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The Role of Government in Social Innovation


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Rosemary Addis, Social Innovation Strategiest, on the role of government in systemic change

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The Role of Government in Social Innovation

  1. 1. SIX Summer SchoolThe Role of Government in Systemic Change Rosemary Addis Social Innovation Strategist NOVEMBER 2012
  2. 2. Governments create systemic change
  3. 3. Not always in ways we like
  4. 4. As Social Innovators we look for more flexible& adaptive approaches
  5. 5. We want to see emergent trends and more ofwhat works get traction & have an impact
  6. 6. In a context where Governments havelimited resources Demand Side Supply Side Demand for funds to address Available government resources to complex social issues address those needs DEMAND for funds Gov’t OUTSTRIPS the available Financing SUPPLY of government funding Demand Funding Gap Unmet Need / Lost Opportunity At the same time COST of interventions is not resulting in SOCIAL OUTCOMES desired by policy makers “A framework for understanding cross sector investment” Regina Hill
  7. 7. and expectations of citizens for services arerising rapidly Information to support choice Engage community Seamless service No wrong door solutions that reach the need
  8. 8. These are variations on global challengesreshaping all sectors McKinsey “Shaping the Future Solving Social Problems through Business Strategy, Pathways to Sustainable Value Creation in 2020”
  9. 9. How can Social Innovation make sense ofdisparate policy streams Economic Social Innovation Capital Social Innovation Regional Community Development Strengthening
  10. 10. How can government can bring people &resources together PUBLIC SECTOR Those who have the Those who understand the CONNECT & resources and innovation need LEVERAGE expertise to contribute across range of policy & program areas COMMUNITY PRIVATE SECTOR SECTOR
  11. 11. What is the spectrum of Government activitythat can impact systems Mandate Enable Partner Endorse • Command • Enabling • Combining • Political and control legislation resources support legislation • Creating • Incubate • Publicity • Regulators Incentives and praise and • Stakeholder inspectors • Capacity engagement Building • Legal and • Dialogue fiscal • Funding Support penalties and rewards • Raising awareness • Stimulating Markets
  12. 12. Your ideas & experience?Objectives:What role do we wantgovernment to play insystemic change Strategies: What directions and approaches can be employed to achieve that By government? Actions: By others? What concrete steps could be taken toward that? What examples can we build on?