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A technology anti case study by Simon Roberts


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Simon Roberts (Intel) presents his technology anit- case study at the SIX Spring School in Paris.

Published in: Technology, Education
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A technology anti case study by Simon Roberts

  1. 1. An Anti-Case Study Simon Roberts Digital Health Group Intel Corporation The Intel logo is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. © Intel Corporation 2009, All Rights Reserved
  2. 3. ‘ A critic is someone who pisses into a river and says look what a big stream I made’ Robert Frost
  3. 4. Technologies for the Future?
  4. 5. Realistic Visions? “… thinking of infrastructure as stable, as uniform, as seamless, and as universally available is clearly problematic. It is not merely a dream of a world not yet realised it is a dream of a world that could never be realised”
  5. 6. “… postulating a seamless infrastructure is a strategy whereby the messy present can be ignored…infrastructure is always unevenly distributed, always messy” Bell and Dourish
  6. 7. Health Community Class Place Social Capital Education Economics Infrastructure Competency Networks Gender Sociality Obligation & Reciprocity Solidarity
  7. 8. Messiness
  8. 9. Some Assumptions and their Antidotes
  9. 10. “ People, not users, inhabit the world. A ‘user’ is something that designers create” Redström (2006)
  10. 11. Users are Individuals
  11. 12. Smart Homes are Social Homes
  12. 13. Specific Devices, Specific Usages "It can be anything you want it to be. This is the nearest we have got to seeing what I would call a universal machine." David Hockey
  13. 14. Build Niche Products SILO NEUTRAL Product or Service Market Age Age Neutral Neutral Specific
  14. 15. Build it All, Own it All
  15. 16. Technology is a ‘Solution’
  16. 17. g Email: [email_address] ¦ @si_roberts