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Changemaker Campus

  1. 1. Social Entrepreneurship 101 Changemaker Campus University of San Diego Change Leaders
  2. 2. We believe universities can do good … better. That’s why Ashoka U promotes robust, interdisciplinary approaches to teaching, research, and action in social innovation that advance the positive social and environmental impact of colleges and universities globally. Simply put: Education that matters. About
  3. 3. • Identifies and empowers entrepreneurial change leaders in higher education • Supports the transformation of colleges and universities into Changemaker Campuses • Catalyzes and measures colleges and universities’ contributions to positive social and environmental impact So that: A world-changing university experience becomes the new normal.
  4. 4. Launched in 2008, Changemaker Campus is a designation offered by Ashoka to leading colleges and universities in social innovation. The purpose of the Changemaker Campus designation is to honor colleges and universities that have embedded social innovation as a core value and showcase the ways in which they have built supportive environments for changemaking across the entire institution – from admissions through the curriculum, career services, all the way to community and alumni engagement. What is Changemaker Campus?
  5. 5. Who are the Changemaker Campuses? Arizona State University Babson College Brigham Young University Brown University College of the Atlantic Duke University George Mason University Marquette University Middlebury College Portland State University Rollins College Tec de Monterrey – Guadalajara The New School Tulane University University of Colorado – Boulder University of Maryland – College Par University of San Diego
  6. 6. Imagine a world where… Prospective students choose Changemaker Campuses because they are known as the place for those who want to make a difference. Students see social entrepreneurship as a viable future career option and consistently seek out opportunities to create positive social and environmental impact as an employee or entrepreneur. Pressing social and environmental problems are solved through the knowledge and actions of Changemaker Campuses and their graduates. Highly competitive faculty, administrators, and staff seek to join Changemaker Campuses because of their commitment to leverage resources for societal and environmental good. Alumni remain committed to, and inspired by Changemaker Campuses because of their leadership in addressing society’s most intractable challenges. Innovative employers focus their recruiting efforts on Changemaker Campuses, knowing the caliber of problem-solvers and social innovators who emerge. Leading social entrepreneurs seek to partner with Changemaker Campuses, because they see them as highly strategic partners in solving the world’s problems together. We are creating this world together.
  7. 7. Social Entrepreneurship 101 Changemaker Campus Institutional Case Studies
  8. 8. Innovation as economic and social imperative
  9. 9. What it looks like at ASU
  10. 10. “The most entrepreneurial businesses are interdisciplinary; they communicate between marketing, finance, operations and other departments. College of the Atlantic expands this entrepreneurial spirit by tearing down the walls between traditionally siloed disciplines to spark innovation and to solve problems from multiple perspectives.” Jay Friedlander, Sharpe- McNally Chair of Green and Socially Responsible Business Students at COA receive only one degree, that of Human Ecology, which studies the relationship between human beings and their physical and social environments through a distinctive interdisciplinary approach. Natural fit with a non-traditional institutional structure
  11. 11. What it looks like at COA • Venture "hatchery” provides eligible students space and time to develop their capstone projects into for- or non-profits. • Students selected receive office space, business mentors, and other support services to launch • Ventures are eligible for seed funding of up to $5,000. • Supports the transition from graduating student to functional entrepreneur. Venture Example Gourmet Butanol: Turning Yesterday's Eggplant Parmesan into Tomorrow's Fuel
  12. 12. Compelled by the historical moment … “Really, we had no choice,” President Scott Cowen writes. “The fates of the university and the city were one and the same.” In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University summoned the courage to rethink the role of the university; not just its role in rebuilding New Orleans, but also the responsibilities of the university as an enduring driver of positive social change. Due in no small part to Tulane’s remarkable efforts after Katrina, social innovators today are transforming New Orleans into an environment for equity, sustainability and visionary change. By investing in the future of New Orleans, Tulane seeks to inspire the next generation of leaders to develop and invest in creative and cutting-edge solutions. … and the needs of the local community.
  13. 13. • Endowed chair in social entrepreneurship and civic engagement • Five rotating professorships in social entrepreneurship • Four Urban Innovation Fellows, using Tulane as an incubator for local social entrepreneurs What it looks like at Tulane…
  14. 14. • Ashoka Fellow employed as instructor • Internship placement for students • Leverage Tulane’s partnership with the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba to provide a linkage with U.S. community based medicine practicum • Projects and collaborations in Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Honduras, Haiti • Increase partnerships with local HBCUs What it looks like at Tulane… Cross-Sector Collaboration
  15. 15. A passion for entrepreneurship of all kinds… “You are about to learn why entrepreneurshi p is the most powerful force in the world for creating economic and social value and how Babson educates entrepreneurial leaders.” - President Len Schlesinger
  16. 16. Why partner with Ashoka? Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs – men and woman with systems changing solutions for the world’s most urgent social problems. Since 1981, Ashoka has elected nearly 3,000 leading social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows, providing them with living stipends, professional support, and access to a global network of peers in 70 countries. With our global community, we develop innovative models for collaboration and design new architecture for social change. Leveraging our insights from working with this network of innovators, Ashoka is in the unique position to share both examples of systems- changing solutions and experience nurturing social entrepreneurs with the academic sector. Ashoka’s unparalleled network and field knowledge of social entrepreneurship provides the ideal platform for a thriving community of social innovators with a new vision for higher education to grow.
  17. 17. THANK YOU For more information, please contact: Michele Leaman, Changemaker Campus Director