Brand, Branding and Marketing for Protection Services Professionals


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From a talk I gave to ICON Services Corporation executive protection trainees.

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  • What comes to your mind when I mention Nike, McDonald’s, or Google.Each of these brands is unique and when you think of them it probably elicits a feeling, and identity that you can relate to, on some level you connect with the brandAsk yourself – “Why do I do what I do?”I recommend sitting in a quiet place for a few hours read the poem The man in the glass, be honest with yourself, figure out what makes you - you, and figure out why are here in this business . It probably won’t be an easy task – but all of these pieces are absolutely imperative to define your brand. I want you to think about what 3 words describe your personality For me its problem solver, geek, honest
  • You’ve established your brand – now I’ll talk a little about branding – Branding is everything you do to let people know about your brand. You have to be able to communicate your brand - why?You are one person among thousands in this industry trying make a name for themselves. When you walk out the door from Elijah’s fantastic course you all become competitors – how are you going to get the clients vs. the next guy? How are you going to make yourself known to the EP community? In that Google search box is the search phrase executive protection the results are 1.2 million references. How are you going to get your brand out there?Social media marketing – marketing your brand on social media. Blogging or writing articles for other blogs, industry news magazines – like Circuit magazine, security management and others. Content is a great to get your brand to the marketplace. If you don’t know how to write – take a night course at a local university. I’ll talk more about websites in a bit. Lastly communication – this is speaking engagements, conversations with your network. Always be wary of your actions and behavior during these activities.The best way to rise to the top when you’re are branding or marketing your brand is through social media You should be communicating who you are, what you do, and who do you do it for, and what makes you unique
  • Telling folks that you just bought an AR-15 and it kicks ass, or you are eating a lovely salad - doesn’t provide valueWhat just happened – news type information – important to your clients or the industryAnalysis – explains to clients or the industry the informationAssistance – explains how your company or you can help your clients avoid situationsThe value should be unique to you and your brand and it should have a positive influence.
  • TaglineProfileImagesStationeryBusiness cardsIf you have a particular color scheme and logo it should be carried throughout.Even your interactions are part of brand – the way you talk, walk, tweet, clothes you where, glasses, guns, shoes, shake hands, all of it is part of your brand.When it comes to social media – before you click the submit button to a post or tweet – count to 10 and ask yourself is this going to help my brand or hurt it? Are my customers, potential clients or employers going understand? I call it a gut checkIf you are not controlling your brand – others will control it for you. If
  • You need a blog – content is king – the best way to communicate your brand.Clients won’t trust you if they can’t find any information on you. Having a website allows you to communicate your information in a controlled way, your point of view. It builds trust.Colors and the design need to be consistent with your brandYou have roughly 3 to 5 seconds for your website to make a good first impressionBrochureware on the web is not the way to go anymoreThe hook - Offer something unique to you and your brand – you want to make your website memorable to get return visitorsGet a domain name in your name if you can.Let’s look at some websitesDescriptive – should define in some way what you or your company doesShort and memorable – domain name should be something people can rememberTry to get a .Com if possible -Mobile products far out selling desktops and laptops so make sure your website is readable on the mobile platforms.
  • So I talked about brand, branding, and now specifically I’ll talk about marketing your brand through social mediaWhat is social media – my working definitionIt’s not a plan – it is just one tool among many to market your brand. You all probably have felt the pressure to get on social media – You got to get on social media. And once your on you think that clients will just pour in – that’s the thinking of social media is a planSocial media is hugely powerful – Look at Egypt and Libya – Social media played a huge role in those revolutions. Powerful for brands – I can tweet right to a company like Jet Blue and get a response. Social media has transformed how we communicate to big businesses and what is really cool is that you and me can reach out these businesses and ask a question and get an answer almost instantly.Think of social media as an extension of your brand – you are bringing your brand to social media –
  • Why do you want to establish your brand on social mediaYour clients are on there – Facebook as 850 million users, somewhere on there I can guarantee your target market or current clients are on Facebook – they might not have a personal page, but maybe a business pageRecruiters are using Social media as the primary way of finding people for jobs. Of course LinkedIn plays a huge role in thatNetworking – Using tools like Google hangouts you can increase your network. Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Twitter follows, Facebook friends, all have the ability to increase your networkSocial media is word of mouth marketing on steroids – Let’s say a client hires you for a few days for a detail. They might post on Facebook what a fantastic job you did and link to your Facebook business page. All of client’s friends just saw that post, you just got recommended to hundreds of people. Your competitors are on Facebook – do a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube search for your competitors names or what they do and I bet you’ll find something. If they’re using social media and you’re not you are missing out on potential clients.Lastly –social search and global search. What is one of the first things you do do to solve a problem – like broken drain pipe, best tactical gear? You use search – whether it’s Bing or Google you will now see social search components - what your friends have recommend for same solutions you’re looking for. What company would you rather go with – a company that has 3 reviews, 2 recommendations from friends you trust, or another company that has had no interactions with you or your friends? Global search – we are a global economy – businesses are searching for the best provider no matter where they are located.
  • I’ve talked about what social media is, why you need to be on social media, the next is to find your audience, who is your target client? Once you determine your niche, target client and market you need to go and find them on social media. The best place is Twitter and Facebook searches. Search.twitter.comOnce you are able to find your target market and start following, liking, interacting, you’ll start to see that you might be spending more time on one social media network than another – that’s fine but always remember be focused on your goals -
  • Normal conversationsAsk questions – use InboxQ – input keywords and it will search Twitter for questions related to the keywords. Then you simply choose which questions you’d like to answer. Why? To expand your connections, might even be a potential client asking the question. You are branding and marketing your brand – you are very knowledgeable in EP and you are establishing your self to be known as an expert.
  • Branding and marketing yourself takes time and energy.If things aren’t working right, tweak it a little. If your brand is “everywhere” better chance of getting noticed and rising above the rest
  • Just as your history speaks volumes – so does your brandRemember social media is just one tool to market your brandPut a plan together to achieve your goalsBe consistent your brand and be yourself – no pretences Count to ten and do a gut check – Find positive influencers like Elijah – people that you look up to in the business – that have the history – and are willing to help you succeed.Read books like The Brand Called You, Tribes, Content rules
  • Brand, Branding and Marketing for Protection Services Professionals

