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The Executive Overview provides at-a-glance information about our powerful online giving tools together with other useful information to distribute to your team.

This is a great document to include when presenting to your board or committee members about registering with us and embrace online fundraising.

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  1. 1. Executive  Overview Who  is Asia's  largest  friend-­to-­friend  fundraising  website. Trusted  by  thousands  of  fundraisers  and  donors. Currently  support  300+  registered  Nonprofits  in  14  countries  across  Asia. Launched  in  2010  with  offices  in  Malaysia,  Singapore  &  Hong  Kong. We  are  not  a  third  party  fundraising  company,  we  provide  you  with   the  tools  and  support  you  need  to  engage  with  your  community. What  is   is   an   online   fundraising   website   connecting   you   with   your   supporters.   Together,  we  can  empower  them  to  fundraise  for  any  occasion,  from  personal  challenges  to   major  events  and  even  donating  in  lieu  of  gifts  for  birthdays! It's  an  easy  and  customisable  platform  to  manage  events,  campaigns  and  appeals.  integrates  with,  and  enhances,  your  existing  on-­  and  offline  fundraising  methods. Why  is  here? To  make  donating  to  charity  easy. To  connect  local  people  with  local  causes. To  encourage  online  communities  to  help  change  lives. To  ensure  Nonprofits  do  not  miss  out  on  the   opportunities  offered  by  new  technology. Who  do   work  with?   The  Red  Cross  Society. World  Vision  International. Rotary  International. Make  a  Wish  Foundation. Habitat  for  Humanity. Save  the  Children  Hong  Kong. World  Wide  Fund  for  Nature  (WWF). Singapore  Cancer  Society. National  Cancer  Society  Malaysia. United  Nations  Childrens  Fund  (UNICEF). Our  fundraising  tools  are  designed  to  help  organisations  of   every  size  across  all  sectors.  That’s  why  we  work  with  so   many  different  Nonprofits,  from  Registered  Charities  to   smaller  Clubs  and  Societies.
  2. 2. How  much  does  it  cost? Compared  with  traditional  methods,  online  fundraising  is  more  cost-­effective  and  requires  less  resources.   In  fact,  registering  with  is  free.  There  is  simply  a  small  Service  Fee  to  cover  the   continued  development  of  our  world-­class  website  and  to  provide  more  fundraising  opportunities  to  your   organisation.   No  up-­front  costs  to  register. No  basic  Membership  Fees. No  long-­term  Contracts. Service  Fee  of  5%  on  Gross  Donations  (+  Banking  Fees). What  does  my  Membership  include? Dedicated  Cause  Page. Create  unlimited  events,  campaigns  and  appeals. Secure  Admin  Management  area  to  access  reports  and  download  data. Full  in-­person  team  training  and  complete  Website  User  Guide. Unlimited  support  from  a  team  of  locally-­based  fundraising  and  marketing  professionals. How  does  work? From  your  dedicated  Cause   Page  on,   your  supporters  can  create   their  own  online  fundraising   pages  and  include  images,   videos  and  a  personal  story.   Our  powerful  tools  make  it   easy  for  fundraisers  to  share   their  page  with  their  friends  via   email  or  popular  social   networks  like  Facebook  and   Twitter. We  securely  handle  all  of  the   online  donations  and  transfer   funds  directly  to  your   organisation. How  do  I  contact If   you   require   additional   information   get   in   touch   with   us   today.  Once  registered  with,  we  provide   our   Nonprofit   Members   with   a   dedicated   Relationship   Manager  to  ensure  your  are  looked  after. Malaysia:   +60  3  2262  23920   Hong  Kong:   +852  5808  4660 Singapore:   +65  3158  4691 Email: Online  Support: