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Brand, Branding and Marketing for Protection Services Professionals


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From a talk I gave to ICON Services Corporation executive protection trainees.

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Brand, Branding and Marketing for Protection Services Professionals

  1. 1. Brand, Branding & Marketing Lawrence Snow SJC Web Design
  2. 2. How to Determine Your Brand• Your DNA, your core• What makes you, you• Your values and beliefs• Your personality• What makes you “tick”• Personal brand vs. business brand – Lawrence Snow vs. SJC Web Design LLC
  3. 3. Branding• The ACTIVITY you do to get your brand into the market place – Social Media Marketing – Website, blogging – Communication
  4. 4. Branding• Branding provides value!• 3 forms of value – Information – what just happened, – Analysis –what does this mean that this happened, – Assistance – how do I avoid the bad thing that happened, or how do I get the good thing• Value should be unique, positive influence
  5. 5. Branding• Consistency across all channels• Your interactions represent your brand – Gut Check – Control your brand or others will control it for you
  6. 6. Marketing – Branding Website• Images• Content focused on your clients (articles)• Colors and Design• Give a good first impression• The “hook”• Domain name – Descriptive – Short – .Com• Mobile friendly
  7. 7. Marketing through Social Media• Social Media is – Communication - a conversation between two or more people that occurs on a network Hi! How are• Its not a plan - it is a tool you?• Powerful• An extension of your brand
  8. 8. Marketing through Social Media• Why establish your brand on social media?• Clients,• Recruiters,• Networking,• Word of mouth marketing,• Global competition• Social search, global search
  9. 9. Marketing• Set goals• Expectations• Have a plan and strategy in place
  10. 10. Marketing through Social Media• How to establish your brand on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube?• Profiles/Bio• Images/Avatar/Logo• Consistent Design/Colors/Backgrounds• Tagline• Twitter accounts for employees (ex. JoeatDell)
  11. 11. Marketing through Social Media• Define your audience on social media• Who are they?• Where are they, how do you find them? – Twitter and Facebook search• Which social media channels to utilize to achieve your goals
  12. 12. Marketing through Social Media• How do you connect with people? – Ask and answer questions – Share information that is important to your fans and followers – Focus on your strategies and goals – market your services – Use photos and videos – Be your brand
  13. 13. Manage and Monitor Your Brand• Manage your brand through social media tools such as:• Hootsuite,• Google alerts,• Twitter search,• Buffer app,• IFTTT.Com,• Mobile Phone.
  14. 14. Marketing through Social Media• Rome wasn’t built in a day• Hone your process; tweak• Use several social media channels to gain maximum exposure
  15. 15. Measure Your Success• Analytics –• Engagement – clicks, likes, comment s• Visits, Views, Retwee ts, Mentions etc• It’s not about how many, but how engaged
  16. 16. Take-Away• Your brand is everything• Use social media as a tool to extend and market your brand• Have a plan to market your brand• Be consistent, be yourself• Gut check before you post/tweet/write/speak• Find positive influencers• Read books (business, brand, social media)