Discussion of SIX's Future


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  • Great diversity of global activity flourishing fast
  • Discussion of SIX's Future

    1. 1. Where do we go from here? Discussion of SIX’s future
    2. 2. The SIX Community •Over 400+ organisations and 600+ members from every continent the world, from various fields and sectors •Steering Group Chair – Diogo Vasconcelos, Portugal – Former Government Minister, now with Cisco Members - The Young Foundation, UK; School for Social Entrepreneurs, UK; Australian Social Innovation Exchange, Australia and New Zealand; Business Innovation Brokers, Spain; MIK Co-op., Spain; Lien Foundation, Singapore; Sitawi, Brazil; Phillips Design, Holland; DESIS (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability), Italy.
    3. 3. The field of social innovation and social design ...
    4. 4. Mondragon/MIK (Spain) Innovation Networks for Communities (US) CCCPE (China) Mindlab (Denmark) Heategu (Estonia) Lien Foundation (Singapore) SITRA and STAKES (Finland) MIK/Mondragon (Spain) Fuping Development Institute (China) Mandag Morgan (Denmark) Sciences-Po (France) Kellogg Foundation (US) TESE (Portugal) Hope Institute (S.Korea) MaRS (Canada) SEKN (L. America) Shuttleworth Foundation (S. Africa) Australian Centre for Social Innovation Monitor Institute (US) Sustainable Everyday Project (Italy) Young Foundation (UK) Innovation Unit (UK) NESTA (UK) DIUS (UK) Center for Social Innovation (Canada) Doors of Perception (Int.) Tallberg Forum (Sweden) Kennisland (Netherlands) Social Innovation Generator (Canada) OECD Civicus (Int.) BEPA/European Commission World Health Organisation
    5. 5. Members of the SIX community share core values and beliefs • that many of the problems that the world faces will only be solved by experiment, enterprise and innovation; • that there is untapped potential for social innovation in civil society, business and the public sector; and • that socially innovative solutions will only fulfill their full potential when individuals and organisations learn from each other and work collaboratively to develop the field of social innovation.
    6. 6. SIX is being coordinated with a group of core partners • Young foundation - UK • CISCO - US • Global Ideas Bank - UK • Kaos Pilots - Denmark • MIK - Spain • OECD – Belgium • Philips Design - the Netherlands • SEP - Sustainable Everyday Project - UK • School for Social Entrepreneurs -UK • Tallberg Foundation - Sweden • Shuttleworth Foundation - South Africa • Centre for Social Innovation - Canada • Fuping Development Institute - China • Euclid Network (European) • Monitor Institute (US) • Macquarie Group Foundation (Australia) • ASIX (Australia) • Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal) • TESE (Portugal)
    7. 7. SIX website- Revamped!
    8. 8. ……
    9. 9. The new SIX website!! www.socialinnovation exchange.org
    10. 10. What type of events should SIX be holding? What else should SIX be offering? Where and with whom?
    11. 11. Past events include… •International conference on Social Innovation in China with British Council and Chinese Centre for Comparative Politics and Economics •International conference in South Korea with The Hope Foundation dedicated to Social Innovation and its impact in the area. •Workshop with the European Commission hosted by President Barroso which aims to discuss the importance of Social Innovation in helping to shape the new European Social Agenda. •Open everything–set of events around the world with the main objective of understand how open technology can help develop social innovation and collaborative development.
    12. 12. Main SIX events in 2009 6Six TelePresence Series (with Cisco)- Enable partners within the SIX network to exchange ideas and develop concrete solutions on how to recover from the recession through innovation. Influencing policy- Work with governments around the world to provide a range of action options and recommendations through the use of social innovation Develop SIX website in other languages - Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese . Strengthen and widen network. 20 or so core partners. Developing working groups - incubators, policy ideas through the SIX network Annual Summer Schools - Portugal 2009, Singapore 2010. Potential joint international events – Singapore, China, USA, South Africa, Sweden, New Zealand
    13. 13. International collaboration through SIX: -SSE Australia -SI Camp New Zealand -SI Camp Central and Eastern Europe (Bratislava, Slovakia) -ASIX
    14. 14. Where should we go from here?