    1. 1. Brand, Branding & Marketing Lawrence Snow SJC Web Design
    2. 2. How to Determine Your Brand• Your DNA, your core• What makes you, you• Your values and beliefs• Your personality• What makes you “tick”• Personal brand vs. business brand – Lawrence Snow vs. SJC Web Design LLC
    3. 3. Branding• The ACTIVITY you do to get your brand into the market place – Social Media Marketing – Website, blogging – Communication
    4. 4. Branding• Branding provides value!• 3 forms of value – Information – what just happened, – Analysis –what does this mean that this happened, – Assistance – how do I avoid the bad thing that happened, or how do I get the good thing• Value should be unique, positive influence
    5. 5. Branding• Consistency across all channels• Your interactions represent your brand – Gut Check – Control your brand or others will control it for you
    6. 6. Marketing – Branding Website• Images• Content focused on your clients (articles)• Colors and Design• Give a good first impression• The “hook”• Domain name – Descriptive – Short – .Com• Mobile friendly
    7. 7. Marketing through Social Media• Social Media is – Communication - a conversation between two or more people that occurs on a network Hi! How are• Its not a plan - it is a tool you?• Powerful• An extension of your brand
    8. 8. Marketing through Social Media• Why establish your brand on social media?• Clients,• Recruiters,• Networking,• Word of mouth marketing,• Global competition• Social search, global search
    9. 9. Marketing• Set goals• Expectations• Have a plan and strategy in place
    10. 10. Marketing through Social Media• How to establish your brand on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube?• Profiles/Bio• Images/Avatar/Logo• Consistent Design/Colors/Backgrounds• Tagline• Twitter accounts for employees (ex. JoeatDell)
    11. 11. Marketing through Social Media• Define your audience on social media• Who are they?• Where are they, how do you find them? – Twitter and Facebook search• Which social media channels to utilize to achieve your goals
    12. 12. Marketing through Social Media• How do you connect with people? – Ask and answer questions – Share information that is important to your fans and followers – Focus on your strategies and goals – market your services – Use photos and videos – Be your brand
    13. 13. Manage and Monitor Your Brand• Manage your brand through social media tools such as:• Hootsuite,• Google alerts,• Twitter search,• Buffer app,• IFTTT.Com,• Mobile Phone.
    14. 14. Marketing through Social Media• Rome wasn’t built in a day• Hone your process; tweak• Use several social media channels to gain maximum exposure
    15. 15. Measure Your Success• Analytics –• Engagement – clicks, likes, comment s• Visits, Views, Retwee ts, Mentions etc• It’s not about how many, but how engaged
    16. 16. Take-Away• Your brand is everything• Use social media as a tool to extend and market your brand• Have a plan to market your brand• Be consistent, be yourself• Gut check before you post/tweet/write/speak• Find positive influencers• Read books (business, brand, social media)