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Rock test review


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This was created to meet the curriculum outcomes in New Brunswick's Grade 6 Science Space unit.

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Rock test review

  1. 1. Thursday, January 29, 2015 The Earth’s Crust Test Review
  2. 2. Test Review Rock Mineral 6 characteristics used to classify minerals Moh’s hardness scale Streak Cleavage Fracture Lustre 4 kinds of lustre Three rock families Igneous rock Igneous rock examples
  3. 3. Lava Magma Intrusive rock Extrusive rock Which forms larger crystals and why Sedimentary rock Sedimentary rock examples Sediments Beds Compaction Cementation Geologic Time Scale 4 eras Radioactive dating Metamorphic Rock
  4. 4. Metamorphic rock examples – parent rock too Parent rock Rock Cycle