skills and became a strong team player. With this extensive and diverse background, Elena joined Novus Communities, bringing with her strong customer care skills to her new challenging position of Administrative Assistant, handling the administrative as well as the accounting functions. Poonam Asthana, Customer Service Agent Poonam has over 8 years experience working as a Customer Service Operations, Retention, MIS and Administrative Assistant. She has completed her MBA in Operations Management. She has worked in various business entities including Service Industry, Broking Firm and Telecom Industry. With this diverse background, Poonam joined Novus Community Management bringing with her strong customer care and solution-oriented skills to her new and challenging position of Customer Service Agent, handling the administrative & accounting functions, customer queries & escalations. FINANCE TEAM Maria Ainnie Pacheco, Finance Agent Ainnie has more than 7 years’ experience handling accounting and administration function. She has worked in various business entities including banking, engineering & architectural consulting company, Universities and Real Estate. She has worked for some of the large consultancy and development companies like Kling Consult GmbH, Sama Dubai – a Dubai Holding Co. and the Canadian University in Dubai. She Joined NOVUS Community Management in 2010, doing the function of administration and accounting for the Owner’s Associations. Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 31
  32. 32. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 FINANCE TEAM Cont. Abdul Malik, Customer Service & Accounts Agent Abdul has over 6 years experience working as an MIS & Customer Service Officer in India, UAE & Qatar, brings a thorough understanding of the Financial Services Sector. He has worked for major banks like JP Morgan Chase, RAK Bank, HSBC, Al Khalij & GE Capital in different departments like customer service, sales, collections, operations & accounts. Abdul holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and is also pursuing his MBA in Finance & Marketing in Dubai. Lea Dimasacat, Customer Service & Accounts Agent Lea joins NOVUS with over 6 years experience as a Customer Service representative. Having worked for that period of time at Dubai’s Sun & Sands Sports in a Team Leadership role, Lea’s skills were sought by NOVUS Community Management in February 2012 in the Owner’s Association administration role. Lea takes great pride in her customers by assisting them in the management of their assets. Lea comes to NOVUS with a Bachelor Degree, along with having completed various training programs throughout her short career. She is appreciated by her clients for her constructiveness and anticipatory skills, and is a valued Customer Care Professional within her NOVUS team. RESOURCE HIRING STRATEGY FOR QUARTER 4 Accounts Agent Customer Service Agent Building Manager Community Manager Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 32
  33. 33. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Appendix 1 – NOVUS Trade Licence 1. References Mrs. Eileen Green: Developer’s Representative, The Diamond, Sports City P. 04 479 7500 M. 050 708 2530 E. eileengreen@tfgpm.com Mr Mark Doucet: V.P. Legal, Developer’s Representative, The Residences, Palm Jumeirah P. 04 391 2022 E. mark@ifahotelsresorts.com Mr Barrett Bloxham, Chairman, Owner’s Board, Silver Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers P. 04 440 2124 M. 050 458 3561 E. bbloxham@macsteeldubai.com Appendix 5 – Professional Indemnity Insurance Appendix 2 – NOVUS Insurances Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 33
  34. 34. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 34
  35. 35. NOVUS Capability Statement 2013 Further Information This Capabilities Statement outlining our Corporate Information & Profile was prepared by NOVUS Community Management’s Business Development division. If we can assist you with any further information, clarifications or provide further details for corporate references, please do not hesitate to contact us. Stephen French Group Business Development Manager Mobile: 050 956 7057 Email: stephen.french@novuscommunities.com Novus Community Management Proposal for Association Management Services 35