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Scaling what works, Jon Huggett (Chair of SIX)


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Scaling what works, Jon Huggett (Chair of SIX)

  1. 1. Scaling what works Jon Huggett Social Innovation eXchange Philadelphia 2013-6-25
  2. 2. A view from a variety of clients 2
  3. 3. Five ways to scale 3 Leapfrog Franchise Spread Out Scale Up YY Y   Y Y Y Alliance B D   A C  
  4. 4. Why is this hard? 4 LeadershipStrategyGoals Unsustainable … Meritocratic …Mission but no ... •  Can it pay its way, or does it need donations? •  What gets better with size, e.g. network effects? •  Do costs fall with growth? •  Do leaders own the problem? •  Good people doing smart things, or smart people doing good things? •  How any team member can pick what to do, and not? •  When to say no? •  How to bind a diverse coalition?